The Flourishing Experiment

Serena Marie RD and Kari discuss how beets are one of the healthiest foods and why they’re great for runners.  In addition, Kari discusses the power of intention and relates it to what Joanne Ambrogi and Jeff Sanders said in their episodes.

Beets are great because they have a nitrate count. This is good for us because nitric oxide helps us runners run longer and with out feeling tired.  Nitric Oxide is best if consumed frequently.  Other sources are nitric oxide are dark green leafy vegetables, spirulina algae and cherries.

Serena likes to have beets: 400/425 oven with oil and make soft - she likes finely cut beets with feta cheese in salad.

Kari likes to have beets: in tinfoil, not washed and throw on the grill for an hour

Goat cheese with beets with a spring vegetable mix with a home vinaigrette

Serena suggests taking leaves from beets and taking them off and putting them together with the spring mix

Beets and oranges go together a lot

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"You are the Average of the Five People you Spend the Most Time With”

A challenge for you:  When you are ready to do something, ask yourself, "What is the intention of doing what I am about ready to do?"

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