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Ellen Rohr, a business coach and motivational speaker, who was the featured guest and Runner of the Week last week, comes back on the show to share more stories of how running has impacted her life in so many positive ways. Ellen and I discussed:

  • Why she loves using a metronome and how its helped her hips
  • How running is the river that threads her best friend and her together
  • How being in pain running her last marathon was one of her favorite marathons
  • How confidence comes from doing things for a long time
  • What a race/event makes her want to do
  • How I (Kari Gormley) started running
  • Why choosing clothes are so important
  • How running keeps on reminding her of the beginners path and how running gives us opportunity to learn and grow

The top take-aways with part two of our conversation:

  • When you get injured, it’s feedback that you aren’t doing something correctly and learn from it.
  • How the more you do something, the more confident you become.
  • There is no such thing as bad running weather, just inappropriate running clothes.

If you’d like to find out the 11 strategies to live the running lifestyle, please head over to and find out. :-)

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Our Runner of the Week, Sponsored by Sport Suds, is from Running With Miles, is Charlie Barkowski. Good thing Charlie is going to receive Sport Suds when you hear about this:

  • How Charlie is running six marathon distances around the world in seven days for pennies on the dollar
  • The number one tip for booking airline award availability
  • Why consider Wow airlines when flying from Boston or Baltimore to Europe
  • Why the Reykjavík Marathon is one of his favorites
  • Top Tips when it comes to traveling for a marathon

The Top Take-aways with Charlie Bukowski are:

  • You can travel the world through credit card bonus award cards.
  • There are many great marathons held on Fridays or Saturdays such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Baltimore, Fargo, North Dakota, and Akron, Ohio.
  • He is looking forward to his trip, but has some fears when it comes to running on a treadmill in Cairo and running on the streets of Abu Dhabi when it’s over 100 degrees.

Charlie will be back on the show next week to share how his six marathon distance runs across six continents in only a week went. We’ll hear how he handled the heat, how nice flying in business class and first class was, traveling in the “apartment” from Abu Dhabi, and much more.

By the way, you can receive a 15% discount when you head over to and use code RUNLIFE when checking out.

Serena Marie, RD, discusses:

  • How her 20 mile run went over the weekend in New Jersey
  • What resources Serena is and can use for her knee that is hurting
  • What would make a 20 mile run SUPER INTENSE
  • Why you want to consume Omega 3s
  • Which food is best for Omega 3s
  • How and when she plans on indulging after the marathons

The Top Three Take ways with Serena Are:

  • Eat fatty fish like salmon, achieves, sardines as optimal ways to consume Omega 3s
  • Plan B sources for Omega 3s are grass fed beef, chia seeds, and hemp seeds
  • Go with the flow and if we able to run all three marathons, it’s a gift. If not, running is still a gift. Oh, and Serena might get “something” (you have to listen to find out) after becoming a Marathon Maniac.

It’s all things Disney as a vacation and for running next week when Becky Kotsifsas comes on to share her Disneyland Half Marathon experience, and my husband, son and I share are best Disney trips to creating a magical experience.


Ellen Rohr:
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YouTube: Ellen Rohr

Charlie Barkowski:
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Serena Marie, RD:
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Get ready to get fired up and laugh a lot when Ellen Rohr, a business coach and public speaker, tells us about the roller coaster of her running journey. Ellen shares how running has “changed over the years” and how her running has evolved. Serena Marie, RD, dives in deep to share what fructose is, what are some myths around it, and recommends how much fructose to have in a day. Serena and I talk about our training for the Chicago, NYC, and Philadelphia marathons and the amazing progress we’re making when it comes to fundraising for Action for Healthy Kids.

If you’d like to find out 11 strategies to live the running lifestyle, please head over to and find out. :-)

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Ellen address:

·         How to schedule your time so you can run

·         How to go about plan free days and why

·         When and why she actually liked running

·         How running kept her “straight" in college

·         How her body teaches her so much

·         Why her first marathon was “made up”

·         What she told her sister to encourage her to run a race and how Ellen ended up not telling the truth

·         Why Ellen is taking on two marathons in a year when she is 55 years

The biggest take away from the first part of Ellen’s discussion (part two going live next week) is that if you don’t plan your time, then someone else will do it for you. A lot of times we think we need to be somewhere, when we really don’t. Do what feels right to you and is best for your mind, body and spirit.

As Runner of the Week (and she was also the featured guest), Ellen is going to receive Sport Suds laundry detergent, which is free from harsh chemicals and dyes, to wash her clothes. We know that Ellen is usually able to get herself out the door to run, but if “stinky” clothes was ever an excuse, then Sport Suds would clean that excuse (get it? ;-)) away. Listeners of the Running Lifestyle Show receive a 15% discount when using the code “RUNLIFE” at check out at

Serena shares:

·         What consuming high amounts of sugar can lead to

·         What is fructose

·         Why agave nectar should be avoided

·         What is leptin and why it is good

·         How fructose gets absorbed and how it doesn’t spikes insulin

·         How fructose gets metabolized 

·         How your liver becomes fatty

·         What is Non alcoholic fatty liver disease 

·         What to remember about fruit

·         Why the ideal threshold of 20-50 grams of fructose is ideal

·         Why it’s important to read the ingredient list and how the list can change over time

·         Why eating non GMO soy is ideal when possible

·         Why Serena isn’t a fan of soy lethicin 

·         Why rice is not that problematic of a carb when putting in long miles

·         Serena’s favorite dried fruit and my favorite dried fruit

The big take away????? You can get liver disease from over doing it on the sugar. Also, a few servings of fruit is no big deal, but there is a limit. The fact that there is no leptin in fruit is a “well that makes sense” moment because whenever I eat fruit as a snack, I am STILL hungry.  What is a great thing to pair with fruit you may be asking? How about Energy Bits, which by the way, you can get a 25% discount when you type in “RUNLIFE” at

Serena and I discuss my “CRAY CRAY” 23 mile run around the Port Orleans Riverside Hotel at Disney World and how I ran with the gators (literally). Thank you to Tracy Slayton and Denny Krahe from Diz Runs podcast for running with me in the middle of the night. Serena had a nice shorter training run in the Hamptons and looks forward to running in Jersey over the holiday weekend, while I’ll be running in Vermont.

The product that saved me from shafing (which started at mile 7 of 23) was Chamois Butt’r.


Thank YOU, thank YOU to all of the people who donated in August to help Team Kari and Serena run NYC and Chicago for Action for Healthy Kids. YOU are SO appreciated. If you haven’t donated yet/or would like to donate more, you can head over to:

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Carey Pinkowski, Race Director of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, shares with us how the race has grown over the 26 years he has been race director and discusses the course. This year 45,000 runners from over 130 countries, including all 50 U.S. states, will help celebrate the marathon's 38th anniversary. The field is comprised of 55% male runners and 45% female runners. Since 2002, $135 million has been raised for charities, including $17.7 million from last year.

Pulling off a marathon that goes through 29 neighborhoods of Chicago requires a near-Herculean effort, utilizing more than 12,000 volunteers, a stellar corp of medical professionals led by Dr. George Chiampas at 22 aide stations, coordination with local police, the Chicago Transit Authority, Mayor Rahm Emmanual’s office, the park district, sponsors such as Bank of America, Abbott Labs and Nike, and of course the residents of Chicago. The city of Chicago and its residents open their arms wide to support and welcome the runners to their city.

