The Flourishing Experiment

Join the Running Lifestyle Show Team for Action for Healthy Kids and hear the motivational stories of why these inspiring individuals are running the Chicago and/or NYC Marathons. You'll hear from first-time marathon runners Minh Chien, Todd Miller, and Melanie Curtis, along with seasoned marathoners Liz Whitteberry, Foti Panagakos, Serena Marie RD, and me.  (Did I just say that Serena Marie, RD and I are seasoned after running three marathons?!)  Who knows, after you hear the stories these runners share, maybe you'll be putting a marathon on your calendar for 2016!

  • Why Minh chose Chicago over the Seattle Rock’n Roll
  • How Minh has fallen in love with running
  • It will be Liz’s 45th marathon
  • Why Liz is running with Todd Miller and me in the back of the pack
  • How Todd Miller is trading a mile for each year of life he was told he wasn’t supposed to have
  • How distances can change over time in the mind
  • Why Foti was excited to be on the podcast (funny story)
  • Chicago will be Marathon #22 for Foti
  • How to set a priority for a race
  • What Serena is doing the day this episode is going live (THIS IS EXCITING!!! PICTURES PLEASE SERENA MARIE RD)
  • Why this wasn’t a bucket list item for Melanie Curtis
  • How the Galloway Method is working for Melanie
  • How spinning classes can help recovery
  • What type of fuel is working for Foti
  • What Minh is looking forward to having in Chicago (ME TOO!!!!!!)
  • Your body is strong, your mind is clear, and your heart is happy - nothing else matters
  • How Chicago is a celebration of the gift of running and the Running Lifestyle Show
  • Go for the architectural boat ride with with Serena Marie, RD, and me on Friday, October 9th at 3:00 PM
  • Have dinner at Sweetwater Tavern & Grill at 4:45 PM on Friday, October 9th (steps from where the boat drops us off)
  • Meet up for lunch on Saturday, October 10th at 1:30 PM at Weather Mark Tavern (just seven blocks from the expo)
  • Go for a ride with @ElliptiGo on the Lakefront in the morning on Monday, October 12th or from Fleet Feet, South Loop at 12:30 PM and after
  • For all of these events, please contact me  to let me know you’ll be there so I can give the restaurants an accurate count and/or look for you. :-)
  • To find out the 11 Strategies of How to Live the Running Lifestyle Show, please visit, and we’ll get you sorted (as the Brits say).

The biggest take-away from the team call is that these are all awesome people who are using running as a tool to create life-changing experiences.  It’s an honor to be running with Minh, Liz, Todd, Foti, Serena, and Melanie and, you, on our “virtual team." These upcoming marathons provide an opportunity to celebrate the gift of running, spend time with like-minded people, realize the impact that podcasts can make on our lives, and enjoy the cool cities of Chicago and NYC.  Thank you for being a part of this journey and welcoming the guests and me into your ears and lives. XOXO Kari (Gormley).


Melanie Curtis:
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Facebook: /melaniecurtis11
Twitter: @11melaniecurtis

Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

Liz Whitteberry:
Facebook: Liz.Whitteberry
Twitter: @elizabethwh

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