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It was a weekend filled with inspiring runners when Serena Marie, RD, and I went and ran the Chicago Marathon. You’ll hear our chance (or maybe not so chance) interviews over race weekend with top American Male Finisher, Luke Puskedra, Director of the Spirit of the Marathon Movie, Jon Dunham, and Miguel Blancarte, Junior, who was recently featured in Runner’s World. You’ll also hear Serena's and my thoughts after attending the press conference and expo. On the nutrition side, Serena Marie, RD, discusses GMOs and bread. We give an update on Serena’s Ragnar Race, my time with Jeff Galloway and listeners of the Running Lifestyle Show at a podcast meet up at the Marine Corp Marathon, and the upcoming New York City Marathon.

Luke Puskedra

  • His training for the NYC Marathon and Grandma’s Marathon and how it differs from that of other elite athletes
  • How it feels to talk at a press conference as an elite athlete
  • Why he switched to a gluten free diet and how he feels

Jon Dunham

  • How running a marathon inspired him to direct a movie around the marathon
  • How he selected the six runners to follow their journeys of training and completing the 2005 Chicago Marathon
  • Why he chose the Rome Marathon as the second location for the Spirit of the Marathon movie
  • Why he selected Boston to be the third Spirit of the Marathon movie
  • Why the Spirit of the Marathon Boston will be released in the Fall of 2016 and the tentative plans for an event at the Boston Marathon 2016

Serena and Kari after the Press Conference

  • How we finally got to run together (it was unexpected)
  • Why the 2015 Chicago Marathon was a “marquee” event this year
  • How the press conference got emotional at one point
  • What some of the African elites have to say about a sub two-hour marathon and doping
  • The inspiring words Deena Kastor shared at the press conference that especially touched Serena
  • Meeting Deena Kastor after the press conference
  • Meeting Kevin Hanson from Hansons Brooks Running
  • The fun at the expo and directly talking with Race Director, Carey Pinkowski

Our Runner of the Week is Miguel. Miguel will be receiving Sport Suds, which will leave his clothes clean and odor-free. As a listener of the show, you will receive a 25% discount when you head over to and enter TRLS in the shopping cart. Sport Suds isn’t just for athletes, it's for everyone, including babies. Many parents are looking for a detergent that is free of bleach, dyes, phosphates, perfumes, and UV whiteners. Sport Suds fits the bill.

Miguel Blancarte Jr.

  • What prompted him to get serious about his health
  • How he lost 180 pounds in 8 months on his own
  • How his relationships have changed because of the weight loss and becoming an ultra marathoner and triathlete
  • The surprise of being on Team USA for the NYC Marathon
  • Why 2015 is the year of giving back
  • What he does as an ambassador for Fleet Feet Sports in Chicago
  • The joy received from being a pacer at the 2015 Chicago Marathon

We like traveling for races, and there is an opportunity to take a trip for an upcoming inaugural race, the Big Beach Marathon in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Sunday, January 31, 2016. You’re going to hear fun facts about this race leading up to Race Weekend. As a TRLS listener, you will receive a 15% discount off of your race entry fee when you use the code, RUNLIFE at Big Beach Marathon is a new sponsor here at the Running Lifestyle Show.

Serena Marie, RD

  • What is the science and history behind GMOs
  • Why Serena Marie, RD, doesn’t promote bread as a good source of fiber
  • The fun time she had running the Ragnar Race in Tennessee with nine friends
  • How a Ragnar Race is different than a Ragnar Trail Race
  • Serena’s prognosis and plan for the NYC Marathon
  • The fun time I had at the Marine Corps Marathon meeting up with listeners of The Running Lifestyle Show and Marathon Training Academy
  • Meeting Jeff Galloway in person at his Running School at the Marine Corps Marathon
  • How using the ElliptiGo has helped me with my recovery from the Chicago Marathon and keeping my fitness level up
  • Jeff’s game plan for me running the NYC Marathon
  • The TRLS meeting at Marcon Cafe at 2:30 PM in NYC at 36th Street between 7th and Broadway

This was quite the fun episode to put together. The interviews highlight the love of running. It doesn’t matter how fast you go - it’s about the joy and people running brings in to your life.

If you’re looking to learn more about how you start or continue living the Running Lifestyle, head over to, and you’ll receive the 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle. You’ll want to be on this special list because some upcoming offers will only be available to the people on the Running Lifestyle Show email list.

Next week is the 100th Episode of the Running Lifestyle Show!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Time flies when you are having fun!!!! A special guest will be on to interview ME. He has been on many times and is VERY much looking forward to turning the tables and “paying me back” for all of the tough questions I’ve asked him. Let’s just say I told him to “Bring It," and now I'm not sure that was such a great idea. :-)

Miguel Blancarte, Jr.
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