Carey discusses the course which starts at Grant Park, goes through the loop, also known as the central business district (be on the lookout and for the smell of Garret’s popcorn, a Chicago tradition), and then heads up through River North, an up-and-coming area with many restaurants.

Up next is the Lincoln Park Zoo area which is a great area for spectators, then on to Lake View. The course then takes you back through Lincoln Park with DePaul being at the heart of Lincoln Park. Next you head back to River North, through the Merchandise Mart, cross the river and start down to Adams which is a big spectator area nearing the halfway point. Runners cross the Chicago River five times during the marathon.

The latter part of the marathon takes runners past the United Center (where the Blackhawks and Bulls play), Malcom X College, Greek Town (that’s where our friend Dean Karnazes likes to hang out), Little Italy, Pilsen (Chicago’s largest Hispanic neighborhood), Chinatown at the 20 mile point, then on to the area where the Chicago White Sox (also known as “Carey’s team”) play, the UIC Campus (where A LOT of students cheer on the runners), back up Michigan Avenue and the south loop area.

The course ends with a hill up Roosevelt Road (the only hill and they save it for the end, but runners are fortunate as previously there were TWO hills at the end) to the finish line at Grant Park.

The Chicago Marathon is a great course for first time marathoners as it’s very walkable to and from the finish lines from many downtown hotels. Friends and family can easily get to 8-9 cheers zones through riding the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority). Over 1.6 million fans are on the course cheering on the runners.

Carey asks that runners read the participant guide, listen to announcements and look for the flags on the course, and check out the website. He recommends that first time marathoners be conservative with their pace, trust their training, and stay within their pace. Aspects of the race are currently being finalized but it sounds like there will be even more entertainment on the course in 2015.


Our Runner of the Week, Dr. Kate Weymouth, MD, a psychiatrist, shares how she has had an "on again/off again" relationship with running, and it's currently ON! (Yay!) Kate discusses studies from the University of Texas (UT) and others proving how exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants for many people or in concert with medication for others. In fact, at UT, they’re doing work with PTSD patients and exercise and seeing great results.

There are numerous studies showing that people are more focused after they run. For students, a great way to “study” on the run is to run the same course as usual and create memory maps.

If you’re looking for new ideas or ways to solve challenges, set the intention at the beginning of the run, go a different course, and at the end of the run, see if any insights have come to you. Studies such as the Eureka Factor show the power of exercise.

Kate was our Runner of the Week after donating the most in a month to Team Kari and Serena Run NYC and Chicago for Action for Healthy Kids. You too can have the chance to be Runner of the Month by clicking HERE ( and donating. Action for Healthy Kids provides school grants to expand school breakfast and lunch programs and provide fitness equipment.

Serena Marie, RD, answers a listener’s question about what Serena’s take is on fruitarianism. While Serena applauds Jayne (the listener) for changing her diet, she recommends a more balanced diet that comprises fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Key nutrients that are not being met in a fruitarianism diet include iron, calcium, vitamin D, B12, essential fatty acids and others. There are many women endurance athletes who have iron deficiency and have a challenging time with menstruating.

Serena recommends consuming Omega 3s instead of Omega 6s as Omega 6s are very pro inflammatory. Good sources of Omega 3s are walnuts and macadamia nuts. If Jayne would like to have a more balanced diet, Serena suggests eating beans and nuts, since those are “allowed food” for fruitarianism. The most dense source of iron is humanely raised meat.

If you would like to create your own running lifestyle, head over to (hyperlink), and discover the 11 strategies to live a life of wellness through the gift of running.

Serena and I have completely gone “Cray Cray” and graciously accepted Gore’s invitation to run the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon on November 22nd. This will be Serena's and my third marathon in six weeks and will also be an opportunity to run the Philadelphia Marathon again. Both of us ran in 2013 and had a rough day and are looking forward to creating better memories this year. Are you running Philly? Please let us know! A meet up is being planned!


Carey Pinkowski:
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Kate Weymouth:

Serena Marie, RD:
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Training for Chicago and NYC Marathons, discussion about the Marine Corp Marathon and Action for Healthy Kids with Runner of the Week, Tom Kreider, and Serena and I talk about marathon training and what is the ideal choice when eating bread is what is in store for today.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss a single update from The Running Lifestyle Show, please head over to and find out the 11 Strategies to Create a Running Lifestyle.

Jeff calms me down when I am freaking out “on air” about running a 20 mile run, having pain in my right hip, updating The Running Lifestyle website and trying to balance family and work while training for two marathons.  Jeff shares how you can never go too slow in a long run. In fact, you can even walk the whole way which enables you to keep up your endurance going in to a race.  The longer you run, the more time there is for aches and pains to appear, so Jeff recommends running for as little as 10-15 seconds and then walking 30 seconds.

Tips Jeff shares to battle the heat is to run in the dark (safety first), and dumping cold water over your head every 20 minutes. Some of Jeff’s running groups stat their long runs from 2-3:00 AM to avoid the sun. Wow!

We discuss how the ElliptiGo is an amazing piece of machinery that allows someone to train with out the impact. Turns out that I went out too hard on the Go in the beginning with one hour rides including hills.  Ideally, when starting out with the Go, its recommended to start with 15-30 minute gentle rides.  Jeff has recommended that I replace one of my easy 30 minute Tuesday/Thursday runs with an easy 30 minute ElliptiGo session. Yay! I LOVE the Go so that was magic to my ears.  The ElliptiGo is a fantastic tool for hip strengthening.

Speaking of magic, we discussed how to determine what a Magic Mile is.

The Magic Mile gives you an indication of your race pace.  To determine a Magic Mile, run a mile, then multiply it by 1.30 because people generally slow down by 30% when running a marathon.  When running a long run, because you can never go too slow, add two minutes to race pace.  I ran a 10:30 Magic Mile recently, so that means I would run a 13:39 marathon race pace, which means when I go out for a long run now, I should run it around a 15:30 race pace.  As time goes on, and it cools down, it will be interesting to see how my time is affected.

Jeff has helped over 10,000 runners and receiving videotaping of people running just doesn’t give enough information. Many people attend his running schools and seminars across the world to work on their form.  Jeff recommended I go back to my physical therapist who knows my body best to see “what is going” with the pain in my right hip.

Serena and I are going to have our virtual race where people can run 2.62 miles by November 1st (the day of the NYC Marathon), and receive a special certificate.  The cost of the virtual race is $26.20 and all of the money raised will go to Team Kari and Serena Run NYC and Chicago.  Friendly reminder, Jeff has the Jeff Galloway 13.1 on December 13, 2015 in Atlanta.  There is a chance I may be going down there to join in on the fun.

We then transition over to our Runner of the Week, Tom Kreider. You may recognize Tom as he has been on the show before.  The person who donates the most money to Team Kari and Serena in a month, comes back on the show to share their running story.  Tom is running the Marine Corp Marathon in October, which is his second marathon (Disney World was his first and he had a great time) and is really looking forward to it.

Tom surprises Serena and me and challenges you, the listener of the Running Lifestyle Show, to donate to Action for Healthy Kids by Saturday, August 22nd. If you donate (and the kids and us really hope you do because they need healthy food and fitness equipment in their schools), Tom will match up to $300.  If you are going to donate, can you PLEASE donate now?  HERE is the link. Just click and donate. The kids and Serena and I thank you. :-)

Friendly reminder, we’re having a raffle on Sunday, September 26th where for every $25 you donate, you receive a raffle ticket. What’s included in the raffle are Jeff Galloway books and times, Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day books from Dr. Robert Rosenberg, Oofos footwear, BANDIwear products, and much more!

