The Flourishing Experiment

Elsie is a Mom, Yoga Instructor, Podcaster, and is Libsyn’s podcaster happiness expert.  She shares with us many ways to slip in activity when you can’t run and how to nurture yourself through tea, essential oils, sleep and yoga.   Elsie shares the essential hip opening yoga poses for runners in addition to the importance of back bends.

Going from Actress in Hollywood to Mom in Pittsburgh
How to slip in activity as she is currently not running
How she balances teaching yoga with her family life
What to do when you want to reach for caffeine
Listening to your thoughts and what they’re telling you
What is the worst thing you can do with your life
Her favorite essential oils and what they do for her confidence
Summer ice tea with Dandelion and Chamomille is a favorite right now
Favorite yoga poses for runners which are lounges, Pigeon, Half Frog Pose, Pigeon #2,  Hero poses (one of my favorites) and back bends

Links for yoga poses Elsie recommended:
Twitter: yogeek

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