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Jim and Cheryl Brown talk about middle-aged running, running after hip resurfacing surgery, and their running evolution. The Browns gave Kari the gift of running in 2011, and they’re sure to inspire you too. Jim, the featured Runner of the Week, offers advice for new runners. Mike Clarke pops in to chat about Can’d Aid and Operation ReConnect, and Serena Marie, RD, talks about carageenan (red seaweed).

Jim and Cheryl Brown
Jim and Cheryl Brown inspire each other to overcome injury and age to continue their love of running. Through The Running Lifestyle Show’s suggestions, they’ve found new ways to keep on running.

  • Discover how Cheryl (Episodes 37 and 50) didn’t start running until about a year after Jim ran his first half marathon, and both were in their late 40s.
  • Find out why Cheryl started running and how she started with the run-walk method.
  • Learn about Marathon in Training that sparked their interest in marathons.
  • Hear about the three marathons they ran as charity runners (for groups like the American Cancer Society and SoleMates).
  • Find out why Cheryl started doing Spartan Races.
  • Learn how they’ve had to evolve (in order to run safely without injuries) and have learned their limits—since they want to always be able to run.
  • Discover how they both became injured (Cheryl was put on physical therapy; Jim was told he had to have hip replacement surgery).
  • Find out why it was like a reset button for both of them to go from frequently running to being restricted.
  • Learn how they got back into running (using 4-1 intervals).
  • Discover why they changed their fueling strategies.
  • Hear why they urge runners not to be afraid to play around with fuel and different running strategies.
  • Learn a key strategy so that you don’t start off a race too fast during a race.
  • Hear about their experience with the Hot Chocolate 15K. They performed nearly the same post-injury, so tune in to learn how!
  • Find out about their upcoming races like the Soldier Field 10 Mile together, and Cheryl is running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon with their daughter, Amanda, who uses the run-walk method.

Runner of the Week
Jim Brown, who went through hip resurfacing surgery, talks about the part of running that speaks to him, advice for new runners, and his first half marathon experience.

  • Jim started running during his time in the Marine Corps (where running equaled pain and punishment for him).
  • After fifteen years of not running, he was overweight and needed to take control of his life.
  • He lost weight and was invited to run a half marathon. He had never run more than three miles, so this was a new challenge for him.
  • He downloaded Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Novice 2 program and started training.
  • The night before his first half, his friend Scott Johnson offered to help support him during the race.
  • Jim offers advice for someone who’s thinking about running or who has just started running.

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Mike Clarke

Mike Clarke discusses the two charities that the Big Beach Marathon supports.

  • Charity 1: Can’d Aid is Oscar Blues Brewery’s charity that supports local organizations. A portion of the proceeds from registration goes to Can’d Aid.
  • Charity 2: Operation ReConnect gives soldiers in combat—and their families—a week’s vacation when they come home.

Friendly reminder, as a listener of The Running Lifestyle Show, you’ll receive a 15% discount when you use code “Runlife” at checkout when you register for the Big Beach Marathon.

Serena Marie, RD
Serena myth busts carageenan and dishes up some scientific research.

  • Hear what carageenan (red seaweed) is used for and why Serena thinks it’s nothing to freak out about.
  • Learn why Serena questions animal studies’ validity that suggest that carageenan may contribute to high blood sugar, which can lead to diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Discover why one study using human colon cells suggest that carageenan may turn on genes that may lead to irritable bowel disease (for people who are predisposed).
  • Go to for more information.

As a gift to you, head over to TRLS’ website to snag the 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle.

Next week, Jeff Sanders, author of January’s Book Club book—The 5 AM Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast, talks about some of his top tips and tricks, and Runner of the Week, Becky Fedora Clayton, chats about her first marathon experience. Serena Marie, RD will address what to do about dry hands.

Here at The Running Lifestyle Show, we know that time is precious, so we’re honored that you choose to spend time with us! Always remember that running is a gift. Happy holidays!


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