Serena can’t help herself but to share her love and knowledge of all things food.  We discuss how our training is coming along and Serena answers a question from our private Facebook Group about what type of bread to eat is best. Serena recommends sprouted bread as it has a lower gliadin count.   Gliadin increases appetites, so a lower gliadin count is ideal.  Serena eats spelt bread on occasion as it is sprouted and had a lower gliadin count.

Have an awesome week and we’ll “see you” next week with the Race Director of the Chicago Marathon, Carey Pinkowski.

Jeff Galloway:
Facebook: /jeffgallowayfan
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Tom Kreider:
Tom Kreider
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Serena Marie, RD:
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Meb is BACK, BACK AGAIN, to continue sharing his inspiring, goose bump provoking, tears in your eyes, story of working hard to achieve your dreams. If you haven’t heard the first part of the conversation, please go back and download Episode #85 so all of this make sense. During the second part of the conversation, we discuss:

  • The clothing Meb wears while on the ElliptiGo and traveling (hint, you can see tan lines from his CEP compression socks)
  • Designing his own shoes, the Go Run Strada and Go Meb 3 with Skechers
  • Where Meb has been this summer
  • What to say to him when you see him
  • Why he ran Boston in 2014 instead of the Los Angeles Marathon
  • How he was cheering on the runners in 2013 in Boston right before the bombs went off
  • How running Boston is like graduation day
  • Why he made a personal commitment to go for the win in Boston 2014
  • The rundown of the Boston Marathon and how he ran it (goose bump and crying alert!)
  • How he became the first American runner in 31 years to win Boston and what an honor it was for him to lead 36,000 runners on that beautiful, historic day
  • His faith in God and what God’s plan is for him to do
  • What and why it was one of his favorite running experience ever, which was held the Friday before the Boston Marathon at Old Soul’s Church on Boylston Street
  • The products including Krave, Ucan, Epson, CEP, Power Bar and ElliptiGo that help keep him strong and winning
  • His future plans including a fall marathon, running the Olympic trials on February 13, 2016 which will hopefully stamp his ticket to Rio
  • How running helps you be a better human being
  • What Meb’s advice is for running the rest of your life

Meb’s latest book is Meb for Mortals and was our Book of the Month for June. Our Book of the Month for August is The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) by Hal Elrod.

You can find out the 11 Strategies of Living the Running Lifestyle by heading over to

The Runner of the Week Segment is sponsored by Sport Suds. Having linger odor in your clothes? Or perhaps concerned about having phosphates, dyes, and bleach in your detergent. Sport Suds has none of that head over to and use the code “RUNLIFE” when you check out to receive 15% off.

Anna Vocino shares:

  • When her co host, Vinnie Tortorich, is mean
  • How Anna is the anti Meb
  • Why she is on the podcast
  • Being the voice of ABC TGIT
  • What time of day she does the best running
  • What two things have really helped Anna with her running
  • What thriving elderly people do
  • What she does in the morning to get her day started
  • How often she runs
  • The funny name of her running club
  • How she is an evangelical of the early risers
  • How running is communion with other people
  • Her experience of running a 10K Mud Run
  • What type of run is next on her list of goals
  • What happens when she gets lazy with strength training
  • Why she loves the app, The 12 Minute Athlete
  • Check out Dr. Jordan Metzl, Running Strong & Iron Strength
  • Check out Balanced Athlete with Johnny Gillespie for strengthening
  • How she gets motivated and why she signed up for the 10K Mud Run
  • Why the 10K was so much fun
  • How she calms down when her anxiety wants to take over
  • Anxiety is access energy and how running can help with anxiety
  • What is Hula Hoops with Anna
  • What is her favorite shape and why she is obsessed with it
  • How she picked her new car
  • Find her at and on Periscope at Anna Vocino

Are you ready for Serena Marie, RD, to knock your socks off? Because she probably is going to. Serena talks all things electrolytes including:

  • What Serena gives a shout out to
  • How the body is great at self regulating electrolytes
  • What electrolytes do
  • How sodium regulates the total amount of water in the body and maintains the proper function of the nervous, muscular, and other systems.
  • How potassium is responsible for regulating heartbeat and muscle function and is important in neuron function.
  • Why extreme high or low potassium levels can cause irregular heartbeat, which can be fatal.
  • How chloride helps maintain a normal balance of body fluids.
  • Which electrolytes (hint Sodium, chloride and potassium) are lost through sweating
  • You can find potassium is in fish, yogurt, beans, fruits and vegetables
  • Vasopressin & aldosterone (hormones) will make it so if there is too little sodium, the kidneys will excrete less in the urine and sweat
  • If there is too little water, the kidneys will excrete more sodium to maintain the electrochemical gradient
  • Too much sodium means the body will excretes excess sodium through urine and sweat
  • Excess electrolyte consumption will just contribute to additional excretion of sodium through urine and sweat
  • Over 10,000 mg of sodium is stored in the body and why that is great for us
  • Exceptions in regards to taking in electrolytes is for people with markedly elevated hyper/hypothyroidism and/or a salt restricted diet
  • PubMed is like a Google for scientific, controlled studies
  • What the salt on your body at the end of a run means
  • Why people don’t feel great during hot runs
  • Importance of eating a diet rich in micronutrients, so you don’t need to take in additional electrolytes
  • What type of salt to take in (hint pink Himalayan)
  • Hydrate to thirst - avoid being thirsty
  • What to do all week long to be setting up your long run for success
  • Eat water & micronutrient dense fruits and vegetables to avoid thirst and optimize hydration


Information gleaned for this episode were taken from the following studies

Study of 14 amateur marathoners (male): sodium concentration maintained

Higher temps impair performance r/t exercise induced hyperthermia

Drink to Fluid to Thirst,


Serena and I discuss how our training is coming along and then I give a sneak peak at the raw conversation Jeff Galloway and I have on next week’s episode. Serena has been using Honey Stingers and Nutiva Organic Coconut Mana. I have been eating Hickory Smoke Strong and Kind Bars along with Energy Bits. If you want to try Energy Bits, you can receive 25% off when you use promo code RUNLIFE at checkout.

Serena and I are running the NYC and Chicago Marathons to raise $8000 for Action for Healthy Kids. Action for Healthy Kids expands school breakfast and lunch programs with healthy food. They also help bring back fitness in to the schools. What to help out the kids. Please head over HERE.

Enjoyed this episode? Please hit subscribe, share it with your friends, running group, whoever you think my enjoy some positive energy with a lot of laughter in their lives. :-) Run on my friends.


