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Dr. Vinny Kripalu, an internal medicine doctor who is living the running lifestyle, is on the show to share how he is running the run and walking the walk. During our discussion, Vinny shows how the mind controls our body and decides what we are focusing on. Charlie Barkowski, of Running with Miles, is back to tell us how his trip around the world running six marathon distance runs on six continents in 4 days and 21 hours went.  Serena Marie, RD, talks all things Vitamin C, how much you need, and where to find it. Serena and I also discuss our training for the Chicago, NYC, and Philadelphia Marathons.

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Dr. Vinny Kripalu

  • What made him start running, why he chose running, and the book he read to learn how to run
  • How you should incorporate other activities besides running to get a complete sense of well being
  • What runners live for
  • Why there are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic timelines
  • What he recommends when it comes to weight loss
  • The best way of eating, including what oil he uses in cooking, where to get the bulk of your carbs, and whether you really need to carb load
  • How his thoughts on nutrition have changed and evolved over the years
  • What is the cornerstone of health (this may surprise you)
  • How to get more energy
  • How to stop “victim speak”
  • The two charities he has founded and why
  • Why having a feeling of connectedness is so important
  • What I’m using to help guide me in my meditation practice  (is this you, Kari, or him? I'm not sure.  if it's you I would remove it, if it's him then change to reflect that)
  • Facts are nothing and attitude is everything
  • What are his favorite quotes and affirmations, like “Life happens for me, not to me"
  • What would be a great mantra
  • What his passion and mission in life is getting people to feel the best that they can

Dr. Vinny Kripalu showed how the mind controls our body and decides what we are focusing on.  Vinny took his experience of “his numbers going up” and a family history of heart disease and cancer as an opportunity to change his ways.  Throughout our discussion it became apparent that nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep, mindset, and being outside with your tribe are key to happy life full of wellness.

The TED Talk mentioned during the discussion with Vinny was presented by Dr. Lissa Rankin MD, titled "The Shocking Truth About Your Health."  It can be found HERE.

Charlie Barkowski

  • Overview of running in Greece, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Santiago, and Washington, DC
  • How delayed flights added to the stress of running around the world
  • The unexpected support he received at Hyatts around the world
  • Where he experienced the highest temperatures
  • The out-of-this-world experience on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney
  • What surprised him about the trip

Charlie epitomizes the amazing experiences you can have when combining the gifts of running and travel, and how to best utilize rewards points to get there.  His was certainly the trip of a lifetime! Hear how his body held up, the amazing support he received from runners around the world, and the joy of raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Serena Marie, RD

  • Why we need Vitamin C
  • How much Vitamin C is recommended for women and men
  • Foods that contain Vitamin C

It’s really important for us to consume Vitamin C, not just when we have a cold.  What’s great about the research Serena shares is that consuming extra Vitamin C can help shorten the length of a cold. Some of the best sources for Vitamin C are raw red peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, and oranges. 

If you want to check out further research about if consuming extra Vitamin C will diminish the length of a cold, you can check out the following study:


Please help Serena and me raise funds for Action for Healthy Kids when we run the Chicago and NYC Marathons.  Your money goes toward feeding kids healthy school breakfast and lunches and providing them with much needed fitness equipment.

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