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Listen to a recorded Periscope broadcast with Kari and Jeff Paladina, who also comes on the show to share his running journey and why he created the running meet up in Mechanicsburg (a suburb of Harrisburg, PA) with the River Runners group. Several runners from the Fleet Feet store in Mechanicsburg are also featured, and they talk about the gift of running and some of their most memorable races and running advice. Dr. Marjorie Dejoie, MD, returns to the podcast to discuss how this winter has affected her running and her sickle cell disease. Serena Marie, RD, talks about when to time your carbs and protein based on your fat-burning or speed goals.

Featured Guests and Runners of the Week: River Runners

Kari meets up with Jeff Paladina at a local Wegmans in Mechanicsburg, PA, to share some inspiring River Runners runners’ stories.

  • Mike: He has lost quite a bit of weight through Weight Watchers and running. His quality of life has greatly improved. “Everything’s possible that wasn’t possible before,” he says. He used to have a bowl of pretzels before dinner after work, but now he is much more active (swimming, biking, triathlons), and his self confidence has soared. He never wants to forget what it was like to be heavy, so he never wants to go back to that again. His first marathon was 10/10/10 at the Steamtown Marathon.
  • Holly: Her favorite race distance is the marathon, because running 5Ks are hardcore; she did a 50-miler in December, and liked running slower and being able to chat with other runners. She has had to keep her weight in check and to properly hydrate in order to be able to run longer distances. For anyone thinking about running, she recommends working on your mental strength. She admits, “I never toe a starting line now without thinking I’ll get a PR [personal record].”
  • Katie: Her husband started running because of her running. He ran cross country in high school, and this time around is a total new experience. She was always after him to work out with her, but through running, they’ve been able to spend more time together and have met some great people. It gives them something to do together after work and to feel more excited about the area that they live in. Katie was never a runner, but last year they signed up for a 5K and haven’t stopped since.
  • Kathy: Her favorite/most memorable race is a half marathon in China, which was her second half marathon! She had to bring her own water to the race. Her first marathon was the Harrisburg Marathon, which was great, because there were so many people associated with the River Runners along the course. She ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon at that marathon.
  • Jeff: His top tip is for being aware of lyme ticks is making sure to use socks and long sleeves or a repellent (like oregano oil) to protect yourself and remembering to check yourself once you get home for ticks. Jeff and Kari walked together during the Harrisburg meet up, and they talked a lot about Lyme disease.
  • Michelle: She co-founded the Facebook group once they found a need on their long runs for company and safety. For example, they do the Pennsylvania Farm Show Milkshake Run and then head over for milkshakes. Having an extended running family really keeps you motivated.
  • Shelly: She has been running for eight years, and the strangest thing she’s seen while out running is a man aiming at her and her dogs with a gun. One of her best memories is the Entenmann's Town of Islip Great South Bay Run half marathon in Long Island, NY, where her goal was to finish in under three hours despite the brutal wind, and she did it! She won a Side Stitch by Ginny headband at the TRLS meet up.
  • Brad: His new favorite marathon is the Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, but he has run the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge since 2009 every year, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon, and so on. The crowds were so generous, and the amount of food was amazing. He was in awe of the Students Run L.A. His advice would be to have fun and enjoy the Disney races—just run for the experience! He has completed twenty-five marathons!
  • Marni: She just ran the Marine Corps Marathon, and she thought it was tough. She got injured during her training, but she did her best under her circumstances. The Blue Mile is so inspiring. She highly recommends this race as a destination race. She used to run every now and stuck to the treadmill too much and didn’t know anything about proper training. Finally, she did Couch to 5K with her husband, and her training felt much easier. The program is only nine or ten weeks, so she suggests sticking with it for that long to give it a chance. She questions, “What have you lost if you don’t like it?”
  • Michelle: She runs with several groups, and she’s been doing the Fleet Feet Boston training program. She used to train at the Fleet Feet Columbus, OH group before she came to PA. She thrives on running schedules and being told what to do. This will be her third Boston Marathon. She encourages any runner to watch the Boston Marathon.

Jeff Paladina

Jeff decided to have a group run with Kari because the running community is incredible in Harrisburg, and he wanted an excuse to throw a party!

