The Flourishing Experiment

Dan McConnell, a physical therapist, and Ironman, evaluates Kari’s gait and discusses what causes new and distance runners’ injuries. Runner of the Week, Juan Sepúlveda, shares his running journey, being a performer at Disney World, his secret place to run at Disney World, and a tip you probably don’t know about how to avoid the crowds. Serena Marie, RD, talks about all-things cherries.

We’ve got a fun episode for you today (with a lot of segments taking place “on location”). Dan McConnell, a physical therapist and Ironman, explains top runners’ injuries while analyzing my gait and doing “work” on me. It. was. Painful!!!!!! You can click


to see the videos on Facebook. You’ll see how my weird gait has affected the bulge on my disc and how and why Dan uses the Graston Technique to treat me. Spoiler alert: I could barely talk at one point because the pain was so intense.

You have to hear must-do Disney tips from podcaster and Runner of the Week, Juan Sepúlveda. Even though I’ve been to Disney World seven times, I had no idea about the tips that Juan shared.

Serena Marie, RD, shares why she is grateful for cherries (and how they’re amazing for us runners), and I give a gratitude update about my toenail.

Next week’s topic is the two-year celebration of The Running Lifestyle Show as Serena Marie, RD, and I  answer your questions.

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