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Join my “cousin” Dean Karnazes, “ADHD brother” Peter Shankman, “sister from another mister", Serena Marie, RD, and son William Gormley when we celebrate 100 episodes of The Running Lifestyle Show. We’re doing something different here, and I become (or at least try to be) the one interviewed by Dean Karnazes and Peter Shankman. Serena and I talk about how much joy the podcast has brought into our lives and William shares his running story.

Here’s what goes down on Episode 100:

William Gormley

  • Why he is the Big Kahuna
  • Why he wanted to be on the 100th Episode
  • How he runs around the track at the school

Dean Karnazes

  • Running the NYC Marathon and when and where did I confront my demons on the course
  • Why I decided to take the entrepreneurial route
  • How and why it’s key to understand your strengths
  • How having different inserts for my shoes could have made a difference (FYI, Dean has some that I haven’t tried yet, but you can find them HERE.)
  • Why Cousin Dean and I both love our ElliptiGos and how you could win one by visiting HERE(don’t wait, the contest ends on November 8th!).
  • My experience having seasonal affective disorder and how it impacts my life
  • Why I am excited about the product Thync
  • What the podcast has meant to the running community according to "cousin" Dean

Eileen Smith Dallabrida wrote an article in Delaware Today Magazine's "302 Health" section about the challenges I have had with post partum depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). You can read more about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and some of the resources that are available to help decrease symptoms of depression HERE.

Our next guest is listener of the week, Peter Shankman.

As a listener of the show, you will receive a 25% discount when you head over to and enter “RunLife” in the shopping cart. I can tell you that after running for over six hours at the NYC Marathon, my clothes, umm, didn’t smell too good. There was no fear that the odor would stick around because I knew Sport Suds could take it out. (Which is good because I LOVE my running skirt - so much so that it's been my garment of choice for four out of the last five marathons I've run.)

Peter Shankman

  • Why I found the NYC Marathon especially challenging and how Peter didn’t understand why I was surprised
  • Why I created The Running Lifestyle Show
  • Who was a tough interview to get
  • What was a lowlight during the podcast journey
  • What I have coming up at The Running Lifestyle Show
  • Who is my dream interview
  • Who Peter thinks I should get on the show
  • When Peter wants to come back on the show

Mike Clarke is back on the show sharing with us his extensive experience as a race director. The Big Beach Marathon in Gulf Shores, Alabama definitely sounds like the place to be January 31, 2016 to run a full or half marathon. As a listener of The Running Lifestyle Show, you’ve got connections and will receive 15% off your race registration when you input “RUNLIFE" at checkout.

Serena Marie, RD

  • What excites her about The Running Lifestyle Show
  • How I select the guests for the show
  • How her life changed in the grocery store
  • What are some of her favorite things that have happened because of The Running Lifestyle Show

It’s been an unbelievable journey to reach episode 100! I've been blessed to welcome so many fascinating and inspiring people into my life thanks to this wonderful medium called podcasting. I am excited to see what happens in the next 100 episodes and how I can connect with you, the listeners of the show.

If you haven’t already discovered the 11 Strategies to Live The Running Lifestyle, please run over HERE and you’ll not only find out how to achieve a lifestyle with the gift of running, you’ll also be on our email list. People on the email list receive access to special invitations. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out. :-)


Dean Karnazes:
Website: Ultra Marathon Man
Twitter:  @DeanKarnazes


Peter Shankman:
Twitter: @petershankman


Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

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