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Training for Chicago and NYC Marathons, discussion about the Marine Corp Marathon and Action for Healthy Kids with Runner of the Week, Tom Kreider, and Serena and I talk about marathon training and what is the ideal choice when eating bread is what is in store for today.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss a single update from The Running Lifestyle Show, please head over to and find out the 11 Strategies to Create a Running Lifestyle.

Jeff calms me down when I am freaking out “on air” about running a 20 mile run, having pain in my right hip, updating The Running Lifestyle website and trying to balance family and work while training for two marathons.  Jeff shares how you can never go too slow in a long run. In fact, you can even walk the whole way which enables you to keep up your endurance going in to a race.  The longer you run, the more time there is for aches and pains to appear, so Jeff recommends running for as little as 10-15 seconds and then walking 30 seconds.

Tips Jeff shares to battle the heat is to run in the dark (safety first), and dumping cold water over your head every 20 minutes. Some of Jeff’s running groups stat their long runs from 2-3:00 AM to avoid the sun. Wow!

We discuss how the ElliptiGo is an amazing piece of machinery that allows someone to train with out the impact. Turns out that I went out too hard on the Go in the beginning with one hour rides including hills.  Ideally, when starting out with the Go, its recommended to start with 15-30 minute gentle rides.  Jeff has recommended that I replace one of my easy 30 minute Tuesday/Thursday runs with an easy 30 minute ElliptiGo session. Yay! I LOVE the Go so that was magic to my ears.  The ElliptiGo is a fantastic tool for hip strengthening.

Speaking of magic, we discussed how to determine what a Magic Mile is.

The Magic Mile gives you an indication of your race pace.  To determine a Magic Mile, run a mile, then multiply it by 1.30 because people generally slow down by 30% when running a marathon.  When running a long run, because you can never go too slow, add two minutes to race pace.  I ran a 10:30 Magic Mile recently, so that means I would run a 13:39 marathon race pace, which means when I go out for a long run now, I should run it around a 15:30 race pace.  As time goes on, and it cools down, it will be interesting to see how my time is affected.

Jeff has helped over 10,000 runners and receiving videotaping of people running just doesn’t give enough information. Many people attend his running schools and seminars across the world to work on their form.  Jeff recommended I go back to my physical therapist who knows my body best to see “what is going” with the pain in my right hip.

Serena and I are going to have our virtual race where people can run 2.62 miles by November 1st (the day of the NYC Marathon), and receive a special certificate.  The cost of the virtual race is $26.20 and all of the money raised will go to Team Kari and Serena Run NYC and Chicago.  Friendly reminder, Jeff has the Jeff Galloway 13.1 on December 13, 2015 in Atlanta.  There is a chance I may be going down there to join in on the fun.

We then transition over to our Runner of the Week, Tom Kreider. You may recognize Tom as he has been on the show before.  The person who donates the most money to Team Kari and Serena in a month, comes back on the show to share their running story.  Tom is running the Marine Corp Marathon in October, which is his second marathon (Disney World was his first and he had a great time) and is really looking forward to it.

Tom surprises Serena and me and challenges you, the listener of the Running Lifestyle Show, to donate to Action for Healthy Kids by Saturday, August 22nd. If you donate (and the kids and us really hope you do because they need healthy food and fitness equipment in their schools), Tom will match up to $300.  If you are going to donate, can you PLEASE donate now?  HERE is the link. Just click and donate. The kids and Serena and I thank you. :-)

Friendly reminder, we’re having a raffle on Sunday, September 26th where for every $25 you donate, you receive a raffle ticket. What’s included in the raffle are Jeff Galloway books and times, Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day books from Dr. Robert Rosenberg, Oofos footwear, BANDIwear products, and much more!

Serena can’t help herself but to share her love and knowledge of all things food.  We discuss how our training is coming along and Serena answers a question from our private Facebook Group about what type of bread to eat is best. Serena recommends sprouted bread as it has a lower gliadin count.   Gliadin increases appetites, so a lower gliadin count is ideal.  Serena eats spelt bread on occasion as it is sprouted and had a lower gliadin count.

Have an awesome week and we’ll “see you” next week with the Race Director of the Chicago Marathon, Carey Pinkowski.

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