  • Originally, Jeff took a picture of a Pittsburgh Starbucks mug and asked Kari to come run in Pittsburgh. Kari messaged back and forth with Jeff on Facebook, because she knew she would be in Jeff’s neck of the woods for the Big Kahuna’s swim meet.
  • He got involved with his running community because he had children in travel sports, which took up a lot of his time. It made training very difficult. One of his friends started a purely Facebook-driven group called the River Runners, and he can post on the group his pace and distance to meet up with fellow runners.
  • Eventually, he started running with more and more people, and they became a second family to him.
  • They support each other in their victories or throughout injuries, and it’s an amazing fraternity.
  • At first, the running was primary for him and the social aspect was secondary, but now they’re at least equal.
  • He’s excited when the group gets new runners, because he loves connecting with them and learning about them.
  • Every single person shows up on race day with a story, and we’re all there together for a common purpose.
  • Not while on the run, some of his favorite moments, including one friend was unemployed for awhile, and the group raised $1,700 for him and threw him a surprise party.
  • He PRed by thirteen seconds at the Via Marathon (in Allentown, PA), and he didn’t realize his running friends would be there. They brought megaphones and spread out along the course. His friend Marni jumped in the race around Mile 20, which was amazing.
  • Some of his favorite PA races include the Pittsburgh Marathon, the Richard S. Caliguiri City of Pittsburgh Great Race, and the Capital 10-Miler, the Harrisburg half marathon, and the Harrisburg Marathon (the last two are like “runner holidays”).
  • He shares how listening to Vinnie Tortorich talk about no sugar and no grains has helped his running. He had heard Vinnie on the Marathon Training Academy podcast and cut out all artificial sweeteners and dropped about fifteen pounds. In 2014, he had run the Pittsburgh Marathon in about 4:45, and he ran the Sugarloaf Marathon in 4:10 last year.
  • He started with diet changes, and now he trains harder because he’s excited about his performance.
  • He’s part of the Fleet Feet training program for speed work and long runs.
  • For someone who’s looking for words of encouragement, don’t worry about your pace or that you’re not “fast enough.” Running groups have people at all different paces. Joining a group will change your health and your life forever.

Just-in-Time Jabra
Last chance this month! Jabra, a TRLS sponsor, is giving away a pair of Pulse or Coach earbuds in March! Sprint over to and sign up for the TRLS e­mail list at to enter to win. This month’s winner will also get a thirty-­­minute Skype chat with Kari. She loves the Pulse model because of the five different ear bud sizes/fits, the in-ear heart rate monitoring, and the ability to sync the earbuds to other running apps or use the Jabra app. 

Marjorie Dejoie, MD

Marjorie Dejoie, MD, joins Kari to update listeners on her running and how her sickle cell disease affects her running journey. She was featured on “Using Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindfulness to Attack Sickle-Cell Disease” (Episode 102).

  • Marjorie is training for a 5K run with a fifty-member group on April 8 and for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run on May 1.
  • This winter has been quite challenging on Marjorie’s health, especially because of the fluctuating weather temperatures. Spikes in temperature, precipitation, and humidity are also triggers.
  • The quality of the air changes drastically with up-and-down temperatures.
  • She’s done a lot of indoor runs when she’s had to taper, and she tries to always keep moving. What you put into your body (an anti-inflammatory meal plan) and what your mindset is (positive) will strengthen your immune system.
  • She surrounds herself with people like Kari who won’t let her stop or slow down.
  • Marjorie is taking a class right now with Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wild Divine on biogenetics. Even though we’re genetically coded, it doesn’t be we are fated to be that way. To attend this type of Deepak Chopra online course, go here.
    • Use the power of continual positive thinking.
    • You’re not going to just change someone’s mind right away, but what you can do is engage them in a different conversation (how you speak and the examples that you use).
  • Reminder: The April Book Club book is 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam.
  • Announcement: On Sunday, April 17, Kari and Marjorie will be at Philadelphia Runner for an all-women’s event at 9 a.m. EST in the Center City location to focus on how to construct a vision board (specifically the components that you should be aware of when constructing a vision board). Attendees will make their own vision boards.
  • org is Marjorie’s web site, which stands for Marjorie’s initials and the following:
    • Make A Difference FITness
    • Measured Ability During Functional Integral Training
    • Medicine Actively Delivered For Individualized Treatment

Serena Marie, RD
Serena Marie, RD, chats with Kari about a frequent request Periscope question (@SerenaMarieRD) about fueling for your fat/weight-loss goals versus athletic performance goals.

  • Have your eye on one prize—either fat loss or performance.
  • If you are increasing metabolism and insulin sensitivity to burn fat through sprints, hill repeats, and so on, do your workouts on a lower-carb day.
  • Concentrate on depleting glycogen stores that way you’re utilizing the stored sugar in your muscles, and once your body uses the glycogen, it will pull energy from fat stores next.
  • Post-workout, your muscles are asking for sugar, but you didn’t replenish it with sugar if you’re looking to decrease fat, so your body will use body fat to fuel your recovery.
  • Someone who is performance oriented and wants to recover ASAP might want to have a small carb snack before a workout. After a workout, consume 20–30 grams of lean protein and pair it with at least 25 grams of carbs. They key is to pair the two together.
  • Food journaling could come in handy to figure out how many carbs you need post-workout to feel your best.
  • Level 2 of the Shake Yo’ Sugar Habit challenge focuses on people who want to train hard and receive a personalized macronutrient distribution breakdown. Serena can tell you how many grams of carbs to consume per day and at what time of the day.

Gratitude Jar (Woot! Woot!)

This week, Serena is grateful for her running club (the South Brooklyn Running Club). She’s happy that she took the plunge and finally went! Kari is grateful that the Fleet Feet store in Mechanicsburg, PA, gave her the opportunity to come chat about the 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle. She’s also grateful for all of her fellow runners.

Tweet Kari (@KariGormley) to share what you’re grateful for, join the TRLS mailing list and hit Reply, or e-mail

Next week, Dr. John Ratey talks about sugar and depression. Serena Marie, RD, talks about the nutrition aspect from what Dr. Ratey shares.

