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Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon legally in addition to winning the New York City Marathon and creating the possibility for women to run the marathon as an Olympic sport comes on this very special Thanksgiving episode to share her story and inspiration. If you are looking for a spark to get you running, then here it is. Serena Marie, RD discusses how to respond to unsolicited comments about what you are eating at holiday events. The listener of the week is Trey Beauchamp who shares how adopting a fat-adapted diet has changed his life for the good.

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Your Holiday Guide to Food & Mindset w/ Serena Marie RD, & Jan Hoath - Serena Marie, RD joins us to discuss all things food for the holidays. Jan Hoath talks about the holiday prism, how to honor yourself and happiness during the holiday season. We also talk with Listener of the Week Grant Crowell who shares his favorite running apps and his motivating running story.

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Serena Marie, RD and I talk all about cheering for the runners along with the good times and challenging times we had in the NYC. We banter back and forth about the fun people we met along the way and the inspiring runners we saw. I also talk about attending the expo, a shakeout run with Dean Karnazes and the Road Runners Hall of Fame ceremony.

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We hear about five runners' NYC Marathon experiences along with some tips and tricks to running a successful marathon. Coming back on the show are Dean Karnazes, Leeann Faust, Sarah Boschung, listener Erin Mahr, and Stephen Brown.

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Vinnie Tortorich comes back on the show to share with us why it's key for runners to strength train. He also discusses what Zone 2 Training is all about and how it can help you run faster. Serena Marie, RD comes on to discuss another set of food myths associated with a well-known food.

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