The Flourishing Experiment

Peter Shankman is quite a character. He shares with us how he became a runner (one of his reasons is especially interesting to women) and how he balances training for an Ironman with his family and career.  We discuss how Peter became a runner, how to fit in the training for an Iron Man, the mantra he says to keep on training for an event, why he listen to podcasts, and much more.

Other topics discussed:

    His run in with the NYC police in Central Park
    Why he enjoys meeting new people
    How he fuels for races
    How he is connecting business people all around the country and Canada
    The 13 marathons he has run
    How he trained for his best marathon
    What activities help him feel “normal” since he has the trait of ADHD
    Favorite Travel Memory
    Upcoming Races
    Words to live by
    Running Recommendations for NYC (hint Central Park and West Side Highway)

Running Resume Includes:


Ironman Resume:

    Training for 2014 Louisville Iron Man in August

Peter's Links

Twitter: @petershankman

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