The Flourishing Experiment

Get ready to get fired up and laugh a lot when Ellen Rohr, a business coach and public speaker, tells us about the roller coaster of her running journey. Ellen shares how running has “changed over the years” and how her running has evolved. Serena Marie, RD, dives in deep to share what fructose is, what are some myths around it, and recommends how much fructose to have in a day. Serena and I talk about our training for the Chicago, NYC, and Philadelphia marathons and the amazing progress we’re making when it comes to fundraising for Action for Healthy Kids.

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Ellen address:

·         How to schedule your time so you can run

·         How to go about plan free days and why

·         When and why she actually liked running

·         How running kept her “straight" in college

·         How her body teaches her so much

·         Why her first marathon was “made up”

·         What she told her sister to encourage her to run a race and how Ellen ended up not telling the truth

·         Why Ellen is taking on two marathons in a year when she is 55 years

The biggest take away from the first part of Ellen’s discussion (part two going live next week) is that if you don’t plan your time, then someone else will do it for you. A lot of times we think we need to be somewhere, when we really don’t. Do what feels right to you and is best for your mind, body and spirit.

As Runner of the Week (and she was also the featured guest), Ellen is going to receive Sport Suds laundry detergent, which is free from harsh chemicals and dyes, to wash her clothes. We know that Ellen is usually able to get herself out the door to run, but if “stinky” clothes was ever an excuse, then Sport Suds would clean that excuse (get it? ;-)) away. Listeners of the Running Lifestyle Show receive a 15% discount when using the code “RUNLIFE” at check out at

Serena shares:

·         What consuming high amounts of sugar can lead to

·         What is fructose

·         Why agave nectar should be avoided

·         What is leptin and why it is good

·         How fructose gets absorbed and how it doesn’t spikes insulin

·         How fructose gets metabolized 

·         How your liver becomes fatty

·         What is Non alcoholic fatty liver disease 

·         What to remember about fruit

·         Why the ideal threshold of 20-50 grams of fructose is ideal

·         Why it’s important to read the ingredient list and how the list can change over time

·         Why eating non GMO soy is ideal when possible

·         Why Serena isn’t a fan of soy lethicin 

·         Why rice is not that problematic of a carb when putting in long miles

·         Serena’s favorite dried fruit and my favorite dried fruit

The big take away????? You can get liver disease from over doing it on the sugar. Also, a few servings of fruit is no big deal, but there is a limit. The fact that there is no leptin in fruit is a “well that makes sense” moment because whenever I eat fruit as a snack, I am STILL hungry.  What is a great thing to pair with fruit you may be asking? How about Energy Bits, which by the way, you can get a 25% discount when you type in “RUNLIFE” at

Serena and I discuss my “CRAY CRAY” 23 mile run around the Port Orleans Riverside Hotel at Disney World and how I ran with the gators (literally). Thank you to Tracy Slayton and Denny Krahe from Diz Runs podcast for running with me in the middle of the night. Serena had a nice shorter training run in the Hamptons and looks forward to running in Jersey over the holiday weekend, while I’ll be running in Vermont.

The product that saved me from shafing (which started at mile 7 of 23) was Chamois Butt’r.


Thank YOU, thank YOU to all of the people who donated in August to help Team Kari and Serena run NYC and Chicago for Action for Healthy Kids. YOU are SO appreciated. If you haven’t donated yet/or would like to donate more, you can head over to:

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