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Kathrine Switzer, at the NYC Marathon, and Jeff Galloway each come on the show to discuss the gift of running. Kathrine discusses how running can help you be creative and to use running for your mind. Jeff Galloway congratulates me on the Philadelphia Marathon and tells me how to maintain my fitness. My friends Meaghan Nana-Sinkam and Becky Kotsifas ask me all about the race as an experience, rather than as a place to try to PR. Serena Marie, RD, shares when to eat full fat and when to choose non fat.

Kathrine Switzer

  • Why the NYC Marathon is so near and dear to her heart
  • What she thinks when she sees someone cross a marathon finish line
  • What to do if you are injured from running

Jeff Galloway

  • What my plans are for the next major goal
  • What happens in winter to runners
  • How to maintain your fitness after running a long distance race
  • How to plan a training plan for a marathon

The Runner of the Week segment is sponsored by Sport Suds, which is a detergent that doesn’t test on animals and is septic safe, in addition to a whole lot of other great things. As a listener of the Running Lifestyle Show, you can receive a 25% discount at checkout at when you use the code RUNLIFE.

Meaghan Nana-Sinkam and Becky Kotsifsas

  • What were the highlights of the Philadelphia Marathon
  • Why I kept posting pictures of me with people from Wisconsin on Facebook
  • How I ran the race as Kim Stemple (Monday’s special guest who you HAVE to listen to if you didn’t already) coached me and why
  • How running three marathons has changed my relationships for the better

Mike Clarke, Founder of the Inaugural Big Beach Marathon in Gulf Shores, Alabama (side note, you receive a 15% discount when you put in RUNLIFE at checkout at, discusses the official accommodation of the Big Beach Marathon which is Brett Robinson Vacation Rentals.

Serena Marie, RD

  • When to buy full fat and low fat meat, dairy
  • How to choose a nut butter (hint, no added chemicals)

To learn the 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle, please head over to and find out. :-)

Next week we’ll be having a “What to Get A Runner” episode and Serena will discuss the importance and chocolate. Did I just say the importance of chocolate? Yep, tune in next week. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (that is of course if you are celebrating Thanksgiving). When you take a breath in, you are receiving. When you take a breath out, you are giving. Namaste Running Lifestyle Show Brothers and Sisters.


Kathrine Switzer:
Websites: and
Facebook: Marathon Woman, 261 WM, & 261 Fearless
Twitter: @KVSwitzer and @261Fearless

Jeff Galloway:
Facebook: /jeffgallowayfan
Twitter: @JeffGalloway


Meaghan Nana-Sinkham:
Meaghan Nana-SinkamFacebook: /msinkam


Contact Becky Kotsifas:
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Twitter: @BeckyKotsifas

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Kim Stemple, founder of We Finish Together, shares her beautiful message that we are all in this thing called life together so we need to hold each others' hands - even if only virtually. One way to do this is by passing along a medal, which is exactly what Kim’s grassroots group does. Highlights of our chat:

  • What is We Finish Together and why Kim started it
  • Why there is no set standard to receive a medal
  • Kim is a unicorn, the only person to ever have Mitochondrial Disease, Lupus, and Cancer
  • Why she drastically changed her appearance
  • What Kim uses as fuel during her long distance races
  • Why Kim runs for Kevin Bianco through Wear Blue Run To Remember
  • How the Blue Mile in the Marine Corps Marathon shows the price of freedom
  • Why she got tattoos and now loves yoga
  • Why “Use Your Mind To Be Alive”
  • Kim’s upcoming races - Jingle All The Way 5K, Shamrock Half Marathon, Rock ’n Roll Half Marathon in Washington, D.C., and Cupid Undies Run
  • Why set big goals
  • Kim’s words of encouragement - Go You!, Enjoy Every Moment, It’s about how you react to people, Don’t let running define you, Find 5 people at the Starting Line and wish them a great race

After hearing Kim I'm sure you'll be inspired to want to learn even more about her. Please visit and on Facebook at We Finish Together. If you decide to email Kim, PLEASE understand Kim cycles through up and down depending on reaction to chemo dose, so she may not get back to you as quickly as she would like to.

