The Flourishing Experiment

Founder of the Front Row Foundation, Jon Vroman, shares how an ultramarathon was the catalyst for becoming a runner and creating a non-profit organization. John and host Kari Gormley cover topics that include figuring out what to do while you’re going through a challenging time, living a big life, finding meaning and purpose in your life, parenting, hosting family board meetings, living a transformative moment, and having the right mindset. Serena Marie, RD, and Kari discuss eating while on vacation, avoiding being triggered by sugar, eating riced vegetables, using the Instant Pot, and making your own kombucha. The ladies share what’s currently going on in their running lives.

The Flourishing Experiment continues in 2018! If you’d like to join a group to help you with your habits and resolutions, or create a Flourishing Experiment yourself, reach out to Kari at for more information.

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