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Kari interviews a mother-daughter trio who ran the relay portion of the Delaware Marathon Running Festival in May 2016. They talk about the mother-daughter relationship, how running is a gift, and how we can share running with our families. They also chat about how it’s never too late to try something new, body image in regard to how to raise daughters, and being present in moments you know you’ll have for the rest of your life. Kari and Serena Marie, RD, talk about “outside grocery stores” and Serena’s and Kari’s favorite items to snag (which might surprise you!).

It’s really never too late to try something new, is it? Whether it’s trying a new food or starting a new exercise routine, you’re apt to never regret giving it a try! We all have choices in life, and what we choose affects more than just ourselves at times. Look around you and think about your role models and also who you might be a role model to! Check out these TRLS episodes that today’s inspiring mother-daughter trio and our own go-to, real-food dietician would recommend:

Featured Guests and Runners of the Week: The Sepinwalls

The Sepinwalls (mother Sharyn and two daughters Deborah and Amy) talk about running the Delaware Marathon Running Festival relay together and how that was to run on a relay team. They talk about how to raise daughters with strong self-esteems and about modeling your behavior can make a difference in your children’s lives. It’s all-too easy to be hard on yourself, but you have to push past that to set a good example for your children!

  • Originally it was the daughters’ joint moment of genius to run the relay option.
  • When they first e-mailed Sharyn with the idea, she responded immediately and thought it was a good idea.
  • All of a sudden, Sharyn realized that she had to train.
  • Amy first ran the half in 2014, and Amy, Deborah, and their father ran the relay portion in 2015. They thought that the race was a very easy event logistically and very well run, so they wanted to do it again in 2016.
  • Their father was injured in 2016 so wasn’t able to be a part of the relay team.
  • They want to include their youngest sister Andrea to make it a family event in the future.
  • Sharyn explains that about a year ago she attended boot camp classes but wasn’t into running. She spent a good part of the winter in Florida, so she was able to exercise every day and to start a walk/run/swim regime.
  • She Googled “Couch potato to 5K” but didn’t see any programs that she fell in love with, so she asked her husband (a seasoned marathoner) to help with a training plan.
  • From starting to adapt a running lifestyle, she felt accomplished and good about herself. It was empowering.
  • Deborah makes CDs for Sharyn with all of her favorite music.
  • Amy is Sharyn’s go-to person for exercise and running advice.
  • Both daughters are her inspiration in starting this journey to train for the relay. She quickly realized that she had the ability and the energy to run, and she’s very proud of herself and amazed.
  • Kari’s definition of a runner is that if there were a fire, you could run. It’s about health, the mind, and keeping yourself healthy for the long haul with running.
  • Deborah is a psychologist, and she encourages physical activity, which is an important adjunct to mental health treatment. She incorporates it in her treatment recommendations. She thinks it’s so remarkable that even though her mom’s mind says, “I hate exercising,” she didn’t let her body follow suit. She chooses a different course for herself independent of her mind.
  • Amy lives in Swarthmore and works in Philadelphia. Her work is in ethics and law, and she works in a department with a good number of very serious runners. There’s a culture around participating in many running events.
  • After running, Amy feels like it’s a lifesaver and refreshing. It’s time for her to be alone and be in her head. She tries to race one race per month. She feels like the effort that she puts in pays off.
  • Amy recommends races in the Lancaster, PA area (like the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon [find out what the Road Apple award is!] and Garden Spot Half Marathon, which includes access to a pool and hot showers after the event) that go through Amish farmland. She loves seeing the Amish children and horse-drawn carriages. It feels like being a world away.
  • Deborah recommends the very first half marathon that she ran on her birthday and in her dad. It’s the Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon and Half Marathon in South Carolina.
  • She also loves the Vermont Covered Bridges Half Marathon. She also really likes the Cohasset Road Race by the Sea (10K in MA).
  • Sharyn’s husband started running in his 40s, he has run two marathons, and his daughters were inspired by virtue of watching him train.
  • Sharyn admits to not always being the best role model when it comes to fitness and healthy eating.
  • Sharyn teaches at McGill University in Montreal, and her PhD is in integrated studies. She completed her PhD in 2002, and Deborah and Amy both have PhDs as well.
  • As moms, we’re doing the best job we can, and perhaps not everything we do in our lives is role-model material.
  • Raising three daughters, Sharyn feels like she wasn’t being mindful about what she would say about her body, what she cooked, and getting on the scale as they grew up. She feels like she could have promoted a better body image. As she looks back on it, she realizes there were some judgment errors along the way.
  • She mentions being black and right with no gray.
  • Amy and Deborah agree that there wasn’t such a social consciousness around body image versus today, so she thinks Sharyn’s thinking in an unfair way because the level of information and accessibility wasn’t what it is today. As a result of that, they picked up where their parents left off to develop habits and relationships to food, body image, and so on.
  • They hope to do one of the Lancaster County area events as a family or the Delaware Running Festival next year to make it an annual tradition.
  • Before the relay, Sharyn was very nervous even though she trained and worked so hard to do the distance.
  • The relay for the daughters was about celebrating their mom and the fact that she could run at almost 70 years old.
  • The end of the race was extremely emotional for Sharyn, which surprised her. Her grandson made a wonderful poster, and they made t-shirts to wear that said, “Go Sharyn!”
  • Sharyn feels that running is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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Serena Marie, RD

Kari and Serena Marie, RD, chat about farmers markets picks.

  • Serena shares her love of farmers markets (a.k.a. a grocery store outside). She thinks it’s a really great way to support your local community and get access to some really awesome items that you might not be able to get otherwise. It’s a great thing to do with your children to expose them to healthy eating.
  • Kari likes the CSA box option. She like to get to know the farmers and ask them tips on how to pick out items.
  • Some of Serena’s favorite items to buy at farmers markets are eggs, bison bones (to freeze and use them for homemade broth or soups), and fat (such as duck fat).

Gratitude Jar (Woot! Woot!)

Kari is grateful for the swimming pool at the swim team at the JCC.

Serena is grateful for the Fitocracy app that helps you track your fitness routine or running. It has a competitive element to it with earning points.

Next week, Kari offers some running tips to well-known comedian, Dan Nainan, who’s looking to become a runner. They also talk about how Dan cheated death six months ago and about his plans to become a runner.

Kari raves about her family’s watermelon slushy where you blend ice, watermelon, and fresh mint. Do you have a favorite summer drink recipe that you’d like to share? Sign up for the 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle here.





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