The Flourishing Experiment

Part 2 of Jeff Galloway’s episode goes in depth and covers the following topics:

  • How to run faster (Wow! Bring on the 26 mile-long run BEFORE the marathon) and lower your time by 15 minutes
  • How to do speed repetitions the Jeff Galloway way
  • What a cadence drill and an acceleration glide are and why you need to know
  • How to avoid the slowdown of a marathon and achieve a negative split
  • Why Jeff recommends swimming and using an ElliptiGO (I’m a HUGE fan of the “Go!”) as cross training activities
  • What postural muscle strengthening exercises Jeff recommends
  • How a Galloway group works
  • Why Jeff Galloway is also a fan of Dr. Ratey’s work
  • Jeff’s response to the biggest misconception about running being that you have to run nonstop to be a runner
  • Why Jeff says “Take Charge of your Fatigue”
  • Why Jeff doesn’t “drag” people in to running a run-walk-run sequence
  • Jeff’s 13.1 Half Marathon in Atlanta on December 13th, which finishes in Piedmont Park

A runner and blogger who runs “Galloway Style”, Cambrey Fuller comes on the show as our Runner of the Week. Cambry shares how she was told she would need to use a cane if walking more than 200 hundred feet after having six surgeries on her ankle. Somehow, she has managed to go on to run 17 half marathons in 15 months including the Tinker Bell and Princess half marathons. By running, and surprising her doctor, not only is Cambry defying the odds, but she is thriving – especially after losing 180 pounds! This inspiring mom has thrown away her scale and focuses on how she feels and how her clothes fit. Cambry’s goal is to run the Auckland Marathon in 2016.

Serena Marie, RD, shares why she was so excited to read the article titled "Green vegetables, red meat and colon cancer: chlorophyll prevents the cytotoxic and hyper proliferative effects of haem in rat colon.", which was released by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), which is part of the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), a branch of the National Institute of Health. As you may know, Serena Marie, RD, loves red meat, as it’s such a great source of iron. As runners, it’s common for us to have low iron counts. According to the article, as long as you have greens with your red meat, the risk for cancer may go down.

Serena shared the new vegetable she is OBSESSED with: lambs quarter. Just sauté with onions and voilà. I shared a test called InsideTracker that I was given to evaluate and have seen great results thanks to the in depth analysis InsideTracker revealed. I was given specific foods to eat to increase my low levels of iron, vitamin D, and testosterone. The test was taken back in February and showed normal levels of cortisol, which can be high for endurance athletes. It will be interesting to see test results as I train for the Chicago and NYC marathons.

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Friendly reminder, Serena and I are running the Chicago and New York City marathons in support of Action for Healthy Kids. Action for Healthy Kids expands school breakfast and lunch programs to include healthy foods. They also provide grants to schools for much needed physical fitness equipment such as stability balls. A donation of $25 provides breakfast for an entire month for one student and $50 gives schools fitness equipment. Help us help the kids!


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We discuss the  Oakley New York City Mini 10K. My friend Sarah Boschung comes back on the show and brings her friend and colleague, Christy Bainer, to discuss what a wonderful experience the three of us had running Oakley New York City together. This was Christy Bainer’s farthest distance ever and she shares what a memorable race it was.  We discussed:

  • Why Christy chose this as her first race
  • The joy of running with friends
  • The details of the race
  • Oakley clothes and sunglasses
  • The course
  • Tourist information about NYC
  • Double Suites Hotel Times Square
  • The Little Beet Restaurant
  • An update about the official cat of the Running Lifestyle Show, Bruttus
  • NYRR, like the BAA, putting on an amazing race

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A medal from the Oakley New York Mini 10K
[A medal from the Oakley New York Mini 10K]



Sarah Boschung:
Kari, Dean Karnazes and Sarah Boschung after the run at Paragon Sports
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Jeff Galloway, Olympian and running coach to millions, comes on the show to explain how you can run the rest of your life. He’s been running for 57 years, and does a marathon a month, and definitely leads by example. We had such a fascinating conversation that it’s been split up in to two episodes. During the first part of our discussion we talk about:

