The Flourishing Experiment

Nicole Randazzo, occupational therapist (OT) shares with us the power of having our bodies in a calm state to be able to attend to everything we need to attend to on a daily basis. Understanding what physical activity makes us feel our best and then fitting it in the day needs to be a priority and Nicole discusses her trick to get it in.

Topics Discussed

    What is sensory processing and why should we care
    Why diagnosis such as autism, ADHD-PI, and sensory processing disorder are on the rise
    Executive functioning, what it is and how it affects your life
    The power of knowing what type of movement helps bring you in to a calm state
    An activity in schools to help center children that all people can use
    What’s going on if you find that, as you age, you get motion sickness earlier than you think
    The go to mantra Nicole has to make sure she is able to juggle family and career while seeking balance

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