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Featured guest and Runner of the Week, Kim Stemple, gives listeners an update on her health and her organization We Finish Together since her last appearance on TRLS in November and since her story went viral through Runner’s World and social media. Go-to, real-food dietitian Serena Marie, RD, talks about the importance of being mindful and having conversations during mealtimes. Kari and Serena also get deep and discuss gratitude.

Featured Guest and Runner of the Week: Kim Stemple

Kim Stemple, previously featured on “Special Mindful Monday w/Kim Stemple, Founder Of We Finish Together” (Episode 103) gives Kari and listeners an update on her health issues, including a painful nerve condition called sodium channelopathy, a rare mitochondrial disease, benign bone tumors, and lymphoma.

  • Kim is at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Maryland currently, and her doctors are baffled as to how she’s frankly still alive.
  • Kari and Kim recap the Cupid’s Undie Run in Washington, DC in February and what a wonderful race it is that goes to charity (Children’s Tumor Foundation).
  • She shares what she’s learned being in palliative care, which is a multidisciplinary approach to specialised medical care for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, physical stress, and mental stress of a serious illness—whatever the diagnosis.
  • This month, she’s hoping to do the Shamrock Marathon's Townebank 8K and the Anthem half marathon in Virginia Beach, VA, then she hopes to do a North Face Endurance Challenge 50K trail race in April.
  • Her palliative care doctor approves of Kim having goals and anything to keep her going, and the 50K will be a family event.
  • Kari mentions “What Happy People Do” (Episode 24) based off of Bronnie Ware’s book—some of the top things that people share with her.
  • Kari asked Kim if she felt comfortable sharing, and Kim thinks it’s necessary to talk about what happy people do in the face of challenges.
  • Every moment is a gift, and we tend to look at the negative side, and Kim looks at the positive side now since she’s been in palliative care. Everyone’s journey isn’t the same, and we need to talk about other things than being sick and to talk about what makes us happy.
  • Kim tries to look at the present and takes things one day at a time. Things are so much worse if you dread them versus just hoping for the best. Take the happiness as it comes, and don’t dread what’s to come. Don’t sweat Mile 26 of the marathon at Mile 1. Run each mile that you’re in.
  • She also talks about wishing she had gotten together with friends more despite the messy house or no makeup. The you is what’s inside, not how clean your house is or what’s on your face. Just like a runner is a runner no matter how fast you can.
  • Kim’s big thing now is to smile at every runner that she sees and to say hi. It calms people down and changes the race experience.
  • Don’t let a [test] result (of any kind) measure you. You are not your finishing time in a marathon or how much money you have in a bank account.
  • What you say to someone else defines you as a person.
  • With We Finish Together, the medal is a way to get the ribbon to someone, but it’s the words on the ribbon that mean the most.
    • Right now the organization is doing a children’s literacy outreach program.
    • They send medals to hospitals, such as to a girl named Ruby. According to the We Finish Together Facebook page, “She received her own medal for strength and courage while battling soft tissue cancer. Since then, Ruby's been paying it forward and handing out medals to her friends at the Children's Hospital of Atlanta.” They use the medals as art therapy!
    • We Finish Together also sends medals to an organization called Back on My Feet, which “uses running and community to motivate and support individuals every step of the way from homelessness to independence” according to their site.
    • To start your own We Finish Together fleet, go to the site here.
    • The second life of the medal is so inspiring!
  • Be afraid not to try. Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Start within your own community to see what you can do and how to be a positive force.
  • No one’s day is promised, so find a way to find some happiness in every day. Use your energy wisely, and be the change of positive.

Marchin’ (or Runnin’) with Jabra

TRLS show sponsor, Denmark-based Jabra, is giving away a pair of Pulse or Coach earbuds this month, so run over to and sign up for the TRLS e­mail list at to enter to win (in addition to receiveing the amazing 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle)! This month’s winner will also be the lucky recipient of a thirty-­­minute Skype chat with Kari. She loves the Pulse model because of its unparalleled sound quality, it’s customizable ear bud options, and available in-ear heart rate monitoring feature.

Serena Marie, RD

Serena Marie, RD, talks about studies which strongly suggest that children who eat meals with their families have lower BMIs. Maximize the quality time that you have with your family but also better your children’s health. Studies focused on three actions:

  • #1: Create the habit if it doesn’t exist already of finding time to eat with your family and children. Put meals on the schedule if need be.
    • Kari’s husband and son make sure to have breakfast together.
    • They have dinner together at least three times a week.
  • #2: It’s also important to spend around 20 minutes at the table during meals.
  • #3: Have positive conversation at the dinner table. Keep the conversation light in general.
  • Kari loves the idea of discussing with her family what was one positive during everyone’s day but also what was something each person has failed at (which might sound counterintuitive). Sometimes we’re so afraid of failure, that we don’t try things.
  • Kari mentions Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University who talks about having a fixed or a growth mindset. One of the worst things we can say to a child is that he or she is smart. The most important thing that kids can do is to try.
  • She also mentions Brene’ Brown’s books Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead and Rising Strong.
  • Kari has inspired Serena to try new things and not to shy away from new challenges.
  • Kari talks about her three vision boards, one of which from November 2013 says the following:
    • Possible
    • Spread a little sunshine
    • Courage
  • Serena tells the story of she and Tim Van Hooser (the “master connector”) in the grocery store.
  • Kari chats about the gratitude jar concept in her house. They write things that they are grateful for on brightly colored sticky notes and place them in the jar.
  • Kari asks what Serena is grateful for, and she says she’s happy for a lifting victory during a squat (her heaviest weight to date) recently, and she’s enjoying lifting and doing HIIT workouts.
  • Kari is grateful that she’s able to get in for her MRIs of her back, brain, and spine quickly.
  • Kari gives a shout to Christine Schwindt who got into the TCS New York City Marathon and Phyllis Strand, who is signing up for Action for Healthy Kids for Chicago. Kari also gives a shout out to Todd Miller, who was named most improved runner by the Loudoun Road Runners

