The Flourishing Experiment

‘Tis the season for goal setting. It’s been said that September is the second January. If you’re hitting the reset button on your goals, then you’ll want to hear how to set goals that align with your values. Kari discusses how the answer to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM), the Values in Action Questionnaire, can help you set smart goals that give you energy and meaning at the same time. Runner of the Week, Rene’ Kougel, who has asthma, shares how running a 5K was a shock to her and what carried her through running her first marathon.

Update: The next online Flourishing Skills group will start on Thursday, October 2, 2018. This is an opportunity to learn stress-reducing skills in an intimate setting. If you’ve been trying to reach a goal for the longest time, science shows that having a coach is an effective and empowering way to meet your goal. Coaching prices are going up effective October 1, 2018. Email to learn more.

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