Meb Keflezighi:
Facebook: /MarathonMeb
Twitter: @runmeb
Instagram: @runmeb

Anna Vocino:
Facebook: /anna.vocino
Twitter: @AnnaVocino

Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

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MEB. IS. HERE!!!!!!!!  Meb is one of the nicest, most inspiring guys you will ever meet. Everything that’s said about his being such a sweetie is TRUE!!!!! Meb will make you be even more proud to be American (that is if you are an American) and to work even harder to achieve your running, health, and life goals. If you want to learn the "11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle" (many of which Meb discusses during the interview), head over to Meb and I discuss (boy do I like saying that!!!!!) the following:

  • The VERY hard road he and his family took to come to the United States
  • The not-great childhood memories he has and how he has used those memories to help him work hard for years and years to create a long, phenomenal running career
  • You can learn more about his tough childhood in Run to Overcome
  • What his second book, Meb for Mortals, discusses and how you can apply it to your own life and running journey
  • How sports grew his self esteem and helped him make friends
  • What you need to do to execute the best plan
  • The highs and lows he has been through as a runner
  • What he did with his wife when his friend Ryan Shea had died and his injury made it so he could barely stand up
  • His favorite indulgence for his sweet tooth and how he watches his weight to be able to perform at peak performance
  • What he believes is the key to success
  • What he did after not qualifying for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
  • Why Meb attributes his success to hard work and mindset
  • Why it’s sweeter to come back and win after you’ve been injured
  • One of his most memorable NYC Marathon finishes
  • A snapshot of the NYC Marathon course and what to look forward to if you get to run it
  • What the MEB Foundation is and stands for
  • The perks of running with Meb for the Meb Foundation in NYC and Boston
  • The importance of being mentally and physically healthy
  • When his next marathon is
  • What his future plans are
  • How a product named ElliptiGo , which was thankfully created in 2012, has extended his career
  • Why the ElliptiGo is so much fun, how he uses it, and what it allows him able to enjoy
  • When he puts the hammer down on the ElliptiGo

Next week, Meb and I (it is such an honor to say that) discuss more in depth about his training on the ElliptiGo, when and how he uses CEP compression socks, how he develops his own shoes with the designers from Sketchers, an in-depth discussion of his win at the 2014 Boston Marathon and how he did it, one of his favorite running community memories, if he is going to run a fall marathon, his plans for the Olympic trials and then hopefully the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, how to support other runners, and what are the keys to success for runners (and really anyone for that matter).

Our runner of the week is Chris Brogan, a business owner who uses running as a way to challenge himself and lead a healthier lifestyle. Chris specifically discusses:

  • Being a Runner at 300+ pounds
  • The surprising challenge he incurred at his one and only marathon and how he overcame it
  • Why he has cut his mileage back
  • What he enjoys about Spartan Races
  • How helps him keep track of affirmations and the training that goes along with reaching his goals
  • Mark Rippitoe and strength training for runners
  • How Mark trains on the road
  • Why he isn’t doing anything into the ground anymore
  • Why you "have to play to win"
  • Why to commit
  • How he is going for a six pack instead of a keg

Our Go-to Real Food Dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, dives in deep about why to eat a nutrient-dense diet and specifically addresses:

  • Why to choose a nutrient-dense diet instead of a fat adapted diet
  • The simple carbs Serena recommends for performance such as raw honey, rice cakes and raisins
  • Why use fat for fuel
  • Why males and women with conditions such as PCOS can do well on a high-fat diet
  • How to train for a high-fat diet 7-10 days before a race
  • Why less than 100 g of carbs can wreak havoc on the body
  • What are great sources of fat and sugar for a race which includes Coconut Manna placed in small plastic bags, honey stingers (caffeinated gel, not wafers), Jason’s nut butters, plantains in palm oil, honey roasted nuts (this has worked for me in the past), and sushi rice with bacon or coconut oil with honey
  • Why Serena recommends Strong & Kind bars over Kind bars (we especially like the Thai Sweet Chili Flavor)
  • How to read a nutrition label on fuel bars
  • If you do better with liquids, have home made bone broth with coconut water and honey
  • Why we’re big fans of ENERGYbits, how it helps prevent sugar lows, the nitric oxide in the bits which helps with fatigue, and how to use the before, during and after the run
  • A Plan B to ENERGYbits, which doesn’t have nitric oxide to help prevent fatigue is Great Lakes Collagen

You can check out Serena's blog post about today's episode HERE.

As requested, Serena and I discuss how our training for the Chicago and NYC Marathons is coming along. We have a special “promotion” going this week to encourage you to help Action for Healthy Kids feed more kids with healthy school breakfast and lunch programs and provide fitness equipment. It’s DUMP YOUR CHANGE CUP WEEK!!!! Simply go to your local bank, get a picture of you dumping your coins and collecting your cash, then please visit:

and donate your cash. Our goal is to raise $250 by next week. I know we can do it!  Email us a picture at and we’ll post it on our Facebook page and blog. Every penny counts. The kids and us thank you in advance.

Products Discussed in depth:
ENERGYbits input "RUNLIFE" to receive a 25% discount on all products at checkout
Honey Stingers
Strong & Kind Bars, Sweet Chili Flavor
Strong Bars, Madagascar Vanilla
Great Lakes Collagen


Meb Keflezighi:
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Twitter: @runmeb
Instagram: @runmeb

Chris Brogan:
Chris Brogan_Profile 2014_Please Credit Raul Colon
Business: Owner Media Group
Twitter: @chrisbrogan

Serena Marie, RD:
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Vicki Huber Rudawsky, a 2-time track Olympian shares with us how she used visualization skills, cleaning up her diet, sleeping more, listening to her body and two run in the 88 and 96 Olympics. What’s especially inspiring about Vicki’s story is she had a young child at home when she qualified for the 96 Olympics. We specifically discuss:

  • How she overcame injuries
  • Raising a child as a single parent and training for the Olympics
  • How she has evolved as a runner through the years
  • How her husband has really helped her stay healthy as an athlete
  • The cross training Vicki participates in
  • How much both of us like our ElliptiGo
  • Vicki’s words of wisdom for runners

If you’d like to help provide healthy school breakfast and lunch programs for kids and support the show, please donate to Team Kari and Serena when we run the Chicago and NYC Marathons for Action for Healthy Kids. Click HERE to get the ball moving.

Our Runner of the Week is Marty Beene, who is a USTA Track and Field coach. Marty LOVES to run races, just LOVES to run races. He shares what are the three common mistake most runners (himself included) make, and his thoughts about how to keep on running. Marty, at 53 just ran his fastest 5K and 10K since 2001, and doesn’t have any aches and pains. When asked if Marty was going to run another marathon, he enthusiastically said, “Absolutely Not!”. He’s interested in running races every week because of the joy of racing. Every body is different. :-)

Serena Marie, RD, and I hang out and talk and laugh about how our nutrition has evolved. We share the food we were brought up on and how it’s different from what we eat today. Serena talks about the one food that drives her nuts, and I talk about who growing up I thought healthy food was for the really “weird” people. We definitely had some laughs during this conversation, but then again, we usually do. What Serena discovered from her own experience led her to research further and to counsel her patients in a different way. Let’s just say, as you know, Serena and I are on the same page about recommending a nutrient dense, anti inflammatory diet.

Vicki Huber Rudawsky:
Facebook: /vicki.rudawsky

Marty Beene:
Facebook: /BeTheRunner
Twitter: /betherunner

Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

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Vicki Huber Rudawsky, a 2 Time track Olympian shares with us how she used visualization skills, cleaning up her diet, sleeping more, listening to her body and two run in the 88 and 96 Olympics.  What’s especially inspiring about Vicki’s story is she had a young child at home when she qualified for the 96 Olympics.  We specifically discuss:

  • Transitioning from a high school athlete to a collegiate athlete
  • What she did after her freshman year in college to be the best she could be
  • How changing her mindset was “huge”
  • Why it’s quality and not quantity
  • How we evolve as runners
  • Why keeping a running log is really important
  • Look for reasons, not excuses
  • What plays in to reaching your goals sometimes
  • How she overcame the fear of running in her first Olympics

Next week, during part 2 of 2 of Vicki’s interview, we get more in depth with how she overcame injuries, the very challenging road she had from raising a child on her own to qualifying for the 96 Olympics, the amazing running community that treated her like family, how she has evolved as a runner through the years, the huge impact her husband has had on her running career, cross training, and what she recommends for any runner.

