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Runar Gundersen has run the NYC Marathon 36 times and is the unofficial mayor of the race, even though he is from Norway. He shares common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. Serena Marie, RD, busts food myths around bread and canola oil. She shares what upsets her (or you could say ticks her off) when it comes to carbohydrate recommendations for people with Type 2 Diabetes. To find out the top 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle, please click HERE.

  • Why Runar has run the NYC Marathon
  • Why take the ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island rather than staying at a hotel on Staten Island
  • How the wave system works at the starting line
  • How ElliptiGo could potentially help Runar
  • Why blue is the best wave to be in and how to get in it
  • What hills are the hardest on the course and how to tackle them
  • Where the most enthusiastic crowds are along the course

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Serena Marie, RD, discusses an article in the September 2015 Oprah magazine issue: Eat Like a Viking.

  • Why Rye bread is better than Wonder bread, but what would be an even better choice
  • Serena’s take on root vegetables and why they’re a good idea
  • Why free-range protein is something she recommends
  • What type of yogurt Serena recommends and why
  • The low down on canola oil vs. olive oil
  • What most "upsets" or "ticks off" Serena, makes her “feisty” and drives her "batty"

Top Three Take-Aways from Runar regarding the NYC Marathon:

  1. Make it easier on your body and mind by staying in the Times Square Area.
  2. Save your body for later in the race by especially not going out fast on the Verrazano Bridge and zig-zagging to go your race pace.
  3. Soak up the crowd support especially in Brooklyn, First Avenue and around Central Park in Manhattan.

Top Three Take-Aways from Serena Marie, RD, regarding the Nordic Diet

  1. The Mediterranean Diet is the most-researched diet and we should eat more like Mediterraneans rather than the Nordics. Serena recommends this as there is more long-term research on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.
  2. Every step toward a more nutrient-dense and balanced diet is something Serena applauds. It’s one step at a time so make sure to celebrate the small changes you are making.
  3. A diet rich in carbs is not balanced. If you’re doing a lot of hard work outs with sprints, that is the time to eat a higher percentage of carbs. The best sources of carbs are from nutrient-dense vegetables such as beets, root vegetables, and potatoes paired with a fat.

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Special welcome to Heather from Ohio, Joan from North Carolina, Helena from New Jersey, Becky from Pennsylvania, Tracy from Florida, Kate from Australia, Kathleen from New York, Elizabeth from New Jersey, Julie from Florida, and Annette from Florida. Come join these lovely people and put your running lifestyle goals out there and make it happen (just like Mariah Carey sings).


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