The Flourishing Experiment

Nichole Bukowski, a runner, educator, Balanced Athlete instructor, Spin instructor and yoga instructor shares her passion. If you’re having a challenging time right now, then you definitely want to drop everything and listen to Nichole. I had goose bumps interviewing her and I wonder if you will too listening to her story.

Show Notes

    Running as a Kid
    Watching the Boston Marathon as a student at Boston College and the tool of visualization
    Her first marathon and how she was connected
    How she cross trains and teaches at the same time
    The School she runs (pun intended) and how movement helps students
    Why run with friends and/or a running club
    How running got her through a divorce and job loss at the same time
    Her favorite quotes to get “fired up”
    The Magic of Marathon Monday


Nicholes’ Go To Words of Encouragement:

“Live in the Moment You are In”

“Meet yourself where you are at”



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