The Flourishing Experiment

Serena Marie, a registered dietician and nutritionist, shares with us what a fat adapted diet is, how to figure out how many carbs your body needs, and how to fuel as a fat-adapted runner on a long run. If you've ever wondered about the ideal food for training as a runner, or what to eat in general, this is the podcast for you. Is a high carbohydrate diet a good idea for runners? What is a fat-adapted diet all about? Serena has a lot of gold nuggets and her enthusiasm for a fat-fueled diet does not disappoint.

Discussed this episode:

    Her Running History
    Why 5K training is more challenging than running Half Marathons
    What the difference is between a Dietician and Nutritionist
    What is fat-adapted running vs high cb running
    Fat adapted is less inflammatory on the body
    What can contribute to a “bad” run
    When to add carbs in if you are a fat-adapted runner
    Why high carb diet is not a great idea
    Women’s cortisol how it affects different parts of our body and why having some carbs can be good
    Why individualizing your eating plan is so key and more complex for a woman vs. a man
    When we increase carbs does it mean we are no longer fat-adapted and how to do it
    How to coordinate carb intake in relation to the days you train and when during the day
    Each body is different and how to add in carbs
    Fuel sources for long runs for fat-adapted runners
    When to take fat sources during a long run and when to take in sugar
    What Serena takes is honey and Energy Bits (receive 25% off when you type in RDFuel at check out at together to decrease inflammation for the later miles
    Kari’s plan to add in carbs
    Recipe for rice balls
    Kari’s plan (make a link to the plan that Serena made for me) that Serena gave
    Remember this advice is not to be taken instead of seeing your doctor

Serena's Diet Recommendations PDF

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Lane Olives is a wife and mother of two who is balancing being a business owner, an employee, and who is currently training for her fourth marathon. During our chat, Lane discusses how running helps her connect with friends and her family, how it became inspiration for her to start her own business, and a special trick she does for avoiding blisters while she trains for a marathon.

Races Discussed

Atlanta Half Marathon
Jacksonville Marine Corp Half Marathon
Seaside, FL
Atlanta Marathon
Kiawah, South Carolina Marathon

Facebook :
Twitter:  @EarnRaceKred

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Stephen (Steve) Brown is a husband, father, Team in Training coach, and someone with chronic leukemia who is sharing his passion for multi-sports one person at a time.  He shares with us information about how to start running and where to invest your money in the sport, how to transition from a marathoner to a triathlete, how having chronic leukemia has changed his life, and how it's impacted others.  There is a ton of inspiration in this podcast about how listening to your body is the best thing you can do.

Races Events and Organizations Discussed in the Podcast

Team in Training
Philadelphia Marathon
New York City Marathon
Iron Distance Triathalon - Challenge Atlantic City - Challenge USA
Sept 20 Cambridge MD Ironman

Twitter: @stephensbrown
Website: Remission Man

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Peter Shankman is quite a character. He shares with us how he became a runner (one of his reasons is especially interesting to women) and how he balances training for an Ironman with his family and career.  We discuss how Peter became a runner, how to fit in the training for an Iron Man, the mantra he says to keep on training for an event, why he listen to podcasts, and much more.

Other topics discussed:

    His run in with the NYC police in Central Park
    Why he enjoys meeting new people
    How he fuels for races
    How he is connecting business people all around the country and Canada
    The 13 marathons he has run
    How he trained for his best marathon
    What activities help him feel “normal” since he has the trait of ADHD
    Favorite Travel Memory
    Upcoming Races
    Words to live by
    Running Recommendations for NYC (hint Central Park and West Side Highway)

Running Resume Includes:


Ironman Resume:

    Training for 2014 Louisville Iron Man in August

Peter's Links

Twitter: @petershankman

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Susan Nowell,  a physical therapist of 10 years, joins us in this podcast as we discuss the most common running injuries, how to prevent them, and how to cross-train. One of the biggest challenges to making running a lifestyle is in dealing with injuries. It has been said up to 80% of runners will sustain some type of injury every year. We also learn about stage races and what goes in to the training to be ready for a stage race.

Other topics discussed:

What are the most common running injuries
How to prevent injuries
What is a stage race
Key to cross training
A great way to tie your shoes

Read Susan Nowell's top 3 running injuries and how to avoid them.

Upcoming Race - The Half-Ironman in Tahoe
Her Site -

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