The Flourishing Experiment

Serena Marie, RD joins Kari to talk about collard greens and why they are so good for us. In addition, Kari chats one-on-one about how connection and intention go together and how this led to Kari meeting her husband.

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 Megan Martin shares with us how she went from hating running, to competing in Iron Man’s, to qualifying for the Olympic Trials to almost dying. She shares with us her motivation and the surprise she had during her recovery.

Show Notes and Mentions

    How she went from hating running to liking it
    What she tells her training clients to get them motivated to start running
    How she balanced running when she was newly married
    How she almost died
    How her life drastically changed after her illness
    Words of Encouragement
    How she balances life and exercis


TNT Fitness

Mike O’ Raley

Recommends BOB Ironman Stroller (affiliate link)

JFK Ultra Marathon goes through Hagerstown

C&O Towpath

Mantra “It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.  The hard… is what makes it great.” Jimmy Dugan in A League of their Own.

Find Megan on Facebook at Megan Knepper Martin.

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Bob shares why metabolic training is what so many Olympians are using to gain metabolic efficiency, also known as a fat-adapted diet, instead of a traditional high-carb diet.  We find out what he eats and his favorite go-to sources of energy while training for hours. We also discuss his approach to habits in regards to food and hear how he avoids injuries by his daily morning ritual.

Show Notes:

    Bob’s education (he’ quite the educated man)
    His own experience and how it has changed his eating plan and also the athletes he works with
    How decrease your risk of gi distress
    What Generation UCAN Generation UCAN Nutrition is and why its growing in popularity
    What Bob eats and when to take in fuel when endurance training
    How to make your own fuel for long distances
    Having a healthy relationship with food
    How he stays injury free as an endurance athlete

Shout Outs:                       

    Vinnie Tortorich
    Angie and Trevor

Contact Bob




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Serena Marie RD and Kari discuss how beets are one of the healthiest foods and why they’re great for runners.  In addition, Kari discusses the power of intention and relates it to what Joanne Ambrogi and Jeff Sanders said in their episodes.

Beets are great because they have a nitrate count. This is good for us because nitric oxide helps us runners run longer and with out feeling tired.  Nitric Oxide is best if consumed frequently.  Other sources are nitric oxide are dark green leafy vegetables, spirulina algae and cherries.

Serena likes to have beets: 400/425 oven with oil and make soft - she likes finely cut beets with feta cheese in salad.

Kari likes to have beets: in tinfoil, not washed and throw on the grill for an hour

Goat cheese with beets with a spring vegetable mix with a home vinaigrette

Serena suggests taking leaves from beets and taking them off and putting them together with the spring mix

Beets and oranges go together a lot

Shout Outs:

Sam Andrus

Marathon Training Academy

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Vinnie Tortorich

Fitness Confidential

Anna Vocino

Podcast Movement

Grant Baldwin

Jasper Ribbers

Johnny Gillespie & Empowered Yoga

"You are the Average of the Five People you Spend the Most Time With”

A challenge for you:  When you are ready to do something, ask yourself, "What is the intention of doing what I am about ready to do?"

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Jeff Sanders is the host of the 5 AM Miracle podcast, a 10-time marathoner, productivity strategist and a highly motivated guy who shares his love of running with us.  He shares with us how he structures his time to accomplish his goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Show Notes
    What happened when he returned from studying in Prague
    How he started to get his health back
    The mistakes he made running his first of 10 marathons
    Productivity strategies
    The power of intentionality
    What running does for him
    What he has found out the hard way in regards to running
    His favorite app to grab his thoughts while running
    What to listen to while running

App discussed: Say it Mail it

Quotes discussed:
"Never limit where running can take you.” Bart Yasso
“The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” John Bingham

Shout outs:
Johnny Gillespie (episode 7) of Balanced Athlete
Steven Brown (episode 4), coach for Team in Training

Twitter: @jeffsanderstv

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Joanne is a PT, yoga teacher, massage technician and world-class athlete who shares with us the importance of  being present not only while running, but every day. We discuss how and why creating a team to treat you as a runner is important, tips and tricks to think of while running in addition to the all-important question of why we run.

