The Flourishing Experiment

This episode brought tears to my eyes.  Get ready to hear how a running program for girls who are in 3rd through 5th grade changes their lives and teaches them key lessons for life through conversations, games and running. Kim Chitty, executive director of Girls on the Run Delaware, and Liz Baldwin, marketing director of Girls on the Run DE, share what the program is all about and how it's not only impacting girls’ lives, but their families and communities too.


Topics discussed are:

-          What is mission of Girls on the Run (GOTR)

-          What is included in this 75 minute program that takes place twice a week after school for 10 -12 weeks

-          The importance of setting a goal for yourself and how chipping away at it week after week makes it happen

-          The FUN race day experience

-          How it began with Molly Barker in Charlotte, NC in 1996

-          How Nationally Ranked Runner Haley Pierce got her start in running

-          How Kim and Liz balance their roles at GOTR with family and their own wellness and running

-          What Kim does not want written in her obituary

-          How and Why to learn how to say No (hint, not Nancy Reagan type of No)

-          The impact one person can make

-          Pricing and Registration for GOTR

-          How to donate through the app to support GOTR


Facebook: Girls on the Run Delaware

Twitter: @GirlsontheRunDE

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