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We’re talking with team members of The Running Lifestyle Show (TRLS) for Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) at the Chicago Marathon.  Hear from first-time marathoners, Minh Chien, and Todd Miller, about their respective runs.  Liz Whitteberry shares her thoughts about running her first big-city marathon in addition to running with and "coaching" Todd Miller on the course.  Serena recaps her exciting race where she did indeed, PR!  Our friend and team member, Foti Panagakos, talks about his experience where he, too, PR'd!  Coach Jeff Galloway checks in with me, Kari Gormley, and offers advice on recovery and gearing up for the NYC Marathon.  Serena discusses her favorite way to celebrate after a marathon, and we even have a product review for Trigger Point.

Find Out the Top 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle HERE.

Topics Discussed:

  • Where Minh REALLY felt the pain of the marathon
  • What Liz found interesting about running a big-city marathon
  • Todd’s mantra for finishing and how Liz was with him every step of the way
  • What happened to Serena at Mile 20
  • The fun activities around the Chicago Marathon Weekend
  • Why this was one of Foti’s Top 5 Marathons
  • The mistakes I made in the race and why they happened
  • The recovery plan Jeff Galloway recommends for me
  • Why Jeff Galloway recommends ElliptiGo and why I am IN LOVE with it even MORE
  • Join Jeff Galloway at his Running School the day before the Marine Corp Marathon
  • Why Serena had a beer after the race and what a small research study discovered about beer
  • Serena’s thoughts about me having stuffed pizza after the marathon and eating a bag of Garret’s mix (it was a small bag at least!) as dinner at the airport
  • Why Minh, Liz, Serena and I are fans of the Trigger Point Therapy foam roller and foot roller.
  • Join the Virtual 26.2 Run benefiting Action for Healthy Kids, Serena, and me

The top three takeaways from this episode are:

  1. Even though running is a solitary sport, being part of a group or mass of people makes the experience.
  2. Aim for the moon and you even if you miss, you will land upon the stars.
  3. Take a step back from an experience, even an interaction with someone, and ask yourself, what is this person/experience teaching me?

Next week, we’re going behind the scenes of the Chicago Marathon and bringing you inspiring interviews with runners we met during the Marathon weekend.  We’re also coming up on 100 episodes!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! What are some of your favorite episodes? What guests would you like to hear from? Please contact me HERE.


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