Show Notes:

    Joanne’s education and experience as a World Class Athlete
    What is integrative PT and how yoga plays a role
    The importance of having the time to ask a patient about their history including their childhood to better be able to diagnose what is happening with their pain
    Why having a team to help you heal is key
    When you are at dis-ease and how it can turn to disease
    "The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.  When mindfulness embraces those we love, they bloom like flowers’"

Thich Nhat Hahn

    Run while you are running and what that means
    Why running without music and podcasts (sigh!) is a good idea
    Tips of what to do during the day to keep yourself injury free
    How to run on different types of surfaces
    What to do every hour during the day to help keep you present
    Joanne’s mantra of breathe in and think "I am", breathe out and think "here now", breathe in “I am”, breathe out “At Peace”

Joanne’s links:

Ambrogi Integrative Health Services Inc.

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Sarah shares with us her experiences as a runner in NYC including many races and places to train along with her favorite places to eat.  I chime in with my favorite restaurants and my experience running the Staten Island Half Marathon.  We also talk with Serena Marie RD about the food of the week.

Here are Sarah’s recommendations on running and eating in the NYC

Places to Run in NYC:

Central Park: My favorite place to run in Central Park is the Reservoir. It is a 1.5 mile loop so it is easy to keep track of your distance; there are also three other long distance routes to choose from in the park--6.1 miles, 5.2 miles, and 1.7 miles

Riverside Park along West Side Highway: My favorite place to run because you have incredible views of the Hudson River as well as other NYC landmarks such as the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty; the running path stretches from the George Washington Bridge to Battery Park. There are several amenities along the way such as bathrooms and water fountains.

Prospect Park: For those who don't live in Manhattan or want to explore another borough, Prospect Park is a wonderful place to run in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge Run: Running across the Brooklyn Bridge (1.1 miles) affords beautiful views of the NYC skyline if you start in Brooklyn and run to Manhattan. If you decide to start in Manhattan and run across the bridge to Brooklyn, you can stop at Grimaldi's Pizzeria for a slice of pizza or the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for a scoop of delicious ice cream. Watch out for the cyclists on the bridge!


Races Discussed on the Show:

TCS New York City Marathon:

   The marathon will be on November 2, 2014.

Philadelphia Marathon:

NYC Half Marathon:

5th Avenue Mile:

Staten Island Half Marathon:

NYC Runs: sponsor several runs in the New York Metropolitan Area (including Roosevelt Island)



NYC Restaurants:

Pure Food and Wine: all raw and vegan;

Peacefood Cafe: vegan;

Grammercy Tavern:

ABC Kitchen:

Sushi Nakazawa:


Restaurants I recommend:

Blue Ribbon Sushi

Kefi (Greek)

Pure Thai Chop House


Pick a Bagel

Poke Sushi

(Looks like Topaz Thai is no longer open in NYC.)


Fun Things To Do in NYC from Sarah:

Chelsea Market: Grab some food at one of the many restaurants located inside Chelsea Market (Beyond Sushi and One Lucky Duck are personal favorites) and take your food to The High Line for a picnic. The High Line is a public park built on a rail line elevated above the streets.;

Brooklyn Bridge Walk: I personally like to start in Brooklyn and walk to Manhattan--beautiful views of the NYC skyline. South Street Seaport is nearby when you finish the walk and can be a nice place to grab lunch or a boat ride. If you start in Manhattan and walk to Brooklyn, make sure to check out the Brooklyn Bridge Park when you come off the bridge (

Cloisters: Such an idyllic spot in Manhattan ( Located in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan, the Cloisters offers magnificent gardens, works of art, and concerts.

9/11 Memorial: Beautiful and moving. Also, make sure to check out the newly opened museum (


Kari’s Must Have Book for Sightseeing with Kids in NYC:

City Walks with Kids: New York: 50 Adventures on Foot

Get in Touch with Sarah

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Rebecca Farrell, mom and small business owner, shares what makes her motivated to run 5k races.  We discuss the challenges of owning your business while taking care of your family and yourself.  Also discussed is the love of all things Disney.

In this episode, we discuss:

- Challenges of being a mom and business owner, along with moving from a walking city to a driving city

- What happens when you are put on modified bed rest and how that affects your body for after baby

- What motivated Rebecca to train and run her first 5K

- Rebecca’s best feeling while running

- What is motivating to get the training in for the next 5K

- What Kari has to say about people watching you while you’re exercising

Races Discussed: - Run Disney - Rugged Maniac Atlanta Half Marathon - Jeff Galloway Half Marathon

Stores/Businesses Discussed: Phidippides Dave’s Vacation Club Services

Get in Touch with Rebecca:




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This episode brought tears to my eyes.  Get ready to hear how a running program for girls who are in 3rd through 5th grade changes their lives and teaches them key lessons for life through conversations, games and running. Kim Chitty, executive director of Girls on the Run Delaware, and Liz Baldwin, marketing director of Girls on the Run DE, share what the program is all about and how it's not only impacting girls’ lives, but their families and communities too.


