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Kari Gormley and Serena Marie, RD run through their 2015 holiday gift-giving top picks for runners, including clothing, shoes, recovery products, running equipment, books, stocking stuffers, and more. Runner of the Week, Jennifer Lockram, chats about her work-life-running balance and how to add distance to your runs. Founder Mike Clarke of the Big Beach Marathon and Half Marathon in Gulf Shores, AL offers travel tips to the race and gives some must-have information about entering a giveaway for beachfront accommodations for the big day. Finally, Serena Marie, RD dishes about what type of chocolate to choose to zap your sugar cravings this holiday season.

[Show notes are courtesy of Becky Fedora Clayton.]

TRLS 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Running Apparel

Running Accessories

Running Equipment

Recovery Products

Stocking Stuffers


Above all, the best gift is your time, attention, and presence.

The Runner of the Week segment is sponsored by Sport Suds, which is a detergent that doesn’t test on animals and is septic safe, in addition to a whole lot of other great things. As a listener of TRLS, you can receive a 25% discount at checkout at when you use code RUNLIFE.

Runner of the Week: Jennifer Lockram

This week’s Runner of the Week is a busy mom of three boys, wife, part-time worker, and Boston-qualifier whom Kari originally met at the Boston Marathon.

  • How she “runs away”
  • How she combines running, her family and work life, and becoming a Boston qualifier
  • How she started her running career, despite her struggle with lifelong asthma
  • How to add distance to your runs through recovery (yoga, compression socks, Epsom salt baths)

Founder Mike Clarke of the first-ever Big Beach Marathon and Half Marathon in Gulf Shores, AL on January 31, 2016 explains how easy it is to travel to the Yellowhammer state. Don’t forget to snag your 15% discount when you enter RUNLIFE during checkout at

  • Option A: Pensacola International Airport, which is located approximately 43 miles from Gulf Shores and is serviced by all of the major airline carriers
  • Option B: Mobile Regional Airport, which is approximately 62 mile from Gulf Shores
  • Option C: A six-hour drive from Atlanta, GA

Mike also shares some breaking news with TRLS that you won’t want to miss! (Hint: It involves beachfront accommodations within walking distance of the race. Everyone who registers for the race in December is eligible to win a drawing!)

Serena Marie, RD

  • Why to look for alkali in chocolate’s ingredients list on nutrition labels
  • How to choose the right type of dark chocolate to satiate your sweet tooth and replete magnesium
  • How Kari defeated her dry skin issues by giving up dairy products

Don’t forget to discover the 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle, so head over to and check them out.

Next week, Kari brings back the amazing Ellen Rohr to talk about addiction. In an upcoming episode, Kari will also talk about Jeff Galloway’s Race Weekend December 11–13, which includes Barb’s 5K (which Kari is running), a half marathon, and a Fit Kids Run in Atlanta, GA. Kari will be interviewing people after they cross the finish line.

Namaste TRLS brothers and sisters!


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