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Kathrine Switzer, at the NYC Marathon, and Jeff Galloway each come on the show to discuss the gift of running. Kathrine discusses how running can help you be creative and to use running for your mind. Jeff Galloway congratulates me on the Philadelphia Marathon and tells me how to maintain my fitness. My friends Meaghan Nana-Sinkam and Becky Kotsifas ask me all about the race as an experience, rather than as a place to try to PR. Serena Marie, RD, shares when to eat full fat and when to choose non fat.

Kathrine Switzer

  • Why the NYC Marathon is so near and dear to her heart
  • What she thinks when she sees someone cross a marathon finish line
  • What to do if you are injured from running

Jeff Galloway

  • What my plans are for the next major goal
  • What happens in winter to runners
  • How to maintain your fitness after running a long distance race
  • How to plan a training plan for a marathon

The Runner of the Week segment is sponsored by Sport Suds, which is a detergent that doesn’t test on animals and is septic safe, in addition to a whole lot of other great things. As a listener of the Running Lifestyle Show, you can receive a 25% discount at checkout at when you use the code RUNLIFE.

Meaghan Nana-Sinkam and Becky Kotsifsas

  • What were the highlights of the Philadelphia Marathon
  • Why I kept posting pictures of me with people from Wisconsin on Facebook
  • How I ran the race as Kim Stemple (Monday’s special guest who you HAVE to listen to if you didn’t already) coached me and why
  • How running three marathons has changed my relationships for the better

Mike Clarke, Founder of the Inaugural Big Beach Marathon in Gulf Shores, Alabama (side note, you receive a 15% discount when you put in RUNLIFE at checkout at, discusses the official accommodation of the Big Beach Marathon which is Brett Robinson Vacation Rentals.

Serena Marie, RD

  • When to buy full fat and low fat meat, dairy
  • How to choose a nut butter (hint, no added chemicals)

To learn the 11 Strategies to Live the Running Lifestyle, please head over to and find out. :-)

Next week we’ll be having a “What to Get A Runner” episode and Serena will discuss the importance and chocolate. Did I just say the importance of chocolate? Yep, tune in next week. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (that is of course if you are celebrating Thanksgiving). When you take a breath in, you are receiving. When you take a breath out, you are giving. Namaste Running Lifestyle Show Brothers and Sisters.


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