The Flourishing Experiment

Dean Karnazes has been named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential, and he’s here to share how you can follow your heart and create a career out of your passion. Dean discusses how he went from working a “cush” white-collar job to being a professional athlete. He talks about Girls on the Run—where he has seen the happiest people, some of the interesting people he’s met “on the run,” what a “normal” day is for him, and why he is passionate about Run World.  This is a re-run of a discussion that took place in November 2014, but it includes updates on what Dean has been up to, the races that Runner of the Week—Leeann Faust—has run, and one of the favorite topics of The Running Lifestyle Show listeners—fat-adapted eating. Serena Marie, RD, explains what a fat-adapted diet is and how to live on one.

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