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On this week’s episode, Kari interviews Jeff Zidell, Senior Vice President at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, father of two teenage daughters, and Chicago lover (the city, not the play!). He chats with Kari about the Chicago Area Runners Association, what he thinks about pace groups, and about his BQ experience. Also, find out why Serena is happy about being injured and why Kari and Serena are so excited to try Sparkle Skirts. Runner of the Week, who happens to be the one and only Jeff Zidell, stops by again to discuss his second marathon in four weeks’ time and how running with a different pace group affected his race experience.

Jeff Zidell — Part I

  • Zidell explains how he first became a runner in 2002, his approach at the beginning of his foray into running, and how that coincided with working for American Airlines during and after the tragedy of 9/11.
  • He talks about why he ran his first half marathon at the age of 42 and his first full three years later.
  • He also chats with Kari about why he runs consistently with his running group three times a week.
  • Zidell recounts his experience as a group leader for an 8:30-pace, long-run group through the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA), which raises money for underprivileged children. He explains his participation in a twenty-week program where he was a pace leader.
  • With CARA, two runners in the pace group for which he was group leader got their BQs and will run Boston 2016!
  • He shares why he savored qualifying for Boston by himself and then with his family.
  • The video about the Runner who did not tell anyone she was running a marathon.

Runner of the Week: Jeff Zidell — Part II

This week’s Runner of the Week is Jeff Zidell, who is a six-time marathoner, excellent pacer, and BQer extraordinaire.

  • Zidell tells Kari his story of how fortunate he feels about how he found and embraced running.
  • He gives Kari some insight into how to be a consistent and focused runner.
  • He chats about the common bond that he feels between runners.
  • Zidell recounts his second marathon in the span of just four weeks.
  • He explains how his second marathon was colder (by fifteen degrees, which can make a huge difference) and hillier (talk about double trouble), and yet he still qualified for the Boston Marathon.
  • He also explains why you can forget everything you’ve learned about running when you run with a pace group.

Serena Marie, RD

  • Learn why Serena is OK with currently being injured, because she likes changing up her workout routine.
  • Check out Serena’s new recommendation, Fitocracy, to see your weight-lifting progress.
  • Serena chats about her carb-lovin’ marathon training and how she’s coping post-marathon now that she isn’t incorporating as many cardio-based workouts into her lifestyle.
  • Kari and Serena gush about Sparkle Skirts, especially because they come in sizes XS to 4XL, so they are made for all shapes and sizes. They both can’t wait to let you in on their future product reviews.
  • Serena and Kari mention ElliptiGO’s latest product, the ElliptiGO Arc, and how it is more like a bicycle, which fits nicely with Serena’s latest biking/elliptical cross-training habits.
  • Help TRLS solve the mystery of why the show is popular in Norway and Nepal.

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Next week, Kari interviews husband and wife team, Jim and Cheryl Brown (from Episode 39 and Episode 50), who are former injured runners who adopted TRLS’ top recommendations and are now enjoying running again. It’s the perfect Christmas Eve episode, since Cheryl and Jim gave Kari the gift of running!

To learn the 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle, head over to and check them out.

Namaste TRLS brothers and sisters!

This is the skirt Serena will be trying.




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