April Book of the Month

Kari announces April’s book of the month, which will be 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam. The premise of the book is that we have more time than we think during the week, and we need to get our priorities straight—like being able to have chance encounters and talking to people. If you follow your heart, things happen!

Next week, Kari chats with some of the Harrisburg, PA runners for her recent Fleet Feet Sports meet up and how the gift of running has changed their lives. And don’t forget to leave a review of TRLS on iTunes please! Here’s how:

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  5. If prompted, enter your password.
  6. Select a star rating, enter a title, write your review, then tap Send.


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Kari and friends sit down for the February Book Club book report on Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits—to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life by Gretchen Rubin. Serena Marie, RD, talks about how the four tendencies in Rubin’s book help drive the food choices that we make. Also, Serena Marie and Kari do a Side Stitch by Ginny headband product review.

Jabra Jiven’

Jabra, a TRLS show sponsor, is giving away a pair of Pulse earbuds in March, so sprint over to and sign up for the TRLS e-mail list at to enter to win. This month’s winner will also receive an amazing thirty-­minute exclusive Skype call with Kari. She loves the Pulse model because the sound quality is amazing, there are five different ear settings/fits, and she can do heart rate training as well.

Featured Guests: The Book Club Gang

Kari, go-to, real-food dietitian Serena Marie, RD, #1 TRLS fan Tracy Slayton (featured on “Seven Disney Race Reviews with a Father–Daughter Duo,” which was Episode 119), and Foti Panagakos (featured on “Chicago Marathon Recap w/Jeff Galloway & Team TRLS,” which was Episode 98 and who represents one of the TRLS Chicago team members who ran and raised funds and awareness for Action for Healthy Kids) all join forces to discuss the February Book Club pick.

