The Flourishing Experiment

Time Magazine has called Dean Karnazses one of the most influential people in the world, and he comes on the show to discuss how he has used his passion as his vocation. We take a nice road trip with Dean and discuss how and why he left the corporate world to become a board member for Girls on the Run. We hear about favorite travel memories with his family, the people who have been affected by what Dean has done, and so much more. In addition, we talk with our listener of the week, Leeann Faust, about her upcoming dream marathon, the New York City Marathon. Serena Marie, RD answers a listener’s question about a fat-adapted diet.

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Modern day medicine woman and advanced accredited coach discusses the correlation between one's thoughts and actions. Teri discusses what could be going on with you when you're feeling fatigued, what to do when you wake up at 3:00 AM, what to realize when people question your active lifestyle and more. Serena Marie, RD busts the food myth that whole grains are good for you. Listener of the week Kelli Patin shares how she is easing in to running.

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This is one L O N G run of a show when Serena Marie, RD and I go in-depth about all things 2014 Chicago Marathon. We discuss the course, fans, inspiring stories, restaurants, fueling strategies and much more.  Serena Marie, RD also discusses what happened in her personal life to lead her to make the decision not to run the Hartford Marathon.

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I discuss at a high level the ins and outs of the Chicago Marathon, from the application process to all things race day. The information and statistics could help you decide if this is a race that would match  your goals for running a marathon.

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Serena Marie, RD joins us to share her wisdom to fuel for your big run. We discuss being fat adapted, carb diets, how to test food, and what to look out for to avoid digestive issues while running.  Serena busts the food myth that butter is bad.

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The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Each regret is discussed and how it potentially shows up in one's life.

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Vanessa Hayes, a certified Professional Organizer, and her husband Daniel Hayes come on and share with us how they live a simplified life. They give us tips and tricks on how to organize your life, which plays in to how you organize your home.  This episode is full of inspiration and how-to tools.

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