The Flourishing Experiment

Ryan Callahan, from Philadelphia Runner, discusses the latest and greatest in running shoes and gear, why its key to get properly fitted for running shoes, and products that help you recover.  He also shares tips how to transition in to running and the different types of running clubs you can join.

    Sprinter who went from UC Boulder to Philadelphia
    How he started long distance running (it took a bit of time)
    How running clubs are social clubs
    DC Shake Shack has a running club, Fishtown Beer Runners, Young Involved Philadelphia and Philadelphia Runner have running clubs
    Why go to a speciality store to get running shoes
    Trends in running shoes
    What is important when selecting apparel
    Why to think about purchasing a GPS system
    Why its so important to have measurable goals and the tools that you can use to measure your goals
    Products that help you with recovery
    Must have products for the summer

Running stores are amazing places to not just get fitted properly for shoes, but to also connect with fellow runners.  I frequent my local running store, and if they don’t have something in stock, then I go to Amazon.  I want what is best for you and getting fitted properly is key.  If you are unable to stop in at your local running specialty shop for shoes or products, then I recommend you go online. The products listed below are links to Amazon and do provide a commission to me. This commission helps keep the show running.

Here are links to products Ryan discussed:

Garmin Forerunner 910XT Sport Watch

j/fit Super High Density Foam Rollers

The Stick Massage Stick

Vitalsox Compression Socks

Nathan Hydration Belt

Nathan Handheld Water Bottle Carrier

Headsweats Sports Hat

La Roche-Posay Facial Sunscreen

Nathan Training Journal

Check out:


Nike Fuel

Philadelphia Runner

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