All kids in the US don’t have access to safe playgrounds and fitness programs and Serena Marie, RD and I are trying to make a difference by raising money for Action for Healthy Kids when we run the Chicago and NYC Marathons.  Like the show, want to help kids? Please run over to [] and please donate. Every dollar counts!  Twenty Five dollars provides a school breakfast for a kid for an entire month and fifty dollars provides a fitness program.

Our Runner of the Week this week is Sarah Andrus, who is also a running friend of mine.  Sarah shares how and why she became a runner “later in life” (at age 48), the races she has run, why she runs, and how she keeps motivated to keep on running.

Serena Marie, RD, talks glycemic index and why she doesn’t think it’s a great tool to use when evaluating what foods to eat. You need to look at all of the nutrients of a food item in addition to food combining.  Serena also discusses when to eat high sugar foods and what foods are good to eat when trying to go to sleep.

Serena and I talk about how are training is coming along (let’s just say it’s been HOT on the east coast and our times have slowed down but have also give us confidence for the fall Chicago and also NYC marathons) and the progress we are making when it comes to raising money for Action for Healthy Kids.  Everyone who donates during the month of July will be put in a raffle to win a 30 minute “hang out” session with Kari Gormley and Serena Marie, RD.  Also, the person who donates the most amount of money will be a runner of the week in August.

Serena Marie RD and me (Kari Gormley) were asked to try SportSuds laundry detergent. My friends Becky Kotsifsas and Sarah Andrus wanted to get on the fun and try the detergent too as it states it takes the stink out of athletic clothes among other things. The four of us get on a four way call and all come to the conclusion that we were shocked how well it worked, not to mention being so impressed that it doesn’t use harmful chemicals such as phylates, parabens, and bleach.


Vicki Huber Rudawsky:

Facebook: /vicki.rudawsky

Sarah Andrus:
Facebook /sarah.baker.andrus
Twitter: @sarahba


Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD


Becky Kotsifas:
becky headshot
Twitter: @BeckyKotsifas

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Find out how to mix vacation with exercise when my husband, Robert Gormley, and I talk about different vacations we’ve taken around the world. John Bell, our Runner of the Week, has completed over 100 marathons around the world and discusses some of his favorite races. Some of the races discussed are Paris, London, Great Wall, and New York City. John shares his top tip for how to recover from a marathon when on a trip. Serena Marie, RD, talks about whether or not orange juice is a great choice. We also have an update on our training for the Chicago and New York City Marathons for Action for Healthy Kids. In addition, Serena and I review the FitBit Surge.

If you would like to help expand school breakfast and lunch programs and provide greatly needed fitness equipment for kids, please donate to Action for Healthy through

Robert and I specifically address:

·         Our traveling background and how we met

·         Some of the trips we have taken so “you” would know where we’re coming from

·         How to mix cross training with vacation

·         Why Paris is my favorite place to run

·         Where some of our favorite beaches are located


John Bell discusses:

·         Why the Wall of China Marathon is one of the most challenging in the world

·         What is so special about Paris

·         Why the London Marathon reminds him of NYC

·         Comparing running in Rome vs Paris

·         How he mixes marathon races and traveling at the same time

Serena and I talk:

·         If orange juice is a great choice and what would be a better choice for nutrient density

·         How our training for the Chicago and NYC Marathons are coming along

·         Why donating to Action for Healthy Kids can make a difference

·         How to listen to your body and not your training plan

·         Our experiences with the Fitbit Surge, which is what our cohort, Dean Karnazes wears


Direct download: robert-gormley-07-2015.mp3
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Serena Marie, RD, and I discuss why beans are great for gut health and how to introduce beans into your diet. Remember: Beans are not a good choice for fueling, because you don't want to be running for the bathroom. We talk about how the fiber in beans is a better choice than the fiber in a grain such as quinoa. She also discusses how to cook beans and what she eats the night before a marathon.

When you have the option, it’s a better choice to have cooked beans rather than canned beans.

Side note: Beans really don't have much protein in them, and when you look at the difference between protein and carbohydrates, they’re not the best choice.

This was a podcast episode dedicated to our vegan friends who eat a lot of beans. Soak beans for four to six days until they sprout, and then you can eat them raw.


If you’re running the Chicago Marathon, please save the date for the evening of Friday, October 9th. Serena Marie, RD, and I are planning something special.  The best way to stay in touch is to head over to and register for the 5 Questions to Ask Yourself To Start or live the Running Lifestyle.

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It’s all about protein bars, Kari checking in with Jeff Galloway, and our runner of the week, Russ Perry. Russ talks about Ragnar trail races and running in Arizona. We’re having a protein bar parade. Woo hoo! Listeners of the show, well actually friends since they have contacted us, have been asking what are Serena Marie, RD’s, favorite protein bars and why. We hear you loud and clear so “we are a answering”. It makes perfect sense why bars are so popular as they are portable, easy, and convenient. Here’s what goes down on our protein bar focused episode:

  • What Serena Marie, RD, looks for when selecting a protein bar
  • WHEN (this is HUGE) to eat a protein bar
  • Lara Bars and why Serena says the ingredient list is gorgeous
  • Why Serena says to have the peanut butter cookie bar IF you are going to choose a Lara Bar
  • Kind Bars and why Serena Marie, RD, has mixed feelings
  • If Serena has a sweet tooth or not and what she has to be mindful of
  • The strange breakfast I had before a 4.5 mile trail run with Team Healthy Kids teammate, Todd Miller
  • Why Quest Bars are a treat and not real food enough for our Real Food Dietitian, Serena Marie, RD
  • XO Bars and how they have a lot of fat and protein and the surprise ingredient
  • Epic Bars which Serena likes and let’s just say I tried one (bison) and need to try some more as my first impression wasn’t a great one
  • Bricks Bars which are made in Brooklyn, NY, use grass fed meat, whole ingredients and Serena says are so delicious
  • Why we discuss Norway and how it brings on the “sillies” and why we want to hear from Norwegians
  • Serena’s final recommendation when it comes to protein bars
  • Our mantras when we go shopping so we don’t buy trigger foods
  • We want to try more bars - just contact us through the contact form and by registering for the 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Live the Running Lifestyle

Jeff Galloway is back, back again, but to check in to see how three weeks of running Galloway style in preparation for the Chicago and New York City Marathons are coming along. I had a lot of questions and comments about running the Galloway method and cross training, and Jeff answered them all. Like Jeff, Meb, and Dean Karnazes, I too am cross training with an ElliptiGo. Thank you ElliptiGo for sponsoring me with a “Go” (for short) for my fall marathon training.

If you haven’t heard, Serena Marie, RD and I are running both the Chicago and NYC Marathon for Action for Healthy Kids. Action for Healthy Kids provides grants for school breakfast and lunch programs and fitness equipment.

Donate Here!

