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Run with Serena Marie, RD, and me at Jeff Galloway comes on to discuss my recent 26-mile run and the lessons learned during it. Jeff reveals the times I should use when running in Chicago and specifically, how to run the Galloway Method at the marathon (this may surprise you). We talk about all the tricks the mind plays on a runner when taking on the marathon, for example. Let’s just say I share many of the jitters that are common for marathoners.

  • Why Jeff had me run 26 miles before running a marathon
  • What is a magic mile and why it’s a good predictor of race pace
  • My stats and why Jeff is recommending a 13:00-14:00 minute pace
  • Why I’m feeling empowered going into Chicago
  • Why Jeff is recommending 20/30 for me
  • Why it’s never going to be easy the whole way when you run over 20 miles
  • How to do an Acceleration Glider
  • Why Jeff recommended I stick to 30-minute ElliptiGo rides
  • As you increase the amount in long runs, why your body needs to rest
  • Why recover by using ElliptiGo instead of a short run
  • Why avoid anything that could put extra fatigue on any weak links

Join Serena Marie, RD, and me when we “run” Chicago and eat our way through the neighborhoods. You can even join me for a Ride on the ElliptiGo, one of my favorite tools to live the running lifestyle, and a sponsor of the show. Here's what's going "down."

  • Have dinner at Sweetwater Tavern & Grill at 4:30 PM on Friday, October 9th (steps from where the boat drops us off)
  • Meet up for lunch on Saturday, October 10th at 1:30 PM at Weather Mark Tavern (just seven blocks from the expo)
  • Go for a ride with @ElliptiGon the Lakefront in the morning on Monday, October 12th OR from Fleet Feet, South Loop at 12:30 PM and after. Fleet Feet will have recovery services and tools. They're also going to offer FREE engraving (starting at 12:00 PM) on your Bank of America Chicago Marathon medal.
  • Please contact me, Kari Gormley, to let me know you’ll be there so I can give the restaurants an accurate count and to look out for you and/or at Fleet Feet. :-)

Returning to Jeff, we cover:

  • How the “Monkey Brain” takes over before a marathon
  • Why I am especially fatigued right now and how it’s understandable
  • What is a gremlin and what is the name of my gremlin
  • How far in advance to take the weather “seriously”
  • How to alert fellow runners that you are running Galloway Style (good thing I asked!), and where to put yourself in a corral if you are running Galloway Style

It’s been a pleasure to work with Jeff and get ready for three marathons. Eeek - three marathons!!!! What is going on????!!!!! All I know is that I have done the work, and the only thing I can control now is my mind, and how I decide to dress for the weather. When you think about it, how much can you really control in life???

Do your clothes have a lingering odor? Or perhaps you are allergic to perfumes. Then you’ll want to try Sport Suds, the sponsor of the Runner of the Week. Head over to and put in “RUNLIFE” at checkout to receive a 15% discount.


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