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We discuss the  Oakley New York City Mini 10K. My friend Sarah Boschung comes back on the show and brings her friend and colleague, Christy Bainer, to discuss what a wonderful experience the three of us had running Oakley New York City together. This was Christy Bainer’s farthest distance ever and she shares what a memorable race it was.  We discussed:

  • Why Christy chose this as her first race
  • The joy of running with friends
  • The details of the race
  • Oakley clothes and sunglasses
  • The course
  • Tourist information about NYC
  • Double Suites Hotel Times Square
  • The Little Beet Restaurant
  • An update about the official cat of the Running Lifestyle Show, Bruttus
  • NYRR, like the BAA, putting on an amazing race

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A medal from the Oakley New York Mini 10K
[A medal from the Oakley New York Mini 10K]



Sarah Boschung:
Kari, Dean Karnazes and Sarah Boschung after the run at Paragon Sports
Facebook: /sarah.boschung

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