The Flourishing Experiment

Bob shares why metabolic training is what so many Olympians are using to gain metabolic efficiency, also known as a fat-adapted diet, instead of a traditional high-carb diet.  We find out what he eats and his favorite go-to sources of energy while training for hours. We also discuss his approach to habits in regards to food and hear how he avoids injuries by his daily morning ritual.

Show Notes:

    Bob’s education (he’ quite the educated man)
    His own experience and how it has changed his eating plan and also the athletes he works with
    How decrease your risk of gi distress
    What Generation UCAN Generation UCAN Nutrition is and why its growing in popularity
    What Bob eats and when to take in fuel when endurance training
    How to make your own fuel for long distances
    Having a healthy relationship with food
    How he stays injury free as an endurance athlete

Shout Outs:                       

    Vinnie Tortorich
    Angie and Trevor

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