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Kari captures post-race interviews and stories with four inspirational runners after the Big Day 5K sponsored by Empowered Yoga. Kari and Serena Marie, RD, chat about Kari’s experience as a race announcer at a triathlon in Maryland, as well as protein powder recommendations.

Support is so important—and we don’t mean sports bras!—when it comes to following your running dreams. From the logistics of getting ready for an early morning race or needing that pick me up at the halfway point in your race by seeing a homemade sign just for you, having your partner’s support at home and on race day is paramount.

On the show today, Kari chats with four runners after a recent 5K race. Here are some links to TRLS episodes mentioned or suggested:

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Featured Guests: Chelsea, Megan, Jenna, and Sherry

Kari chats with four runners after the third annual Race on the Big Day 5K and 1.5-Mile Walk sponsored by Empowered Yoga in Wilmington, DE, on February 7, 2016. One popular theme seemed to be partners’ support and being thankful and grateful for such support. You never know if you will be that spark for someone else, too!


  • This was Chelsea’s first race post-baby to set a baseline. Her baby is two months old.
  • She waited about seven weeks post-baby to start running again, and ran up until she was about 30 weeks pregnant.
  • She had an injury that wouldn’t heal, so her doctor told her to stop running at 30 weeks.
  • Chelsea has been running since she was in junior high. She was on the high school cross country ski team, and she ran recreationally year round.
  • She finds running to be mentally clearing and a great way to see different parts of cities. Mentally, she felt so much better when she got back into running after having her daughter.
  • Her first run was about ten minutes long and included walk breaks. Finding the time and motivation is hard knowing that your pace will be slower and that you have to reset your expectations at first.
  • Chelsea takes her daughter out on slower runs or brings her husband Dave with her to switch on and off while running.
  • She says, “Whatever you can do is better than nothing.”
  • Dave, Chelsea’s husband, is the “rock star” husband.
  • They’ve been married for eight years, and he know that’s running is important to Chelsea and her sanity.
  • Dave says it’s a constant battle of conflicting schedules and time, but it makes it easier to co-exist. It’s all about communication.
  • Being a father to a newborn has changed coordinating runs for Dave. It’s a planning exercise every time. Now you can’t run on a whim or in the spur of the moment.
  • Dave surprised her at the race to cheer her on! She thought he was going out for a car wash.

Megan Pinnand

  • She described the race at first as a long, uphill battle, and the race director, Matt Cutrona, did warn runners at the beginning to take it easy on the uphill swing!
  • Megan started out too fast but slowed it down on the downhill portion.
  • She’s recovering from an injury, and it’s her first race back. She tries to race once a month.
  • Megan works full-time and has two kids. Her husband, David, and kids both run too. She ran a 5K in October with her five-year-old daughter. (It’s a different challenge to run with children.)
  • On weekends, she tries to run in the morning before her kids wake up. During the week, she gets up at 5:30 a.m. to run or she can run at lunchtime.
  • In order to go to bed early, she has to turn off Netflix at night and go to bed on time. She focuses on her goals in order to do that.
  • At work, running is a conversational topic, and it’s a good reflection on herself when she reaches her goals and is happier after a run.
  • She recommends trying to keep the same sleep habits, snag moments in the morning to herself, and stretch/sip coffee to battle the blues on non-run days.
  • David takes the kids whenever he needs to and tells Megan to go for a run.
  • If you have to spell it out to your partner, in black and white, then do it!
  • Think about how you feel after you run as motivation to get you out the door.

Jenna Tedesco

  • Jenna mixed running with walking during the 5K.
  • She contracted a very bad staph infection on her face that was near fatal. A year and a half later she had to have a hysterectomy and she was dropped her off the hospital table. She wound up with another staph infection and a perforated bowel. She was in and out of the hospital for months and continuously in the hospital for about six weeks.
  • To keep on going, Jenna told herself that she could not die because she had a daughter that’s now four years old. In the midst of all of that, she had an awareness that whatever it is she was going through, there are lessons embedded in the experience that will serve to polish herself as a human being.
  • She practices and teaches meditation, is a health psychologist, and has developed a meditation program for the VA Medical Center, along with doing work nationally on policy.
  • Jenna decided to come to the race because she is the chair of the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention committee (HPDP or “hippy dippy”), and as part of planning for events that would involve the staff and veterans, they identified 5Ks in the local area and promote them as opportunities for people to do some physical activity.

Sherry Knapp

  • Sherry lost 94 pounds with Weight Watchers and is a runner.
  • She ended up having diabetes, high blood pressure, and low self-esteem.
  • After a few months of eating right but not exercising, she decided to go to the gym. She lost more weight, and it felt so good to go to the gym. She would walk the treadmill and eventually started running. Tracy Rodriguez, a Weight Watchers leader, asked Sherry to join her at a 5K Delaware Mud Run, and she fell in love with racing.
  • She runs with her husband Steve, and if he crosses the finish line, he gets a beer.
  • During the summer, she started eating bean burgers instead of hamburgers. She doesn’t eat a lot of red meat and now eats a lot of vegetables (like spinach or avocados).

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Serena Marie, RD

Kari and Serena Marie, RD, chat about the importance of eating protein, Desiree Linden, and the New York City Marathon.

  • Kari gives an update on her knee swelling and back injury and her opportunity to interview Olympic runner Desiree Linden. Her favorite yoga poses are the warrior poses.
  • Desi was with her coach, Kevin Hanson, of the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project.
  • Kari talks about being mentored by Ken Berger, a race announcer, who announces for the Marine Corps Marathon. He mentored her at the General Smallwood Sprint in Indian Head, MD.
  • Kari mentions ADHD reWired with Eric Tivers.
  • Serena talks about the importance of eating protein, especially for the elderly population.
  • Serena recommends taking 3,000 mg of HMB to help prevent muscle mass breakdown.
  • For vegetarians, Serena says to look at the ingredient list for a clean list (pea protein powder, hemp protein powder)—no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, no added sugars, and so on.Look at the macronutrient ratio; you don’t want a lot of calories from carbohydrates. You don’t need to spend money on an expensive carb-laden protein powder.
  • Serena likes Vega, Sunwarrior, and Garden of Life protein powders. To shop for other products and also support the podcast, visit
  • Kari recommends The Little Beet
  • Serena recommends adding grapes to a kale smoothie (a portion size of 16 grapes for 15 grams of carbs).

Gratitude Jar (Woot! Woot!)

Kari is grateful because she was able to experience her trip to NY with her husband Robert and the Big Kahuna (her son Will). Robert took Will to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum while Kari interviewed people in Central Park.

Serena is grateful that her grandma is OK after a health scare and can get more things that she needs to be healthy, happy, and safe.

Next week, Kari interviews a mother-daughter trio who ran the relay option of the Delaware Marathon Running Festival in May 2016. They talk about the mother-daughter relationship, how running is a gift, and how we can share running with our families.

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