Hunter Clarke-Fields is our Runner of the Week. The Runner of the Week segment is sponsored by Sport Suds, which is a detergent that doesn’t use harsh chemicals or perfumes to clean clothes. As a listener of the Running Lifestyle Show, you can receive a 25% discount at checkout at (hyperlink) when you use the code RUNLIFE.

  • Why Hunter started running
  • How to be mindful while running
  • What Western moms sometimes do that doesn’t help them
  • When Hunter’s ego takes over her running

Jeff Galloway, one of my “ElliptiGo brothers”, and also my coach, heard about Kim and her mission. Jeff is donating medals from the JG 13.1 and Barb’s 5K weekend in Atlanta. Mike Clarke, Founder of Junction 311 Endurance Sports and Race Director for the Inaugural Big Beach Marathon in Gulf Shores, Alabama (side note, you receive a 15% discount when you put in RUNLIFE at checkout at, and also a sponsor of the Running Lifestyle Show, will also be donating medals to We Finish Together.

Serena Marie, RD

  • How to eat mindfully and why it's important
  • What happens when your body is stressed while eating
  • Why we should schedule a time to eat


Kim Stemple:
Facebook: /kimberlystemple
Twitter: @StempleKim

Hunter Clarke-Fields:
Facebook: /huntercyoga
Twitter: @HunterCYoga
YouTube: /hunteryoga

Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

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Dr. Marjorie Dejoie, MD, who happens to have Sickle-cell disease, shares her expertise and enthusiasm around embracing a mind/body/spirit approach to living with Sickle Cell.  If you’re looking for motivation to get out there and live YOUR life to the fullest, then you’re in for a treat when you hear Marjorie share her story.  Serena Marie, RD, discusses her take on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) findings on red meat and Cancer.

Marjorie discusses:

  • How she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease
  • What is Sickle Cell Disease
  • How there is no universal cure for Sickle Cell Disease
  • How to find out if you have Sickle Cell Disease
  • What is Dr. Marjorie’s theory about why long distance running is good for people with Sickle Cell Disease
  • Why hot yoga and running are her favorite activities
  • What is the best friend of a Sickle Cell patient
  • How to use food as treatment
  • What are Marjorie’s triggers
  • Why it’s important to take notes everyday about how you feel
  • Why there’s force in numbers
  • How hot yoga helps her
  • What is the average life expectancy of people who have Sickle Cell Disease
  • Her intention of breaking the ceiling when it comes to Sickle Cell Disease
  • Why she is going to be the one to defy the odds of life expectancy of Sickle Cell Disease
  • How many days a year she wakes up without pain
  • How Marjorie personally helps runners
  • What her name means
  • How "every body" is different and how to maximize what works best for you
  • Why we’re at our best when we’re centered
  • What is the best investment you can make
  • What is Body Explosion
  • Why Marjorie is also our Runner of the Week

Marjorie will receive Sport Suds Detergent for free. If you want to get the stink out of your clothes and don’t want to use harsh chemicals, then you’ll want to give Sport Suds a try. Head over to, a sponsor of the Running Lifestyle Show, and at checkout use the code RUNLIFE to receive a 25% discount off of your entire order.

Mike Clarke of the Inaugural Big Beach Marathon, being held in Gulf Shores, Alabama, runs by to share the course highlights of the marathon and half marathon. If you’d like to run the Big Beach Marathon or Half Marathon, head over to (hyperlink) and at checkout use the code “RUNLIFE” to receive a 15% discount.

Our Go-To, Real-Food Dietitian, Serena Marie RD, shares her take regarding the World Health Organization’s study on the connection between meat and cancer.

  • Why the evidence of the data was the strongest kind of evidence
  • Why heme iron is important for runners
  • Why you want to eat vegetables when eating red meat
  • What are the best sources for carbs
  • Why choose high quality meats and tons of vegetables
  • What lunch I’m eating that I have eaten too much of for too long
  • Why Serena gets the feisty on

Looking to find out how you can live the Running Lifestyle? Head over to to find out the 11 Strategies to live a life with the gift of running.  You’ll also be on our special email list that periodically offers subscribers special invitations.  If you’d like a chance to win a bib for the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon on December 13th or Barb’s 5K on December 12th, then head over to for a chance to win.

