The Flourishing Experiment

One of the fastest ways to bring about positive emotions and happiness is to think about the happiest day of your life. In fact, research shows that it can decrease depressive symptoms. Kari shares how to go about reliving your happiest day to maximize your positive emotions. Runner of the Week and return guest, Kristen Truempy, goes for a walk with Kari and shares what her running routine currently looks like, the funny thing she would do if it meant helping people live happier lives, and how someone else interpreted what Kristen said she’d do to help people.

Update: The next online Flourishing Skills group will start on Thursday, October 4, 2018. If you’re feeling stressed out and are looking for some tools to live a life of flourishing and well-being, then this group is an opportunity to learn skills and put them into practice straight away. If you’ve been trying to reach a goal for the longest time, science shows that having a coach is an effective and empowering way to meet your goal. Coaching prices are going up effective October 1, 2018. Email to learn more.

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