The Flourishing Experiment

Dr. John Ratey comes back on the show to discuss the simple thing you can do to optimize the time you are awake. We also go in depth and discuss what steps you ideally take to help yourself or someone you care about who you suspect has depression. Johnny Gillespie, a certified strength and conditioning coach, yoga instructor and fonder of Balanced Athlete shares with us how to make sure we are training in an integrated manner so we can run long distances well in to our 80’s. Serena Marie, RD, discusses the best milks to drink, how to increase your Vitamin D levels, and why fortified cereals are not a part of a nutrient rich diet.

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Dean Karnazes, Chris O’Brien, and Linda Canning from Team Healthy Kids for Action for Healthy Kids together share 15 great ideas to help you raise money for a fundraiser near and dear to your heart. Dean and I talk about the benefits of a standing desk, the sleep challenges kids have and what can be done about it. Serena Marie, RD, answers a listener’s question about coffee and how much is too much.

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Nick D'Agostino discusses how he was diagnosed with MS and why he decided to become a runner. During the conversation, Nick shares his can do attitude and the amazing experiences that have come in to his life because of being a runner. Our runner of the week, Jackie Thomas, talks about how running helped her in college be calm and transition in to her professional career. Serena Marie talks about Bulletproof Coffee and a recent Philadelphia article telling runners to Shut Up. We also discuss a product review of Oofos.

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Dr. Rosenberg, author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day, shares us fascinating causes that can be disrupting your sleep. He specifically talks about what we as runners need to know when it comes to sleep. Serena Marie, RD, talks specifically about food and beverages that help and hinder sleep. Denny Krahe of Diz Runs podcast shares his runner story. Our monthly visitor, Vinnie Tortorich shares his sleep story and how a lack of sleep contributed to his Cancer diagnosis. Our book of the month, Meb for Mortals, is announced.

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