Next week will be our special Thanksgiving episode, which will feature for the second year in a row (we have a tradition going on here!), Kathrine Switzer.  Please subscribe to the podcast HERE so you’ll automatically receive podcast episodes right to your smart phone.  There’s a chance we’ll have a special Monday Mindfulness episode coming up soon which you won’t want to miss. Trust me. :-)


Dr. Marjorie Dejoie:


Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

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Melanie Curtis, Runar Gundersen, Serena Marie, RD, and I share our experiences of running the NYC Marathon. Jeff Galloway came on and coached me and let’s just say, I did a better job of following his coaching this time. :-) Serena discusses whether or not hot lemon water is good for you and what the research shows.

Melanie Curtis

  • Why she can’t put into words her experience of running the last two miles of the NYC Marathon
  • Why Melanie and I are sisters are from another mister and how we do this in our “work” (which doesn’t seem like work because we both love what we are doing)
  • How Landmark Education has helped each of us
  • What the “baked beans” situation is
  • How to have a plan for fear when you encounter it
  • When the marathon got really tough for Melanie
  • What "T cubed" is
  • Where she had her first runner’s high (and it’s surprising)
  • What served her well in the beginning of the marathon
  • Why I hugged a stranger
  • How Melanie’s and my experiences of NYC were so different
  • What song Melanie listened to over and over the last few miles of the race - it's now her theme song
  • What is my theme song
  • Melanie’s words of advice when it comes to running a marathon
  • Melanie is our Runner of the Week and will receive Sport Suds Detergent for free. If you want your clothes to come out smelling neutral, and not scented from harsh chemicals, then you'll want to give Sport Suds a try. Head over to and at checkout use code RUNLIFE to receive a 25% discount off of your entire order.

Runar Gundersen, the unofficial mayor of the New York City Marathon, who is from Norway (which we like to call on the show, No Way Norway), comes back and talks about his 37th straight New York City Marathon.

  • How much training he did before the marathon
  • How we disagree on the “hilliness” of the course
  • What was different at the NYC Marathon this year compared to last year
  • Why there was chaos at the ferry terminal this year
  • A rumor about the NYC Marathon that Runar “squashes”

Serena Marie, RD answers a listener’s question about putting lemon in hot water and whether it's something people should focus on drinking.  Serena points out that if you are going to have lemon in your hot water, wait until the water has cooled off a little bit as this allows you to absorb more Vitamin C.

Mike Clarke of the Inaugural Big Beach Marathon to be held in Gulf Shores, Alabama, runs by to share what type of weather you can expect on January 31st, 2016 there. Get this!!!!  The average high is 62 degrees and at race start time it is 44 degrees!!!!! Doesn’t that sound awesome? If you’d like to run the Big Beach Marathon or Half Marathon, head over to and at check out put in the code “RUNLIFE” to receive a 15% discount.


  • Challenges getting to the starting line and her new bestie, Amadeus from Spain
  • How Serena “got in trouble” waiting in line for the buses at the starting area
  • The difference in the starting lines for Serena in Chicago vs. New York City
  • What borough was really special for Serena
  • What Resting Up Like a Champ Means
  • What’s #DID

Jeff Galloway

  • Why NYC is the toughest course compared to the Marine Corps, Philadelphia, and Chicago marathons
  • How Piedmont Park in Atlanta is similar to Central Park in NYC
  • The challenges of running the NYC Marathon
  • How I was teaching while I was running in Chicago
  • Why I strongly recommend attending Jeff Galloway’s Running Schools
  • How Jeff Galloway can’t help himself from helping people
  • Why I was able to run in the last 0.7 miles of the marathon and why Jeff doesn’t recommend it
  • What percentage of people who run NYC are not from the US
  • The excitement of the starting line at the NYC Marathon
  • Bill Rodgers and Amby Burfoot will be at Jeff’s JG 13.1 Weekend in Atlanta
  • How the ElliptiGo is so similar to running
  • How the marathon was a road trip on my feet
  • Anterior muscle, irritated by downhill running, your stride length gets too long toward the end
  • Go out at the pace I did in NYC and take it easy - pick up the pace at 20 mile mark
  • Try 15 seconds run 20 seconds walk
  • At Mile 20 lengthening out the run
  • At 15-18 if all is good reset timer for 15 15 or 20 20
  • If feeling good at 20 miles - run two segments then walk one
  • What I should do at the end
  • If you want to run a marathon why seeing Achilles Runners will remove any of your previous excuses  for not just doing it
  • We all inspire one another

Listeners of the show who are on the email list receive special invitations every once in awhile, and you never know when one will happen. Head over to and you’ll receive the 11 Strategies To Live The Running Lifestyle and receive important updates. Run on!