Our runner of the week, Russ Perry, claims he is not a runner, but then is convinced that he is. Don’t you love those types of runners of the week? :-) We learn about the Ragnar Trail Race in Arizona (so want to do this race!), and how to train and not train for a race. It’s kind of funny what Russ reveals and a lot of people can probably relate. :-)


Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
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Instagram: SerenaMarieRD


Jeff Galloway:
Facebook: /jeffgallowayfan
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Russ Perry:
Facebook: /russperry
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Part 2 of Jeff Galloway’s episode goes in depth and covers the following topics:

  • How to run faster (Wow! Bring on the 26 mile-long run BEFORE the marathon) and lower your time by 15 minutes
  • How to do speed repetitions the Jeff Galloway way
  • What a cadence drill and an acceleration glide are and why you need to know
  • How to avoid the slowdown of a marathon and achieve a negative split
  • Why Jeff recommends swimming and using an ElliptiGO (I’m a HUGE fan of the “Go!”) as cross training activities
  • What postural muscle strengthening exercises Jeff recommends
  • How a Galloway group works
  • Why Jeff Galloway is also a fan of Dr. Ratey’s work
  • Jeff’s response to the biggest misconception about running being that you have to run nonstop to be a runner
  • Why Jeff says “Take Charge of your Fatigue”
  • Why Jeff doesn’t “drag” people in to running a run-walk-run sequence
  • Jeff’s 13.1 Half Marathon in Atlanta on December 13th, which finishes in Piedmont Park

A runner and blogger who runs “Galloway Style”, Cambrey Fuller comes on the show as our Runner of the Week. Cambry shares how she was told she would need to use a cane if walking more than 200 hundred feet after having six surgeries on her ankle. Somehow, she has managed to go on to run 17 half marathons in 15 months including the Tinker Bell and Princess half marathons. By running, and surprising her doctor, not only is Cambry defying the odds, but she is thriving – especially after losing 180 pounds! This inspiring mom has thrown away her scale and focuses on how she feels and how her clothes fit. Cambry’s goal is to run the Auckland Marathon in 2016.

Serena Marie, RD, shares why she was so excited to read the article titled "Green vegetables, red meat and colon cancer: chlorophyll prevents the cytotoxic and hyper proliferative effects of haem in rat colon.", which was released by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), which is part of the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), a branch of the National Institute of Health. As you may know, Serena Marie, RD, loves red meat, as it’s such a great source of iron. As runners, it’s common for us to have low iron counts. According to the article, as long as you have greens with your red meat, the risk for cancer may go down.

Serena shared the new vegetable she is OBSESSED with: lambs quarter. Just sauté with onions and voilà. I shared a test called InsideTracker that I was given to evaluate and have seen great results thanks to the in depth analysis InsideTracker revealed. I was given specific foods to eat to increase my low levels of iron, vitamin D, and testosterone. The test was taken back in February and showed normal levels of cortisol, which can be high for endurance athletes. It will be interesting to see test results as I train for the Chicago and NYC marathons.

If you want to keep up to date with the Running Lifestyle, please visit and you won’t miss any updates or exclusive information. Plus, you’ll receive the five questions to ask yourself to be able to keep a running lifestyle.

Friendly reminder, Serena and I are running the Chicago and New York City marathons in support of Action for Healthy Kids. Action for Healthy Kids expands school breakfast and lunch programs to include healthy foods. They also provide grants to schools for much needed physical fitness equipment such as stability balls. A donation of $25 provides breakfast for an entire month for one student and $50 gives schools fitness equipment. Help us help the kids!


Jeff Galloway:
Facebook: /jeffgallowayfan
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Cambrey Fuller:
Facebook: /TheCambreyDiaries
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Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
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Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

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We discuss the  Oakley New York City Mini 10K. My friend Sarah Boschung comes back on the show and brings her friend and colleague, Christy Bainer, to discuss what a wonderful experience the three of us had running Oakley New York City together. This was Christy Bainer’s farthest distance ever and she shares what a memorable race it was.  We discussed:

  • Why Christy chose this as her first race
  • The joy of running with friends
  • The details of the race
  • Oakley clothes and sunglasses
  • The course
  • Tourist information about NYC
  • Double Suites Hotel Times Square
  • The Little Beet Restaurant
  • An update about the official cat of the Running Lifestyle Show, Bruttus
  • NYRR, like the BAA, putting on an amazing race

To receive updates and exclusive content from the Running Lifestyle, please visit:

A medal from the Oakley New York Mini 10K
[A medal from the Oakley New York Mini 10K]



Sarah Boschung:
Kari, Dean Karnazes and Sarah Boschung after the run at Paragon Sports
Facebook: /sarah.boschung

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Jeff Galloway, Olympian and running coach to millions, comes on the show to explain how you can run the rest of your life. He’s been running for 57 years, and does a marathon a month, and definitely leads by example. We had such a fascinating conversation that it’s been split up in to two episodes. During the first part of our discussion we talk about:

·         Jeff’s experience as an overweight kid and how he started to run (it might surprise you)

·         Going from the Navy to training for the Olympic Trials and what helped him qualify for the Olympics

·         How he has helped millions of people start and/or continue running

·         How to empower yourself through running

·         How to take control of your mindset to be able to take control of your running

·         Why and how the changes in the run walk run configurations have taken place

·         What a magic mile is and why it’s important for marathon training

·         What to do if you are running two marathons in a short period of time


Next week we’re going in to specific details of how to start running, get faster, how to strength train and cross train, and why moving/running is so important for our brains.

Looking to find out how you can live your mantra through running? Click HERE and register to find out how you can get out of bed before the alarm goes off. You’ll also be registered to receive occasional emails about training tips and upcoming podcast episodes.

Liz Whitteberry comes on as our Runner of the Week, and by the end of the discussion, I’m ready to come down to Texas and run every race there is. Liz and I talk about:

·         Why she wanted to run Chicago Marathon

·         Her background as a mom, wife and professional

·         What she realized when turning 40 and the changes she knew she had to make

·         What happened every time she took an exam

·         What a lifetime of inactivity has on the brain and the body, what being active brought in to her life 

·         How she started running and why she doesn’t recommend it 

·         How long it took to build up 3 miles

·         How joining a Galloway group in 2009 changed everything for her

·         Races Liz recommends which are Cowtown Half Marathon in Ft Worth which also has a 5K, 10, Half, Full and Ultra, Ft. Worth Marathon, Trinity River Marathon, Texas Threesome, Texas Quad, Wine, Not a Marathon, and Not a Marathon Wine Again

·         Liz’s Inspiring Quote “You just might be the spark to someone else that might get someone to run or go another distance”

Serena Marie comes on and answers Lawrence Johnson’s question regarding what is the ideal body fat percentage for a runner.

·         Why it’s hard to have an exact percentage

·         Why you don’t want to be a certain body fat percentage the entire year

·         How Serena is saying that same thing as the authors of our book of the month for May and June, Meb Keflezighi of Marathon for Mortals and Dr. Jordan Metzl from Running Strong 

·         What leads some runners training for long distances to weight gain

·         What to eat after a long run to refuel and replenish

Next week, Jeff Galloway is back on the show to finish our discussion and to give specific recommendations when it comes to runners trying to get a BQ, how to start running, cross training, strength training and what exercise does for the mind.

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How to align your values to running is what we have in store for you when Brett Gajda, of Where There’s Smoke Podcast, comes on the show. Brett, who is also our Runner of the Week, discusses:

·         Why he is immersed in self development

·         How he defines who/what a runner is (it’s surprising)

·         Why we do what we do

·         How our perspectives are different based on how we grew up

·         His challenges with injuries

·         What two things you need to have to change a behavior

·         How mustard changed his mindset

·         Knowing your values dictates how you spend your time

·         If you’re committed to something, then it needs to align with your values

·         The link between energy and sugar consumption

Serena Marie discusses moringa, which are leaves and seeds.  Moringa is grown around the world and has been said to be a good source of vitamin C, iron, potassium, vitamin A, and calcium.  Serena researched moringa and used an article she found from the NIH to come to the conclusion that more thorough research has to be done before recommending moringa. 

