The Flourishing Experiment

Find out how to mix vacation with exercise when my husband, Robert Gormley, and I talk about different vacations we’ve taken around the world. John Bell, our Runner of the Week, has completed over 100 marathons around the world and discusses some of his favorite races. Some of the races discussed are Paris, London, Great Wall, and New York City. John shares his top tip for how to recover from a marathon when on a trip. Serena Marie, RD, talks about whether or not orange juice is a great choice. We also have an update on our training for the Chicago and New York City Marathons for Action for Healthy Kids. In addition, Serena and I review the FitBit Surge.

If you would like to help expand school breakfast and lunch programs and provide greatly needed fitness equipment for kids, please donate to Action for Healthy through

Robert and I specifically address:

·         Our traveling background and how we met

·         Some of the trips we have taken so “you” would know where we’re coming from

·         How to mix cross training with vacation

·         Why Paris is my favorite place to run

·         Where some of our favorite beaches are located


John Bell discusses:

·         Why the Wall of China Marathon is one of the most challenging in the world

·         What is so special about Paris

·         Why the London Marathon reminds him of NYC

·         Comparing running in Rome vs Paris

·         How he mixes marathon races and traveling at the same time

Serena and I talk:

·         If orange juice is a great choice and what would be a better choice for nutrient density

·         How our training for the Chicago and NYC Marathons are coming along

·         Why donating to Action for Healthy Kids can make a difference

·         How to listen to your body and not your training plan

·         Our experiences with the Fitbit Surge, which is what our cohort, Dean Karnazes wears


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