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Aqua fitness professional and Runner of the Week, Connie Lagerhausen, chats with show host Kari Gormley about how aqua running can benefit injured and healthy runners alike. Serena, Marie, RD, talks about shaking yo’ sugar habits, and Kari and Serena give updates on how their running is going this winter.

Runner of the Week: Connie Lagerhausen

Aqua fitness professional, Connie Lagerhausen, explains what aqua running is, some of the misconceptions surrounding it, and different equipment options.

  • Has been teaching aqua fitness for over three decades
  • Is certified with the Aquatic Exercise Association
  • Explores how waltz music and REO Speedwagon led her to aqua fitness
  • Runs for fun when she’s not coaching and teaching
  • Chats about her experiences with the Milwaukee Marathon in October 2015 and the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix, AZ this month (February 2016)
  • Shares a Brené Brown moment with Kari
  • Talks about training in the AZ summer heat (running between 3:30 and 4 a.m.): “Train before the Death Star rises.”
  • Explains some of the misconceptions about aqua running
  • Explores the benefits of cross training—think about this: a 120-pound woman weighs 12 pounds in the water!
  • Shares the Aqua Bootcamp experience and why it was harder on Kari than aqua running
  • Explains the proper aqua running form (that takes a few times to get used to)
  • Describes taking your run to the water with the same intensity or effort as running on land; work out for the same amount of time in both mediums
  • Introduces aqua fitness equipment including the aqua belt (like the Hydro-Fit Classic WAVE Belt that Kari used, the AquaJogger Active Water Exercise Buoyancy Belt that Connie uses, or the Aquatic Fitness Hydro Resistant Jog Belt) and gloves (such as the Hydro-Fit WAVE Web Pro gloves for more resistance)
  • Suggests shoes for resistance and to protect/support your feet in shallow water (or swimmies for folks who are very strong in the deep end or even no equipment at all)
  • Describes water walking for a warm up (heel toe)
  • Explores why swimmers tend to lean forward too much
  • Get this: 50–75 percent of training can be done in the pool if you’re not injured
  • Kari and Connie bond over the Spirit of the Marathon and how Deena Kastor trained in the water and went on to win the Chicago Marathon that year even though she was injured leading up to the race
  • Can do the grapevine, standing high-knee drills, use dumbbells, and so on in water
  • Shares deep thoughts toward the end of the interview


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Serena Marie, RD

Go-to, real-food dietitian Serena Marie, RD, helps Kari and listeners break the sugar habit.

  • For Lent (40 days), Kari is giving up added sugar (and thanks to the Shake Yo’ Sugar Habit challenge, even some types of fruit)
  • Serena had recently done a Shake Yo’ Sugar Habit challenge/program at her gym in Brooklyn, NY
  • When you eat sugary foods (including Stevia-sweetened foods), the brain lights up with dopamine (picture fireworks)
  • Blueberries, strawberries, and beets can cause this effect, but by eating processed foods, your body’s response to more natural foods that contain sugar is less strong
  • Avoiding sugar helps strengthen that response to more natural foods
  • S = Strong for Serena and K = Kind for Kari
  • Offers three tips: 1) avoid sugar 2) concentrate on carb and fat intake via a provided list 3) shake yo’ botty (high-intensity interval training) several times a week
  • Recommends to shake yo’ cabinets clean of the carbs that aren’t allowed on the allowance list
  • Put sugary foods high up on the shelf in opaque containers; put sweets in the freezer
  • Offers replacements for sugary foods (for example, adding fruit to yogurt or cottage cheese or using undutched, unsweetened cacao powder [Trade Joe’s, Alter Eco, Navitas Naturals] with nut butters)
  • Suggests substituting avocado for banana in smoothies
  • Check out the episode about sugar in many forms called “Running for 42 Years with Ellen Rohr (1/2)” (Episode 89)
  • Previews fruits to focus on—berries, melons, and citrus fruits
  • Suggests avoiding all the polyunsaturated seed oils (vegetable oil, canola oil, corn oil, soy bean oil)
  • Recommends Fitocracy
  • Serena (knee pain) and Kari (plantar fasciitis) update listeners on their running statuses and cross-training efforts
  • Kari tries the Roll Recovery R3 orthopedic foot roller on air and compares it to the Trigger Point foot roller. She likes it a lot and may have sounded like Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally”!
  • Join the exclusive TRLS Facebook group and the e-mail list or go to Serena Marie, RD’s web site to get on her e-mail list to gain access to the Shake Yo’ Sugar Habit challenge
  • Kari gives a dry hands and heels update (uses coconut oil at night while wearing gloves/socks)

Next week, Brent Robertson joins TRLS to inspire and empower listeners. He is a runner who used the gift of running to lose 50 pounds and is creating amazing running experiences for others through his gift of running.

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