The Flourishing Experiment
1: Vinnie Tortorich: What is the Running Lifestyle Show?

Vinnie Tortorich is a best selling author, hit podcast host, and trainer to the stars. I asked him to interview me on my introduction podcast because he inspired me to do a lot of things, which is discussed through out the show. We take a lot of twists and turns during the interview and share a lot of laughs through describing what The Running Lifestyle Show is all about.

Vinnie’s book Fitness Confidential

People Vinnie and Kari discussed:

Marathon Training Academy

Chris Costman Anna Vocino

Timothy Noakes

Dr. De Agostino

Serena Scott Thomas

Jessica Gotleib

Dean Lorey

Peter Segal

Stephan Brown

Shannon Greifer

Tim Olson

Joann Baxas

Chris McCormack

Rich Roll

Mark Sisson

Howie Mandall

Dr. Sarah Gottfried

Races discussed:


LA Marathon

Ohi Marathon


Vinnie’s links:


Twitter: @VinnieTortorich


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