  • There are four different tendencies of people, and one of each is represented in today’s episode. Take the quiz here.
  • Understand yourself and how you’re wired, and in return you can understand others more and you may be more understanding of others.
  • #1: The Upholder (Foti)—someone who doesn’t need outside accountability, he or she makes goals, sticks to them, and achieves them
    • Foti read Gretchen’s first book (The Happiness Project) and this particular title, and he knew almost right away what he was based on the criteria and the characteristics.
    • He’s very self-directed, and he likes to have goals in mind (deadlines, required obligations to finish).
    • He doesn’t finish early often, and he enjoys in some respects being under a little pressure (which he’s been trying to work on).
    • He believes in rules (they’re there for a reason) and likes to follow them; for example, he dislikes when someone turns in a car and doesn’t use the turn signal. If we can’t obey simple rules, then why do we have them?
  • #2: The Questioner (Kari)—someone who asks “Who are you to tell me this?”
    • This type of person doesn’t like to stand in line and can have tendencies toward one of two ways—to an Upholder or to a Rebel personality.
    • Kari was surprised when she took the quiz that she became a Questioner.
    • A Questioner can question authority, research, data, and so on, and many people don’t like to be questioned.
    • The downside is analysis paralysis. The way to overcome that is to go to three sources and make an informed decision.
  • #3: The Obliger (Tracy)—someone who is a people pleasure
    • Tracy was a little surprised that she was an Obliger, because she thought she would be an Upholder.
    • This is someone who has a hard time meeting internal expectations, but doesn't struggle at all to meet external expectations. They can break promises to themselves, but have no trouble keeping promises to others.
    • This is the only tendency type who is typically unhappy with what their tendency is.
    • Obligers excel at work because they are reliable and dependable.
    • One downside is not having enough time for themselves and sometimes that causes resentment toward others.
    • It’s hard for Obligers to say no to others. They tend to be sensitive to seeking others’ approval.
    • There’s something called Obliger rebellion where they’ll meet expectations over and over and then all of a sudden it’s either a small or big act where they just stop meeting expectations and it’s usually symbolic
  • #4: The Rebel (Serena)—someone who resists inner and outer expectations
    • No one has control of them including themselves.
    • One negative of this is that Rebels sound mean or rude at times.
    • Rebels can still be nice people, but they decide how they see themselves and that's how they motivate themselves to do things.
    • If someone tells Serena to do something, she literally doesn’t want to do it because someone told her to do it, or if she writes a To Do list, she doesn’t want to do those things.
    • Serena loves that she is a Rebel. They bring gusto and place a high value on authenticity.
  • When it comes to couples, it’s interesting which tendency marries what other tendency.
    • Foti is an Upholder, and his wife Judy is an Obliger.
    • Kari is a Questioner, and her husband Robert is an Upholder. (Kari skews to an Upholder, so it works well).
    • Tracy is an Obliger, and her husband is an Obliger as well. She thought he would be a Questioner or a Rebel.
    • For Rebels, they are oftentimes married to Obligers.
  • Abstainers versus Moderators
    • Abstainers (like Tracy and Foti) are people who prefer to never do something that’s tempting to them. If you really like chocolate, you would make a rule to not eat chocolate.
    • Moderators are people who like chocolate so they eat chocolate and not go out of control.
    • Some people can be moderate in their abstaining with certain things.
  • Four key things when it comes to habits and what helps you keep up those good habits:
    • Sleeping (listen to Episode 71: “Sleep Doctor Robert Rosenberg”)
    • Moving
    • Eating and drinking properly
    • Uncluttering
  • Sleep for Foti is driven by his training (since he runs in the morning before work).
  • Kari makes sleep a higher priority and getting off electronics an hour before going to bed and having a snack before bed (15 g carb and fat combo).
  • Tracy is a night person, but she’s bound to her husband’s sleep schedule because she doesn’t want to disturb his sleep.
  • Serena uses an app to switch the light from being a red light to a blue light (which won’t stimulate the brain so much); Serena wakes up early and works out in the morning.
  • Kari asks Serena about the recommendations to drink 64 ounces of water a day. Gretchen says it’s one of the biggest misnomers out there. Serena recommends looking at your urine color (pale yellow is good).
  • Gretchen also talks about uncluttering. For most people, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind.
  • Tracy knows that she’s spreading herself too thin when her house is chaotic and she can’t find the things she needs.
  • Foti is all about organizing and keeping things straight.
  • Rewards
    • It could be a slippery slope of eating healthfully for awhile and then rewarding yourself with cake.
    • Another example in the book was crossing a finish line after a marathon, taking two weeks off to rest, and then not running again for three years.
    • At the end of the day, you be you and figure out what works the best for you.
  • An “Mmmm” Moment
    • Habits free us from our decision making.
  • Associate with people who are likely going to improve you. Kari asks each member to speak to one friend or running group that has helped develop them into an even stronger person.
    • Tracy: She runs every week with the Ocala Runners Club, because it’s external accountability.
    • Foti: He runs with the local running club periodically, but being part of online running communities (such as the TRLS Facebook group) are most important to him.
    • Serena: As a Rebel, she’s been on the South Brooklyn Running Club list serv for over a year, but she can’t abide by her schedule, so she loves the TRLS Facebook group and her com group
    • Kari: She loves running outside with friends.

Must-Listen Podcasts

Podcast Junkies by Harry Duran (listen to Kari’s episode here)

Introspectology by Joanna (Jo) James-Lynn (listen to Kari’s episode here)

The 5 AM Miracle Podcast by Jeff Sanders (listen to Kari’s episode here)

Side Stitch by Ginny Product Review

Serena Marie, RD and Kari review Side Stitch by Ginny headbands.

  • These are cloth headbands that have velcro on one side.
  • Serena thinks they are adorable, are easy to wash, and she’s totally obsessed with them. She purposely did HIIT training to get sweaty, and the headband stayed on perfectly. She threw it in the washer, and it came out looking brand new, so she really loved the design and comfort.
  • Kari loves that the headband doesn’t squeeze her head and doesn’t give her a headache. She found them at Philadelphia Runner. There’s a special discount to get two headbands for $20 there when you mention TRLS! She also loves the colors. When she puts her headband on, she’s ready to work, her hair is out of her face, and she can focus.
  • Serena feels excited to go work out to coordinate her outfit around her headband, and it gets her to the gym. You could match them to your normal, everyday wear.
  • There’s going to be a special TRLS edition of this headband with a special pattern and logo! Stay tuned for pictures on the TRLS site.


  • Kari is going to see Dr. Vinny for her back issues and should have an update on next week’s episode.
  • Gratitude Jar: Kari wants to come up with a theme song for this segment at the end of each episode and to think about something that they are grateful for.
    • Serena: She is grateful for the warm weather because she’s getting more Vitamin D.
    • Kari: She is grateful that it seems like she’s getting to the bottom of her back issues with a new PT and Dr. Vinny.

March Book Club

Don’t forget that this month’s book club book is Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being by Deepak Chopra, MD, and Dr. Rudi Tanzi. Kari thinks that this book is phenomenal. All the latest research shows that genes make up five percent of your chances of getting something like cancer. It also speaks to the power of habits.

Next week, Kari chats with the amazing Kim Stemple to give an update on her next challenge and deep thoughts about the meaning of life and what matters in life. Kim was featured on “Special Mindful Monday w/Kim Stemple, Founder of We Finish Together” from Episode 103. Kari also announces the April Book Club book!

Finally, please do us a solid and go over to iTunes to leave a review for TRLS! Here’s how:

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Runners of the Week and featured guests, Tom Kreider and daughter Kristen, give pre- and post-race stories/reviews of their recent Disney races in January 2016. Serena Marie takes off her registered dietitian hat and reviews Sparkle Skirts, alongside dear TRLS friend Tracy Slayton. Kari also chats with Serena and shares her fun weekend meet up experience.