·         Jeff’s experience as an overweight kid and how he started to run (it might surprise you)

·         Going from the Navy to training for the Olympic Trials and what helped him qualify for the Olympics

·         How he has helped millions of people start and/or continue running

·         How to empower yourself through running

·         How to take control of your mindset to be able to take control of your running

·         Why and how the changes in the run walk run configurations have taken place

·         What a magic mile is and why it’s important for marathon training

·         What to do if you are running two marathons in a short period of time


Next week we’re going in to specific details of how to start running, get faster, how to strength train and cross train, and why moving/running is so important for our brains.

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Liz Whitteberry comes on as our Runner of the Week, and by the end of the discussion, I’m ready to come down to Texas and run every race there is. Liz and I talk about:

·         Why she wanted to run Chicago Marathon

·         Her background as a mom, wife and professional

·         What she realized when turning 40 and the changes she knew she had to make

·         What happened every time she took an exam

·         What a lifetime of inactivity has on the brain and the body, what being active brought in to her life 

·         How she started running and why she doesn’t recommend it 

·         How long it took to build up 3 miles

·         How joining a Galloway group in 2009 changed everything for her

·         Races Liz recommends which are Cowtown Half Marathon in Ft Worth which also has a 5K, 10, Half, Full and Ultra, Ft. Worth Marathon, Trinity River Marathon, Texas Threesome, Texas Quad, Wine, Not a Marathon, and Not a Marathon Wine Again

·         Liz’s Inspiring Quote “You just might be the spark to someone else that might get someone to run or go another distance”

Serena Marie comes on and answers Lawrence Johnson’s question regarding what is the ideal body fat percentage for a runner.

·         Why it’s hard to have an exact percentage

·         Why you don’t want to be a certain body fat percentage the entire year

·         How Serena is saying that same thing as the authors of our book of the month for May and June, Meb Keflezighi of Marathon for Mortals and Dr. Jordan Metzl from Running Strong 

·         What leads some runners training for long distances to weight gain

·         What to eat after a long run to refuel and replenish

Next week, Jeff Galloway is back on the show to finish our discussion and to give specific recommendations when it comes to runners trying to get a BQ, how to start running, cross training, strength training and what exercise does for the mind.

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How to align your values to running is what we have in store for you when Brett Gajda, of Where There’s Smoke Podcast, comes on the show. Brett, who is also our Runner of the Week, discusses:

·         Why he is immersed in self development

·         How he defines who/what a runner is (it’s surprising)

·         Why we do what we do

·         How our perspectives are different based on how we grew up

·         His challenges with injuries

·         What two things you need to have to change a behavior

·         How mustard changed his mindset

·         Knowing your values dictates how you spend your time

·         If you’re committed to something, then it needs to align with your values

·         The link between energy and sugar consumption

Serena Marie discusses moringa, which are leaves and seeds.  Moringa is grown around the world and has been said to be a good source of vitamin C, iron, potassium, vitamin A, and calcium.  Serena researched moringa and used an article she found from the NIH to come to the conclusion that more thorough research has to be done before recommending moringa. 

Links Discussed:

Brett Gajda:

Values in Action

NIH Article on Moringa

Serena Marie, RD

Dean Answers a Question About Weightlifting

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Dr. John Ratey, MD, continues the discussion of how to make your exercise habit sticky. He also shares the growing research of how are brains are plastic and how more and more studies are showing the importance of moving our bodies. Our Runner of the Week Rhonda Foulds shares how becoming a marathoner has helped her get off her 33 prescriptions for Parkinson's. Serena Marie, RD, discusses the research around Niacin and how it helps with some forms of skin cancer. Serena and I review Moji Massage Products and give them two enthusiastic thumbs up.

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