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Kari unveils the new show sponsor—Jabra and their versatile wireless earbuds. Go-to real food dietician, Serena Marie, RD, talks about nutrition trends in 2015 and what must-eat foods you shouldn’t miss in 2016. Kari and Serena talk about their 2016 mantras, and Kari shares a Runner of the Week “LoveMail” from rock star runner Dale from Canada. The latest Book Club books are unveiled, as well as a new Runner of the Week sponsor. And Mike Clarke of the Big Beach Marathon returns to entice us with some Alabama shopping opps.

Happy 2016, TRLS sisters and brothers!

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Exciting News
Something exciting is happening in TRLS land! The one and only Jabra (mentioned in Episode #105) is a show sponsor! Jabra, a Danish company, makes top-of-the-line wireless earbuds.

They don’t fall out of your ears, you can customize the ear buds size to fit your ears in five unique ways, and they are amazingly easy to pair with your smartphone and Bluetooth technology. You can walk away from your phone without being connect by gangly cords. Hallelujah!

Win a free pair of Jabra earbuds and some one-on-one Skype with Kari herself by going to Through this link, you can sign up for a free Jabra newsletter that’s chock full of personalized offers and special discounts.

Book of the Month
Don’t forget that Jeff Sanders’ is the book of the month for January.

Also, make sure to listen to this episode to see what the upcoming books are for February and March 2016.

Serena Marie, RD
You hear it on the show nearly every episode: Every body is different. Serena Marie, RD wants you to find your key strategies to sustainable, lifelong healthy nutrition. There were some trends in 2015 that Serena Marie, RD, recaps for us:

  • Trend 1: The clean-eating movement
    • Try to eat less processed foods (even whole grain pasta or whole bran cereal).
    • Swap from foods that have several items in the ingredients list to foods that have a single item or two.
    • Serena gives us the real deal on oatmeal.
    • She also touches on calorie counting and clean eating.
  • Trend 2: The If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) movement
    • Macronutrients are the main constituents of calories and are made up of fat, carb, or protein sources.
    • Balance your meals with fat (healthy oils), carbs, and protein.
  • In 2016, Serena would love to see a union of the trends—with the mindset of no guilt or self-shaming.
  • Check out the chromium information referenced in this segment by reading the article Micronutrients in Health and Disease.

Sports Suds

Sport Suds is a unique type of laundry detergent that is literally an investment in your running clothes. Take great care of your running clothes, along with your whole family’s laundry loot, by using this gentle, scent free detergent. As a listener of TRLS, you can receive 25% off your entire order when you run over to and enter code RUNLIFE at checkout.

Also, check out Becky Fedora Clayton’s review of Sports Suds on her blog Run, Becky, Run here:

LoveMail: Runner of the Week

This week’s Runner of the Week, Dale, is a 50-something rockin’ runner, who wrote to Kari on Christmas Eve.

  • Dale gushes about TRLS, Serena Marie, RD, and the tips and tricks that she has learned from the show.
  • Hear how she fell in love with running in 2015 and started running when she was 57!

Mike Clarke

Mike Clarke, founder of the Big Beach Marathon and Half Marathon in Gulf Shores, AL (happening on January 31, 2016) gives us a taste of what you or your family can do while out and about in Alabama.

  • Traditional souvenir shops
  • Quaint stores that have been around since the beginning of the Big Beach tradition
  • Tanger Factory Outlets
  • Big box stores in nearby Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL
  • Nice downtown area (shops and restaurants) in Fair Hope, AL

Remember to take advantage of your exclusive 15% discount when you enter RUNLIFE during registration checkout at

Next week, Angela Tortorice visits the show to share how to pick out a race, how to select multiple races in a weekend, and how to travel the smart way. She knows the lay of the land, and she and Kari even play some games. Kari will also give you some tips/advice about racing.

Namaste TRLS brothers and sisters!


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