Links Discussed:

Brett Gajda:

Values in Action

NIH Article on Moringa

Serena Marie, RD

Dean Answers a Question About Weightlifting

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Dr. John Ratey, MD, continues the discussion of how to make your exercise habit sticky. He also shares the growing research of how are brains are plastic and how more and more studies are showing the importance of moving our bodies. Our Runner of the Week Rhonda Foulds shares how becoming a marathoner has helped her get off her 33 prescriptions for Parkinson's. Serena Marie, RD, discusses the research around Niacin and how it helps with some forms of skin cancer. Serena and I review Moji Massage Products and give them two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Direct download: john-ratey2-6-2015.mp3
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Dr. John Ratey comes back on the show to discuss the simple thing you can do to optimize the time you are awake. We also go in depth and discuss what steps you ideally take to help yourself or someone you care about who you suspect has depression. Johnny Gillespie, a certified strength and conditioning coach, yoga instructor and fonder of Balanced Athlete shares with us how to make sure we are training in an integrated manner so we can run long distances well in to our 80’s. Serena Marie, RD, discusses the best milks to drink, how to increase your Vitamin D levels, and why fortified cereals are not a part of a nutrient rich diet.

Direct download: john-ratey-05-2015.mp3
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Dean Karnazes, Chris O’Brien, and Linda Canning from Team Healthy Kids for Action for Healthy Kids together share 15 great ideas to help you raise money for a fundraiser near and dear to your heart. Dean and I talk about the benefits of a standing desk, the sleep challenges kids have and what can be done about it. Serena Marie, RD, answers a listener’s question about coffee and how much is too much.

Direct download: fund-raiser-05-2015.mp3
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Nick D'Agostino discusses how he was diagnosed with MS and why he decided to become a runner. During the conversation, Nick shares his can do attitude and the amazing experiences that have come in to his life because of being a runner. Our runner of the week, Jackie Thomas, talks about how running helped her in college be calm and transition in to her professional career. Serena Marie talks about Bulletproof Coffee and a recent Philadelphia article telling runners to Shut Up. We also discuss a product review of Oofos.

Direct download: nicholas-dagostino-05-2015.mp3
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Dr. Rosenberg, author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day, shares us fascinating causes that can be disrupting your sleep. He specifically talks about what we as runners need to know when it comes to sleep. Serena Marie, RD, talks specifically about food and beverages that help and hinder sleep. Denny Krahe of Diz Runs podcast shares his runner story. Our monthly visitor, Vinnie Tortorich shares his sleep story and how a lack of sleep contributed to his Cancer diagnosis. Our book of the month, Meb for Mortals, is announced.

Direct download: robert-rosenberg-05-2015.mp3
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Come for a run with Boston Marathon runners Nichole Bukowski, Jonathan Levitt and Angie Spencer to hear their experiences. Trevor Spencer joins us too to talk about his BAA 5K experience. Serena Marie, RD, and I share our highlights and running the 5K. Our favorite memory may surprise you. Jonathan Levitt talks about his first time running the Boston Marathon and about his interest in November Project.

Direct download: boston-recap-4-2015-lq.mp3
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Dimity McDowell, of Another Mother Runner, and I continue our conversation about depression. We discuss self care and expectations of how to manage depression. Our runner of the week is Dr. Ben Forman, a runner and psychologist who has created Teens Run DC, which offers a mentoring program and also an after-school fitness and social emotional learning sessions. Our Real Food Dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, discusses that challenging winter she had and how she took care of herself through fuel and exercise.

Direct download: dimity-mcdowell-04-2015-2.mp3
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Dimity McDowell, Co-Founder of Another Mother Runner, and Kari discuss their challenges with depression. The conversation definitely feels like one of climbing a really long hill. We then change pace BIG TIME when I interview the Runner of the Week and Also Official Comedian of The Running Lifestyle Show, Liz Miele. Our Go To Real Food Dietitian, Serena Marie, RD discusses what to do when you’re running to the bathroom on vacation.

Go to for the full show notes.

Direct download: dimity-mcdowell-4-2015.mp3
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Dave McGillivray, race director of the Boston Marathon, shares with us the history of the race, the course, his recommendations as a runner and race director of how to run the marathon, and where he recommends spectators cheer on their runner. Our Runner of the Week is Angie Spencer from Marathon Training Academy and she shares her journey to get to the starting line of the Boston Marathon. Let’s just say it’s been a long road. Our go-to real food dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, shares what a runner wants to eat and drink 2–3 days after a marathon.

Direct download: boston-marathon-04-2015-lq.mp3
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Join Dean Karnazes, coach Seth Kopf of Kopf Running, Serena Marie, RD, and me when we discuss what an amazing marathon Chicago is and the benefits of being a part of the Action for Healthy Kids team. We discuss the course, the fans, the training you get with coach Seth, and the pre-race party.

Direct download: actn-healthy-kids-04-2015.mp3
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We discuss the Family Fun Run 5k with previous guest Rebecca Farrell and the Princess Half Marathon with Becky Kotsifas. Serena Marie, RD, discusses how having a low iron count affects sports performance and what foods to eat to bring up iron counts. Then, Vinnie Tortorich comes on for his monthly spot and brings his friend, Rich Roll, along for the ride.

Direct download: rebecca-farrell-4-2015.mp3
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Joanne Ambrogi, physical therapist, yoga instructor, world-class athlete and massage therapist joins Serena Marie, RD, and Kari to discuss the book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. The ladies go in depth about the key parts of a habit and discuss examples from the book and their own lives.

Direct download: joanne-ambrogi-3-2015.mp3
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Dean Karnazes comes on and shares the challenge he gave us. Let’s just say Serena Marie, RD, and I say “bring it on”. J.D. Beiting discusses all the details you need to know to join Dean, Serena and me with Action for Healthy Kids. Check out for more information.

Direct download: bonus-karnazes-03-2015.mp3
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Hear Andrew Weaver, John Harris, Jessica Jones, Dave Summers, Serena Marie, RD, and my experience running the 2015 Rock 'N' Half Marathon.  We talk all things course, expo, transportation, nutrition and words of advice.  In addition the race is compared other half marathons across the country.

Full show notes at

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Melanie Curtis, a life coach, sky diving coach, and world traveler, shares with us how running around the world has opened up opportunities in her life. The Runner Dad, Matt Orlando, discusses what running has done for him spiritually, mentally, and physically in addition to how it’s given him the ability to connect with famous runners. Serena Marie, RD, discusses whether you need to eat breakfast every day.

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Mike Silverman, Physical Therapist and Running Gait specialist analyzes Kari’s gait through a multiple tests. During the test, Mike uncovers common runners weaknesses Kari demonstrates which has led to ITband issues in the past. Many exercises, word of advice and wisdom are shared to help all runners keep on running strong. Serena Marie, RD, discusses the correlation between gut health and depression. Cliff Ravenscraft, the King of Podcasting, is our Runner of the Week and he shares how he has gone to ignoring his health to becoming a runner and soon to be tri athlete. Our monthly visitor, Vinnie Tortorich comes on the show to discuss March’s book of the month. A runner’s meet up in NYC in February is discussed with Sarah Boschung.

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Dr. John Ratey, MD, discusses and answers listeners' questions surrounding his book, 'Go Wild: Free Your Body and Mind from the Afflictions of Civilization'.