Featured Guests and Runners of the Week: Tom and Kristen Kreider

Tom Kreider, top individual donor to Kari and Serena’s Action for Healthy Kids campaign to run the Chicago and NYC Marathons, joins his daughter Kristen to talk about their recent pre- and post-Disney race experiences.

The Lay of the Land

  • In 11 days, they completed seven races (71 miles total) around Disney World, a Disney Cruise Line, and Disneyland—all nonstop—and received a whopping 13 medals!
  • In Disney World, they attended January marathon weekend and ran the Dopey Challenge, which consists of the following:
    • Thursday: 5K
    • Friday: 10K
    • Saturday: Half marathon (~25,000 runners)
    • Sunday: Full marathon
  • Most run to experience the atmosphere of the parks, and Tom says it’s a “really nice four-day party.”
  • Tom and Kristen ran the half two years ago, and last year they ran the Dopey Challenge.
  • In the marathon, you run through all four parks that include some special challenges:
    • You can choose to ride the Expedition Everest roller coaster (around Mile 12.5) in the Animal Kingdom.
    • When you run through Epcot and the World Showcase, you can stop at the various kiosks and pick up beverages (around Mile 25).
    • The marathon starts around 5:30 a.m. (with corrals from A–P and waves that start every five minutes).
    • The 16-minute-per-mile maximum pace allows for stops to take pictures with characters or ride Everest.
  • There are water stops about every mile and a half, and at every single water stop there are lines of Porta-Potties.

Cruise Experience

  • On Monday morning, they went to Disney Cruise Lines at Cocoa Beach/Port Canaveral for a four-day cruise.
  • On Wednesday, they stopped at Castaway Cay for a 5K race (~800 people registered), which is a special race for those who ran Marathon Weekend.
    • Participants receive a 5K race medal, along with a special challenge medal.


  • Friday of that week, they leave the cruise to fly over to Disneyland for the Rebel Challenge.
    • The Star Wars: Light Side—which is a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.
    • Once they complete the challenge, they receive the Coast to Coast medal as well.

Part 1: Before the Race

  • Before the race, Kristen was most looking forward to the cruise itself and also the half marathon, because Tom and Kristen ran their first half marathon together.
  • Kristen’s biggest concern was transportation due to closed roads while she cheered Tom on.
  • Tom’s concern was not getting on the cruise ship in time for a good massage appointment (because that’s a MUST after so much racing).
  • Tom talks about dialing back his pace which led him to a better mindset and feeling better physically.

Part 2: After the Race

  • Tom and Kristen sum up their experience in a couple words: work and logistics (traveling for 12 days straight)
  • They loved the races, meeting up with people, and the following:
    • The race expos
    • The race start. which is highly organized, great announcers (like Rudy Novotney and Creigh Kelley), there’s a DJ/music, they show videos, and so on.
    • For example, at the Star Wars half they had Stormtroopers, and the race announcers were in costume!
    • The water stops were well stocked, along the course they have characters, high school marching bands, and the like.
  • Best magical moment: Kristen and Tom at the end of the Castaway Cay 5K (gentle was their mantra for that race).
  • The pain after running the Dopey Challenge wasn’t as bad as after the entire trip for Tom.
  • They traveled with about 80 people who were part of the Mickey Milers that focus on runDisney races.
  • Only about 200 people did all seven races.
  • For the Dopey Challenge, the bus transportation from the resorts started at 3 a.m. They got up around 3:30 a.m. and were on the bus by 4 a.m. They walked about half a mile to the start corrals, and they got to their corral around 5 a.m. The race started at 5:30 a.m., and every corral start time was separated by two to three minutes. They started around 20 minutes
    • The half marathon course ran through the Magic Kingdom and finished in Epcot.
    • The full marathon ran through the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, ESPN Wide World of Sports (around Miles 18 and 20), Hollywood Studios, and Epcot.
  • Jeff Galloway was on the cruise ship and talked to Tom and Kristen about TRLS.
  • runDisney had an official event on the ship where Jeff was presenting.
  • When the Mickey Milers had an awards ceremony (with a special Mickey Milers medal), Jeff put medals on their necks.
  • Top tips/inside scoop from Tom: Running all four races in Orlando is a logistical planning exercise. Getting up at 3 a.m. four mornings in a row and then performing on the race course is tough, and you don’t get a lot of time in the parks. Disney challenges will sell out within minutes, so get on the e-mail list. Registration always happens on a Tuesday at noon, so be prepared and log in with your account all ready to go! Registration is typically nine months before the race. Races are pricey, but they’re first class (Dopey was $695; Rebel Challenge was ~$350; Castaway Cay challenge medal was $60; $1,600–1,800 for the cruise room). Tom used a company called Mouse Fan Travel to plan the trip.
  • Top takeaways from Kristen: Supporting a race is almost more annoying than running it, because it was stressful (transportation, logistics with timing). Don’t forget your nutrition! Oh, and get the pot roast mac and cheese from The Friar’s Nook—it’ll change your life!
  • The registration for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend is March 15.


