The Flourishing Experiment

Serena Marie, RD, and I discuss why beans are great for gut health and how to introduce beans into your diet. Remember: Beans are not a good choice for fueling, because you don't want to be running for the bathroom. We talk about how the fiber in beans is a better choice than the fiber in a grain such as quinoa. She also discusses how to cook beans and what she eats the night before a marathon.

When you have the option, it’s a better choice to have cooked beans rather than canned beans.

Side note: Beans really don't have much protein in them, and when you look at the difference between protein and carbohydrates, they’re not the best choice.

This was a podcast episode dedicated to our vegan friends who eat a lot of beans. Soak beans for four to six days until they sprout, and then you can eat them raw.


If you’re running the Chicago Marathon, please save the date for the evening of Friday, October 9th. Serena Marie, RD, and I are planning something special.  The best way to stay in touch is to head over to and register for the 5 Questions to Ask Yourself To Start or live the Running Lifestyle.

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