We hear from Serena Marie, RD, about all things metabolism. Lisa Stephens shares how she went from having breast cancer and being overweight to running. Meaghan Nana-Sinkam comes on discuss the Pickle Race in Media, Pennsylvania. Sarah Boschung, Serena and I break some exciting news regarding Bruttus, the official cat of the Running Lifestyle Show.

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Dave McGillivray, Boston Marathon race director and the same for 30 other races during the year, shares what goes in planning a race from distance planning, marketing, ordering of porta-potties, medals, and much more. We get an inside look of how races have changed significantly through the years. Serena Scott Thomas comes by to tell us all about her first ultramarathon and if she would want to run another one. Our go-to real food dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, discusses the importance of calcium and where to get it from besides dairy products.

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Polly de Mille, exercise physiologist, discusses my VO2 max test results and how to incorporate them in to zone training. She discusses what about a fat adapted diet is ideal for distance runners, how to prevent injuries, and how exercise is the best medicine you can take. Serena Marie, RD, talks about the female triad and how "calories in, calories out" is just not a good idea. Stephen Brown talks about his new book, Relentless Mettle - My Cancer, My Rules.

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Susan Nowell, physical therapist, discusses with Trey Beauchamp what he needs to do (and not do) to become a runner and prepare for obstacle races. We talk about weighted vests, minimalist shoes, and how every BODY is different. Serena Marie, RD, discusses the who, what, why, and how of a gluten-free diet. We hear from professional runner and entrepreneur Jeremy Nelson. And finally, our monthly visitor, Vinnie Tortorich, reveals a habit that he feels led to his cancer diagnosis.

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Nicole DeBoom, Ironman winner, mom, and business owner, has used her talent, passion, and competitive spirit to change the clothes women run in. Nicole and I go for a run, have some girl talk and hear about why it’s so key for Nicole’s body to be strong for her mind to be strong. We also talk about guys and their, um, bodies. Serena Marie, RD, and I talk about body image too. And Serena Marie’s friend Katie Zakreski joins us as the Runner of the Week.

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Dr. Teri Goetz, doctor of Chinese medicine and integrative medicine comes back on the show to discuss her own journey with Sjögren’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease and chronic Lyme disease and what she wants you to know from a medical and also personal standpoint. In addition, Dr. Teri Goetz is a life coach and integrates lifestyle choices to overcome autoimmune disorders  Serena Marie, RD, returns to talk about. Three points of view of the Pickle Run in Media, PA is shared along with the details about the Back on Your Feet organization.

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Dr. John Ratey, a psychiatrist, explains how the brain functions and how just standing can increase focus by 7-10%. We discuss how walking can increase creativity by at least 25%. Walking alone can be like taking a little Ritalin, a little Prozac, and a little Adderall. Serena Marie, RD, uncovers how canola oil is not the darling oil some once thought it was. Pam Mirels, comes on and talks about the gifts she has received from running and the fun places to hang out in NYC.

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Serena Marie, RD, gives us the low down of what a fat adapted diet is, why we both believe it’s the most nutrient dense diet, and how to go about eating it. Plenty of tips and tricks are shared. Warning, this episode could be life changing.

Visit for the show notes, or go there directly:

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Helen Samson Mullen, an Executive and Life Coach, trained by the likes of Brene Brown and Martha Beck, walks us through how using a vision board can create opportunities for your life. We use my vision board created in November 2013 as an example of what can happen when using this tool. Serena Marie, RD, discusses how she makes New Year's resolutions stick. Our Runner of the Week is Helena Bouchez, who shares how she is using running as a way to manage her ADHD. Vinnie Tortorich shares his mantra for 2015.

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Come along and celebrate with Serena Marie, RD, Meaghan Nana-Sinkam, Cheryl Brown and me as we celebrate the 50th episode of the Running Lifestyle Show. We talk about the gift of running and podcasting, memorable episodes, the roller coaster of emotions, and putting intentions out to the universe and receiving them. We also talk about running in Chicago.

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Margaret Webb, author of Older, Faster, Stronger: What Women Runners Can Teach Us All About Living Younger, Longer, shares her year of researching older runners and how they keep running strong. We also discuss Margaret’s year of dedicating herself to having a super-fit year. Margaret gives us tips on how to start and keep on going. Serena Marie, RD, busts the food myth about Greek yogurt and runner-of-the-week Tricia Meyer shares how running has changed the lives of the people around her.

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Susan Nowell, physical therapist, comes back on the show to talk about common injuries that occur during the holidays and how to prevent them. Susan also answers listeners’ questions regarding IT Band issues and stress fractures. Serena Marie, RD, shares what foods to eat after a run to aid in recovery.  Jason Pina is our listener of the week, and he explains how running marathons has changed his life.  Our monthly guest, Vinnie Tortorich, trainer to the stars, talks about a problem area many runners ignore.

Full show notes:

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We hear about five runners' NYC Marathon experiences along with some tips and tricks to running a successful marathon. Coming back on the show are Dean Karnazes, Leeann Faust, Sarah Boschung, listener Erin Mahr, and Stephen Brown.

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Time Magazine has called Dean Karnazses one of the most influential people in the world, and he comes on the show to discuss how he has used his passion as his vocation. We take a nice road trip with Dean and discuss how and why he left the corporate world to become a board member for Girls on the Run. We hear about favorite travel memories with his family, the people who have been affected by what Dean has done, and so much more. In addition, we talk with our listener of the week, Leeann Faust, about her upcoming dream marathon, the New York City Marathon. Serena Marie, RD answers a listener’s question about a fat-adapted diet.

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Serena Marie, RD joins us to share her wisdom to fuel for your big run. We discuss being fat adapted, carb diets, how to test food, and what to look out for to avoid digestive issues while running.  Serena busts the food myth that butter is bad.

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Joanne is a PT, yoga teacher, massage technician and world-class athlete who shares with us the importance of  being present not only while running, but every day. We discuss how and why creating a team to treat you as a runner is important, tips and tricks to think of while running in addition to the all-important question of why we run.

Show Notes:

    Joanne’s education and experience as a World Class Athlete
    What is integrative PT and how yoga plays a role
    The importance of having the time to ask a patient about their history including their childhood to better be able to diagnose what is happening with their pain
    Why having a team to help you heal is key
    When you are at dis-ease and how it can turn to disease
    "The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.  When mindfulness embraces those we love, they bloom like flowers’"

Thich Nhat Hahn

    Run while you are running and what that means
    Why running without music and podcasts (sigh!) is a good idea
    Tips of what to do during the day to keep yourself injury free
    How to run on different types of surfaces
    What to do every hour during the day to help keep you present
    Joanne’s mantra of breathe in and think "I am", breathe out and think "here now", breathe in “I am”, breathe out “At Peace”

Joanne’s links:

Ambrogi Integrative Health Services Inc.

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Angie and Trevor Spencer: Running Can Change your life  - Angie and Trevor discuss how and why Angie decided why to run a marathon in between pregnancies and how it changed her life. She had it in her head that she had to run a marathon, so she did.  Through this journey, Angie inspired to Trevor to run marathons, which has helped them grow their business while inspiring others.

    Why Angie started running long distances
    What injury Angie had to overcome to run her second marathon and what she learned from it
    How Trevor didn’t really like to run and how he became a marathoner
    Angie’s new found way of eating and how it impacted her energy
    Books that have inspired Angie
    How crossing a finish line can be transformative
    Trevor’s new running inspiration
    The story of Marathon Training Academy’s tag line

Books Discussed

Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich with Dean Lorey

Why We Get Fat and What to Do About it by Gary Taubes

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