Sparkle Skirts Review

Serena Marie, RD, and the #1 fan of TRLS, Tracy Slayton, review Sparkle Skirts!

  • At the Jeff Galloway Race Weekend, Tracy picked out a Sparkle Skirt for Serena.
  • Serena’s take: She is obsessed! She isn’t an exclusive skirt wearer, but she owns some running skirts, and this brand (and particularly the Sparkle Skirt Swing model) by far knocked it out of the park.
    • The design is adorable with a little flare.
    • The spandex shorts didn’t ride up, and they were the perfect length.
  • Tracy: At the JG 13.1 race, she got two of them, and she now owns six Sparkle Skirts.
    • She loves the coverage, a zippered pocket in the waistband, and the thicker waistband.
    • You can wear it either forward or backward (with the pocket in the front or back respectively).
    • Tracy has the Swing model that has a little flounce and a bit more coverage.
  • The Sparkle Skirt Facebook fans are so loyal and excited about the brand.
  • Kari met Leah and Tom, the owners, in Atlanta, and she loves their mentality and the fact that the skirts come in a variety of sizes.
    • The shorts don’t ride up, she loves the larger pockets, that it’s American made, and that you can put them over capris or running tights in colder weather.
    • Kari has the Slim model in blac
  • Since you have so much space in the pockets, you could bring along some real-food fuel like Serena Marie RD’s RaceRice.
    • Ingredients
      1 cup cooked rice (prepared with salt)
      3 Tablespoons egg white
      2 Tablespoons powdered peanut butter (PB2)
      1" ginger root minced (optional- will make it VERY gingery tasting)Directions
      Form 12 small balls (a little larger than quarters). Flatten slightly so they're disc shaped.
      2. Spray a pan with coconut oil over medium high heat
      3. Cook for about a minute per side. They shouldn't fall apart when flipped.
      4. Carry with you in a plastic baggy & pop 3 every 45 minutes!

      Per 3 race rice cakes (counts as 1 starchy grain)
      Calories 66
      Carbs 13gm
      Protein 3gm
      Fat 1gm

Kari and Serena Updates and Misc.

  • Kari admires Serena’s “guns” (from lifting), and Serena updates Kari on her HIIT workouts.
  • Kari talks about her Harrisburg, PA trip, the Big Kahuna’s swim meat, and her meet up with Jeff Paladina at Fleet Feet Sports (thanks to Fred and Shelby Joslyn!).
  • Kari shares all about her injury—her heel was hurting, and her hip and hurt still hurt. She went to a physical therapist, and her whole right leg went numb all of a sudden. There might be an MRI in her future.
  • The feedback that Kari got during her PA trip include the following: the show is positive, optimistic, and Serena is like Kari’s younger sister.
  • Jeff Paladina paired Kari up with a walker during the meet up.
  • Question for Serena: What are the benefits of oregano oil?
  • Sneak peek: Kari chats with Dr. Ratey on an upcoming habit: They talk about what’s going on with him, that he feels we’re at a tipping point to gut health, brain health, to meditation, to being outside, and so on. They also talked about the Shake Yo’ Sugar Habit challenge.
  • In an upcoming episode, Kari interviews eight runners from the Harrisburg running club (the River Runners group), and she interviewed the founders of the group, along with an interview with Jeff Paladina.
  • Kari gives an update on her Shake Yo’ Sugar Habit challenge experience.
  • In the challenge, Serena has a real-food approach, but she also includes some of the standard American diet nutritional sciences approach to translate into real food. She examines the fruits (melons, berries, citrus fruits) that you can have larger portions of versus fruits like mangoes, apples, and bananas, because those foods are higher in water and fiber content and lower in fructose content.
  • Don’t forget to join the TRLS Facebook group!
  • Two days after Luke Puskedra took fourth place in the Olympic Marathon Trials, his seven-month-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Check out the Go Fund Me campaign.


Don’t forget that Jabra, a TRLS show sponsor, is giving away a pair of Pulse earbuds this month, so head over to and sign up for the TRLS e-mail list at to enter to win. March’s winner will also receive an exciting thirty-­minute exclusive Skype call with Kari. She loves the Pulse model because it’s wireless, has superior sound quality, and includes in-­ear heart rate monitoring. The winner of the February drawing is Erica Barton. Congratulations, Erica!

Next week, Kari and team talk about February’s book of the month, Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits—to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life by Gretchen Rubin. Listeners Tracy Slayton and Foti Panagakos, along with Kari and Serena, will talk about their tendencies so that you can better understand the concept.


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Serena Marie, RD:
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Kari Gormley:
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Co-founder of The Ebco and trend consultant, Kalyn Rozanski, stops by to offer a glimpse into the latest trends of running and living a running lifestyle. Serena Marie, RD talks about what prebiotics and probiotics are, why we need them, and how to get probiotics in if you are staying away from dairy. And Runner of the Week, Jen Mitchell, chats about how her running evolved from a motivator to lose weight into the lifelong gift of running.

Featured Guest: Kalyn Rozanski

Kari speaks to trend researcher and co-founder of The Ebco, Kalyn Rozanski, to see what you can look forward to when you go to your next race expo, see an advertisement in Runner’s World, or see a TV commercial about the latest running apparel.

