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Kari interviews friend, Featured Guest, and Runner of the Week, Rebecca Clark, with whom she ran the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon (first marathons for each). Kari and Rebecca share how they trained for this marathon amidst full-time jobs, family life, and friendship. Go-to, real-food dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, shares her tip on what to do when you overbuy fruits and veggies.

Featured Guest and Runner of the Week: Rebecca Clark

Rebecca Clark explains how she trained for her first marathon with two kids (now she has five), while working full-time as an attorney and still spending quality time with her husband. She also chats about how her life has changed since then.

  • Rebecca shares why she chose to run the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) with the Runner’s World Challenge (now called Runner’s World VIP).
  • She explains how she transitioned from being an indoor treadmill runner at the gym to running outside.
  • Rebecca ran her first 5K in March 2011, and she was hooked! She ran 5Ks and completed the 2011 Philadelphia Half Marathon.
  • Next, she wanted to find a marathon that kept her motivated and moving forward. Her boss suggested the MCM.
  • Rebecca explains why she still loves treadmill running, along with using the elliptical.
  • She chats about how she got outside of her comfort zone and faced her challenges, like creating her own private law practice.
  • She shares what she told herself to go outside in run versus the typical, “Oh I should probably clean the house. Oh, but the kids need me.”
  • Rebecca was able to build her own schedule, having a private practice, but she explains how she tackled long runs on the weekend.
  • She explains how she didn’t want her family to begrudge her long weekend runs and how she made the thought of the marathon exciting.
  • Rebecca tells what she took away from the Runner’s World
  • Kari and Rebecca recount the MCM experience and how they wanted to beat the 5:30 pacers.
  • Kari talks about some key moments that happened along the course, like seeing Joe Taricani from The Marathon Show around Mile 3.
  • Rebecca tells listeners what happened in 2014 that made her not run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.
  • She chats about her total loss of identity and how she was physically and emotionally drained and how she got back to her “me time.”
  • Rebecca talks about an overuse injury in her left knee once she got back to running.
  • Kari and Rebecca talk about the post-race MCM party and the post-race “waddle.”
  • They talk about the gift of running, how it changes you, and how it will hopefully always be there for you.
  • Rebecca plans to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon on Saturday, November 19, 2016. The marathon is on Sunday, November 20. Kari wants to run the half marathon, but might run the Rothman Institute 8K on November 19 instead (she’s listening to her body and not her mind).
  • There will be a TRLS meetup on Saturday, November 19. Mark your calendars, and more details to come!
  • Kari sings the praises of the Galloway Method versus the Couch to 5K

Serena Marie, RD
Serena Marie, RD, offers a tip on what to do with extra fruits or vegetables when you get a little overzealous at her local farmer's market.

  • Serena buys large freezer bags and puts green, leafy vegetables and fruits in them to freeze to use for green smoothies.
  • She adds half coconut water, half regular water in her smoothies. Her favorite is cucumber, celery, spinach or kale, and a whole lemon. Check out Serena’s blog post titled, “Eight Tips to Eat More Veggies” for a recipe.
  • For more of a dessert-type smoothie, try unsweetened coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk, or yogurt with water and ice.
  • Kari suggests that having a green smoothie with some protein in the morning would make a good breakfast. Serena mentions organic cheese sticks.
  • Let us know what your tips and tricks are!

Gratitude Jar (Woot! Woot!)

Kari is grateful for her son’s favorite YouTube channel so that she could record with Serena.

Serena is grateful for her local farmer’s market. She loves cherries, and tart cherries (or juice) are anti-inflammatory. Anything (like kale, spinach, or beets) that contain nitric oxide may help runners feel less fatigued (when you eat these foods on a regular basis) due to the vasodilation.

Next week, Kari, Serena Marie, RD, and Joanne Ambrogi (from Episode 64: “The Power of Habit and the Need to Believe”) talk about the March Book Club book, Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being by Deepak Chopra MD, and Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD.

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