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It’s all about protein bars, Kari checking in with Jeff Galloway, and our runner of the week, Russ Perry. Russ talks about Ragnar trail races and running in Arizona. We’re having a protein bar parade. Woo hoo! Listeners of the show, well actually friends since they have contacted us, have been asking what are Serena Marie, RD’s, favorite protein bars and why. We hear you loud and clear so “we are a answering”. It makes perfect sense why bars are so popular as they are portable, easy, and convenient. Here’s what goes down on our protein bar focused episode:

  • What Serena Marie, RD, looks for when selecting a protein bar
  • WHEN (this is HUGE) to eat a protein bar
  • Lara Bars and why Serena says the ingredient list is gorgeous
  • Why Serena says to have the peanut butter cookie bar IF you are going to choose a Lara Bar
  • Kind Bars and why Serena Marie, RD, has mixed feelings
  • If Serena has a sweet tooth or not and what she has to be mindful of
  • The strange breakfast I had before a 4.5 mile trail run with Team Healthy Kids teammate, Todd Miller
  • Why Quest Bars are a treat and not real food enough for our Real Food Dietitian, Serena Marie, RD
  • XO Bars and how they have a lot of fat and protein and the surprise ingredient
  • Epic Bars which Serena likes and let’s just say I tried one (bison) and need to try some more as my first impression wasn’t a great one
  • Bricks Bars which are made in Brooklyn, NY, use grass fed meat, whole ingredients and Serena says are so delicious
  • Why we discuss Norway and how it brings on the “sillies” and why we want to hear from Norwegians
  • Serena’s final recommendation when it comes to protein bars
  • Our mantras when we go shopping so we don’t buy trigger foods
  • We want to try more bars - just contact us through the contact form and by registering for the 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Live the Running Lifestyle

Jeff Galloway is back, back again, but to check in to see how three weeks of running Galloway style in preparation for the Chicago and New York City Marathons are coming along. I had a lot of questions and comments about running the Galloway method and cross training, and Jeff answered them all. Like Jeff, Meb, and Dean Karnazes, I too am cross training with an ElliptiGo. Thank you ElliptiGo for sponsoring me with a “Go” (for short) for my fall marathon training.

If you haven’t heard, Serena Marie, RD and I are running both the Chicago and NYC Marathon for Action for Healthy Kids. Action for Healthy Kids provides grants for school breakfast and lunch programs and fitness equipment.

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Our runner of the week, Russ Perry, claims he is not a runner, but then is convinced that he is. Don’t you love those types of runners of the week? :-) We learn about the Ragnar Trail Race in Arizona (so want to do this race!), and how to train and not train for a race. It’s kind of funny what Russ reveals and a lot of people can probably relate. :-)


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