If you have ever wanted to run a marathon, then now is the time.  It's one of those things that you can't put into words unless you do it. And I hope you have the opportunity to run a marathon.  There is nothing like the NYC Marathon. It's difficult to express but trust me, it's worth it!

Jeff Galloway:
Facebook: /jeffgallowayfan
Twitter: @JeffGalloway

Melanie Curtis:
photo 2
Facebook: /melaniecurtis11
Twitter: @11melaniecurtis

Runar B. Gundersen:

Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

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Join my “cousin” Dean Karnazes, “ADHD brother” Peter Shankman, “sister from another mister", Serena Marie, RD, and son William Gormley when we celebrate 100 episodes of The Running Lifestyle Show. We’re doing something different here, and I become (or at least try to be) the one interviewed by Dean Karnazes and Peter Shankman. Serena and I talk about how much joy the podcast has brought into our lives and William shares his running story.

Here’s what goes down on Episode 100:

William Gormley

  • Why he is the Big Kahuna
  • Why he wanted to be on the 100th Episode
  • How he runs around the track at the school

Dean Karnazes

  • Running the NYC Marathon and when and where did I confront my demons on the course
  • Why I decided to take the entrepreneurial route
  • How and why it’s key to understand your strengths
  • How having different inserts for my shoes could have made a difference (FYI, Dean has some that I haven’t tried yet, but you can find them HERE.)
  • Why Cousin Dean and I both love our ElliptiGos and how you could win one by visiting HERE(don’t wait, the contest ends on November 8th!).
  • My experience having seasonal affective disorder and how it impacts my life
  • Why I am excited about the product Thync
  • What the podcast has meant to the running community according to "cousin" Dean

Eileen Smith Dallabrida wrote an article in Delaware Today Magazine's "302 Health" section about the challenges I have had with post partum depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). You can read more about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and some of the resources that are available to help decrease symptoms of depression HERE.

Our next guest is listener of the week, Peter Shankman.

As a listener of the show, you will receive a 25% discount when you head over to and enter “RunLife” in the shopping cart. I can tell you that after running for over six hours at the NYC Marathon, my clothes, umm, didn’t smell too good. There was no fear that the odor would stick around because I knew Sport Suds could take it out. (Which is good because I LOVE my running skirt - so much so that it's been my garment of choice for four out of the last five marathons I've run.)

Peter Shankman

  • Why I found the NYC Marathon especially challenging and how Peter didn’t understand why I was surprised
  • Why I created The Running Lifestyle Show
  • Who was a tough interview to get
  • What was a lowlight during the podcast journey
  • What I have coming up at The Running Lifestyle Show
  • Who is my dream interview
  • Who Peter thinks I should get on the show
  • When Peter wants to come back on the show

Mike Clarke is back on the show sharing with us his extensive experience as a race director. The Big Beach Marathon in Gulf Shores, Alabama definitely sounds like the place to be January 31, 2016 to run a full or half marathon. As a listener of The Running Lifestyle Show, you’ve got connections and will receive 15% off your race registration when you input “RUNLIFE" at checkout.

Serena Marie, RD

  • What excites her about The Running Lifestyle Show
  • How I select the guests for the show
  • How her life changed in the grocery store
  • What are some of her favorite things that have happened because of The Running Lifestyle Show

It’s been an unbelievable journey to reach episode 100! I've been blessed to welcome so many fascinating and inspiring people into my life thanks to this wonderful medium called podcasting. I am excited to see what happens in the next 100 episodes and how I can connect with you, the listeners of the show.

If you haven’t already discovered the 11 Strategies to Live The Running Lifestyle, please run over HERE and you’ll not only find out how to achieve a lifestyle with the gift of running, you’ll also be on our email list. People on the email list receive access to special invitations. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out. :-)


Dean Karnazes:
Website: Ultra Marathon Man
Twitter:  @DeanKarnazes


Peter Shankman:
Twitter: @petershankman


Serena Marie, RD:
Facebook: /SerenaMarieRD
Twitter: @SerenaMarieRD
Instagram: SerenaMarieRD

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