Topics discussed are:

-          What is mission of Girls on the Run (GOTR)

-          What is included in this 75 minute program that takes place twice a week after school for 10 -12 weeks

-          The importance of setting a goal for yourself and how chipping away at it week after week makes it happen

-          The FUN race day experience

-          How it began with Molly Barker in Charlotte, NC in 1996

-          How Nationally Ranked Runner Haley Pierce got her start in running

-          How Kim and Liz balance their roles at GOTR with family and their own wellness and running

-          What Kim does not want written in her obituary

-          How and Why to learn how to say No (hint, not Nancy Reagan type of No)

-          The impact one person can make

-          Pricing and Registration for GOTR

-          How to donate through the app to support GOTR


Facebook: Girls on the Run Delaware

Twitter: @GirlsontheRunDE

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Three opinions of the Delaware Marathon Festival and comparing the race to the Caesar Rodney Half, Nike Women’s Half in DC, Rock 'n' Roll Philly, and Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon.

Races discussed in addition to the Delaware Marathon Festival half marathon:

Caesar Rodney Half Marathon, Wilmington, DE

Nike Women’s Half in DC

Rock n Roll Philly

Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon

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Angie and Trevor Spencer: Running Can Change your life  - Angie and Trevor discuss how and why Angie decided why to run a marathon in between pregnancies and how it changed her life. She had it in her head that she had to run a marathon, so she did.  Through this journey, Angie inspired to Trevor to run marathons, which has helped them grow their business while inspiring others.

    Why Angie started running long distances
    What injury Angie had to overcome to run her second marathon and what she learned from it
    How Trevor didn’t really like to run and how he became a marathoner
    Angie’s new found way of eating and how it impacted her energy
    Books that have inspired Angie
    How crossing a finish line can be transformative
    Trevor’s new running inspiration
    The story of Marathon Training Academy’s tag line

Books Discussed

Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich with Dean Lorey

Why We Get Fat and What to Do About it by Gary Taubes

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Ryan Callahan, from Philadelphia Runner, discusses the latest and greatest in running shoes and gear, why its key to get properly fitted for running shoes, and products that help you recover.  He also shares tips how to transition in to running and the different types of running clubs you can join.

    Sprinter who went from UC Boulder to Philadelphia
    How he started long distance running (it took a bit of time)
    How running clubs are social clubs
    DC Shake Shack has a running club, Fishtown Beer Runners, Young Involved Philadelphia and Philadelphia Runner have running clubs
    Why go to a speciality store to get running shoes
    Trends in running shoes
    What is important when selecting apparel
    Why to think about purchasing a GPS system
    Why its so important to have measurable goals and the tools that you can use to measure your goals
    Products that help you with recovery
    Must have products for the summer

Running stores are amazing places to not just get fitted properly for shoes, but to also connect with fellow runners.  I frequent my local running store, and if they don’t have something in stock, then I go to Amazon.  I want what is best for you and getting fitted properly is key.  If you are unable to stop in at your local running specialty shop for shoes or products, then I recommend you go online. The products listed below are links to Amazon and do provide a commission to me. This commission helps keep the show running.

Here are links to products Ryan discussed:

Garmin Forerunner 910XT Sport Watch

j/fit Super High Density Foam Rollers

The Stick Massage Stick

Vitalsox Compression Socks

Nathan Hydration Belt

Nathan Handheld Water Bottle Carrier

Headsweats Sports Hat

La Roche-Posay Facial Sunscreen

Nathan Training Journal

Check out:


Nike Fuel

Philadelphia Runner

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Three opinions of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC April 27, 2014 and comparing the race to Disney Princess Half, Disney Wine and Dine Half, Rock n Roll DC Half, Caesar Rodney Half, and Delaware Half. We also introduce the food of this week: tomatoes. Listen in to learn about some new recipies.

Races discussed in addition to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon:
- Caesar Rodney Half Marathon, Wilmington, DE
- Delaware Half Marathon, Wilmington, DE
- Disney Princess Half Marathon, Orlando, FL
- Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon, Orlando, FL
- Rock ’n Roll DC Half Marathon
- Cherry Blossom 10 Miler - Washington, DC

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