  • Gives some background on how she distinguishes a trend (which has a longer life span of three to ten years) from a fad (which is short lived) and how to validate a trend
  • Covers the trends that will impact the running community in the future
  • Looks at all types of industries and across different consumer groups
  • “The gift of running” trends include the following:

o   Micro-communities or “do it with me” (DIWM) groups—including all generations (for example, the ElliptiGO® Facebook group and meet-up groups), and brands growing and evolving due to consumer interaction (for example, Sketchers, Kayla Itsines with “Kayla’s Army”, TRLS apparel, or the FitBit community)

o   “Athleisure” wear—involving the combination of athletic and leisure wear for women (which is the only thing driving the US retail growth right now, and more women are regularly wearing Lycra® right now than jeans); this includes brands like Lululemon, Athletica, Under Armour, and Ann Taylor Loft; includes new business models of physical to digital convergence like 45 Grand, Warby Parker, a Birchbox showroom, and SoulCycle

o   The experience economy (like ultramarathons or mud runs)—purchasing the product and also the outcome that it provides

o   Intention-based or conscious living—wanting life experiences to be more mindful; mentions The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul by Danielle LaPorte and Hunter Clarke-Fields from “Special Mindful Monday W/ Kim Stemple, Founder Of We Finish Together” (Episode 103)

  • Austin, Portland, and Washington, DC are made up of more than 50 percent millennials
  • Worth-the-money experiences: a Maui and Kauai trip (think paddle board yoga and helicopter rides); a Costa Rican yoga and surf retreat for women only
  • Some of her favorite retreats include the following:






A new month equals a new chance to win! Jabra, a TRLS show sponsor, is giving away a free pair of Pulse earbuds in March, so sprint over to, and sign up for the TRLS e-mail list at to enter to win. March’s winner will also receive an exciting thirty-minute Skype call with Kari. She loves the Pulse model because it’s wireless, has superior sound quality, and includes in-ear heart rate monitoring. Don’t miss next week’s episode, because Kari will announce February’s winner!

Runner of the Week: Jen Mitchell

Kari got the chance to meet Jen Mitchell in person at the Jeff Galloway Race Weekend in Atlanta, GA. Initially, running was about losing weight for Jen, but it evolved into the gift of running.

  • Led a very unhealthy, sedentary life until she was in her late 20s (loved books, watching TV, chips, and soda)
  • Lost weight seven years ago and started running because she thought that was the best way to lose weight
  • Loved the way she felt when she ran, so with the encouragement of friends and the Couch to 5K program, her first race was a 10K
  • Feels that being active has given her more out of life
  • Biggest Loser contest at work spurred her to really change her life
  • Loves the support and camaraderie of running and the “tribe mentality”—just like the episode titled, “Bart Yasso: Running around the World with Lyme Disease” (Episode 34)
  • Gives a shout out to Edgar Perez from Florida!

Serena Marie, RD

Serena Marie, RD, talks about probiotics specifically for people who are choosing not to consume dairy.

  • The Book of the Month is Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being, and the authors talk a lot about probiotics.
  • Probiotics are live bacteria that live in your colon, and different strains have different benefits.
  • In pill form, the dose is high, but the number of strains is limited.
  • In food form, you can get a larger number of strains.
  • Common probiotic foods include yogurt (which has a limited number of strains), kefir (a yogurt drink).
  • Probiotics are born from the fermentation process.
  • A diet rich in grains helps to support “bad” strains of bacteria.
  • Probiotics have been linked to preventing gastrointestinal distress, with regulating moods, and strongly correlated with boosting immunity, and so on.
  • For non-dairy users, you can make fermented pickles, refrigerated sauerkraut like Bubbies and Farmhouse Culture, fermented veggies, kimchi, kombucha, fermented ketchup or chutney, and organic fermented soy products.
  • Prebiotic is the fiber that the bacteria eat.

Next week, Kari interviews one of TRLS’ best friends, Tom Kreider, and his daughter Kristen. Tom completed several Disney races recently, and Kari includes some pre- and post-race interviews with both Tom and Kristen.

Meet up with Kari at Fleet Feet Sports in Mechanicsville (Harrisburg), PA on Sunday, March 6 at 9:30 a.m. EST, where she will talk about living a running lifestyle and a behind-the-scenes look at The Running Lifestyle show. Afterward, the group is going to go out for a run. Kari is looking forward to meeting up with you there, and special thanks go out to Jeff Paladina! Around 10 a.m. EST, Kari will also broadcast live through the Periscope app via @KariGormley.

Visit Delaware on Mother’s Day weekend to hang out with Kari at the Delaware Marathon Festival! The Delaware Marathon Running Festival, on May 8, 2016, is amazing thanks to race directors Joel and Stacey Schiller (Stacey will be announcing at the marathon and half marathon finish line, and Kari will be the announcer at the relay finish line.)

Go check over the Delaware Marathon Festival web site. Kari will host a meet up in Wilmington, DE on May 7. E-mail for details.


Kalyn Rozanski:
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Serena Marie, RD:
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Kari Gormley:
final unedited 2 (1 of 1)
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